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11 Mar 2019

Any Idea When To Update Your iOS Mobile App?

Hey you know this is the updated version of the app, and believe me, it’s rocking!

Have you ever heard this before? Any fluttering sound out of your cabin or the hush-hush sound amid the laugh on metro trips, maybe you must have had, or even if you haven’t heard, you must have experienced it personally.

The app updates, definitely are the reasons, capture your attention and make you release a simple WOW from your lips.

How phenomenally beautiful it sounds, but surprisingly the redesigning and reinventing of the already existing apps is not at all a cup of tea and needs a series of aggressive efforts to be integrated within these minor but relevant updates.

Worth of App Update

It is pointless to call it important, rather MANDATORY fits the word rhythm better. An update holds the potential to bring back the lost customer base and engage more, therefore it must be picked and worked upon accordingly.

It is completely pointless to mention that unless there are good efforts made, then only an efficient app approach can bring more result. Therefore, you need to make more efforts to enhance the quality of the app update and make it more impressive than it was before.

However, the moment the very thought of redesigning strikes in your mind, then many challenges and risks surround cloud your thought process and you really feel, DOES IT REALLY REQUIRE AN UPDATE?

A very valid and obvious question or I will rather call it a Doubt because before hitting the pool of update, you need to be assured of certain aspects and identify the REAL need for doing so. Ask yourself…

  • Does the changing trend call for some modification in your app?
  • Is there any new feature which has been missing?
  • Does your app deliver satisfactory user experience?

If you have got the relevant answers to your questions then you can proceed ahead easily and expect success.

How To Ascertain The Update Requirement?

It can be very hard to attain the desired goal until the right approach has been adopted. Coming up with new ideas and creativity in an app can help to increase the chances of getting noticed. Now let’ have a look at the reasons why one should opt for redesigning the apps.

Reason #1

An App Filled With Intricate Features

The nature of the market and trends is ever- changing. Sometimes too many trivial modifications can lead to a big blunder. So do not let your apps trapped in such a scenario.  The more you will understand your audience, the more you will understand their needs, knowing this you will work accordingly and make certain changes and this situation can occur again and again.

By making frequent changes, the apps become messy and intricate, resulting in the creation of a blunder. So, it is better to get it redesigned as per the desired changes and features to maintain the interest of the users. This will help in the retention of the customers.

Reason #2

Revamping the product to make it better

Revamping provides you a platform to have a striking come back of the product. One should never give up and keeps on working to attain the smooth and flawless functioning of the product. Changes are likely to happen with the changing day as nothing is permanent. Therefore,  it is really important to adopt those changes and redesign your product accordingly.

Even if your app includes the latest trend of the current time, but after a while, the app needs to be revamped to fit the latest trends, as the users’ demand would be different then. This calls for infusing something new and try for some better version and performance.

Reason #3

To meet your revenue & organizational goal

Eventually, every organization goes through changes and its goals differ from time to time. In order to meet the new requirements, the new strategies have to be formed because the old strategies cannot suffice the needs.

Therefore every new business goal needs to be fulfilled with the new methodology including a revamped mobile app. This helps to achieve the new business goals easily and also it allows your business to target the modern audience. An app with the conventional designs makes it happen, as it has the latest and trendy design of the apps to attract that particular class of audience.

Reason #4

Analytics Demand The Revamping Of The Apps

Knowing the progress of the apps open the floodgate of opportunities!

Don’t take me wrong, as I am not talking about something which is fictional or out of the context. But, an improved mobile app, lets the analytical report also works effectively.  This helps you to understand that how many people are installing the app, how much time is spent by the users on the app, whether they are making the purchase or not, how often they visit your app…such type of information can be garnered through the Firebase technology utilized within the app.

This ensures to let the better study of the apps and work accordingly on the improvement areas, eliminating the chances of making your app lost in the crowd of the thousands.

Reason #5

The Conversion Rate Is Not At All Satisfactory

Driving the users to your area is not at all easy, and more traffic accentuates indirectly relating to more conversion rate.

If your app is failing to seek the attention of the sufficient customers then it needs to be worked upon, as it indicates that something is MISSING largely within the app, which doesn’t appeal to the users anymore.

Redesigning brings you back into the race of competitors where you can present the apps with enhanced look, usability, functionality, features etc.  Alteration of such factors can make the app lively and fresh, this makes it apt to keep the users intact and earn the potential customers.

Then the ultimate results will not only be associated with the augmented conversion rate but also with the augmented profitability.

Always keep a note, that the ultimate aim of every app product in the market is to satisfy the users by serving the utility. If the app is lacking to do so then redesigning it further, should be the first priority. Consumers are the market rulers and if the ruler is not contented then the survival of the app is next to impossible. So, before opting for the redesigning option the foremost consideration should be of consumer’s want.

So, if you are planning to take your app to the next level of innovation and advancement, it is advisable to pick the right iphone application development company which can understand the purpose of your app redesigning decision and deliver the satisfactory result filling your demands without a fail.



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