16 Apr 2019
Updated on December 17th, 2019

Immersive Live AR Technology Is Redefining Sales & Marketing


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AR Technology

Surely, you would have heard about the wonders of augmented reality. There is no doubt in saying that this technology is phenomenal in the rapidly changing world, where digitization is in peak its hours.  Actually, this technology is all about real-time merging of virtual-object into real-world settings. In the meantime, the concept has evolved and moved from science fiction into reality.

Today, this technology is accessible through nearly every smart gadget including mobile phone cameras and more. As well as it is taking a move to the mainstream and aiding brand to perk up the customer experience. Currently, augmented reality is prepared to integrate dimension to the world of layered information onto the contemporary experiences through existing sounds, visuals, and other sensory experiences.

Lately,  a majority of marketers have been adhered to the jargon “Content is King”, but things are transforming, and AR can be a key player in the space. This technology entitles customers to be a content creator, as well as a content consumer. In simple word, it allows them to make interaction with both offline and online products-accessible to scan through AR technology.

This facility can be regarded in terms of full fledged interaction with brand, though how immersive live AR can redefine the market, is a matter to look thoroughly. Here are the points that show how it does so:

* Offering high-grade and meaningful interaction.
* Playing an undisputed role in communication.
* Act as a gateway to a new reality.

Surely, you might be thinking how this takes place, so here are some instances where Immersive Live augmented reality can be applied in sales and marketing to surge up the revenue generation.

AR For Social Media

Well! as augmented reality is gaining popularity, every marketer is turning his head towards it. Consequently, studios and other establishments are helping them in fusing immersive AR for improved experience. Certainly,  this will aid marketers in communicating the brand vision to technology. Besides, immersive live AR can help marketers in examining the communication strategy and figure out which can be best for their brand voice as well as targeted audience. Lately, snapchat along with instagram and facebook aided tech consumers with such integration and provided that smartphone cameras can drive revenues.


Live AR is becoming a very popular trend in retail industry, numerous organizations are deploying AR in their promotional strategies. In this niche, big names such as Jaguar, Andy Murray, and others are included. The most famous is Sephora’s virtual artist, which allows customers to see how product will look on a live AR platform. Apparently, customers don’t need to put the actual makeup, this application scans the face before overlaying lipstick, and other products.

As well as Toy major Lego & furniture and home accessories Ikea’s  AR Supported Printed catalogs are also helping them attract more customers and improve their experience. With this, customers can look how the furniture will look in actual by just scanning the page of catalog.

Dulux visualizer is another example of AR integration in retail, where customers can find out how the wall will look after applying any picked color. With this, they can choose best color for walls. Besides. there are applications that allow customers to scan catalog pages to gather extra information about the products.

Customer Services

Live AR technology allows brands to provide informative & interactive customer experience and enables them to streamline brand experience. Actually, this technology can be utilized anywhere such as hotel, education center, museums and even at computer shop. AR-enabled assistants can provide excellent customer service. With the help of these assistants, customers can interact with products and change their style and color. Altogether, AR technology allows users to acquire additional information related to products such as prices and availability in stores just through simple scanning.

Real Estate

Real estate industry is biggest example of AR integration. With AR-enabled app people can look the augmented view of property and can place the objects in the space. Such applications are already available. However, with immersive Live AR, the experience can be streamlined, as live AR allows them to pick real properties and objects live. It allows buyers to take better decision regarding the property.

Numerous giant realtors are integrating this technology to lure buyers. Besides, it is also being utilized for planning the construction of building.


Last but not the least, Entertainment industry is also becoming immersive along with Art and Theater. I recently found out that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is being adapted in Virtual Reality. Immersive live AR can allow audience to interact within the virtual space while watching play or movies. It is amazing technology and powering audience in exquisite ways and makes theater experience more engaging.

Hamlet will be the first establishment, where the audience will interact with each other in virtual environment and will be participating from live onsite or through HTC VIVE headsets.

Except these, this technology can be integrated in many more industries including automobile, print media and more. In fashion industry, it has enthralled the customers with augmented experience by allowing them to look how the clothes will look on them. Actually, Interactive and immersive AR allows brand to show off products and offerings in a unique way to the customers. Undoubtedly, immersive and interactive AI technology is a game changer. As unique experience raise the sales, businesses can achieve defined objectives with this technology.

In the upcoming years, this technology will transform overall customer experience with brands. Numerous businesses are planning to integrate this technology in their application to increase user engagement and draw more users to the app. It will be nice to see the advancements with augmented reality in world around us. To know more about this, you must get in touch with an innovative mobile app development company like Techugo, who are engaged in utilizing this technology to improve user-experience.

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