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25 May 2017


It was Sunday, and in order to beat the boredom, I decided to jump back to my Smartphone and pick out some game apps, for my surprise, I ended up looking for farm heroes saga on play store and downloaded and played it for a good 2 hours and my session was interrupted by an urgent phone call, which made me leave the session to be joined again later. After returning I again hooked to the same game and then I realized that it is not just the boredom, which made me get infatuated towards again that age-old game, but the interesting and the Mobile Apps Engagement of it made me opt for it again.

Have you ever wondered why people, while traveling on metros, buses and any other mode of transport, usually remain hooked to various mobile apps, which come in all different sizes and shapes, according to the taste of the users. While there is a certain section in our vicinity which considers the mobile apps as energy vampires, but people like me find a way in the mobile app to loose our stress knots a little more. Well, it is indeed a debatable topic, and many scientific and psychological factors can be offered to stand out the view, but today am not here to discuss why, but how these mobile apps keep us engaged with them for long hours, without blinking our eyes. So let’s carry the baton and get our readers enlighten further, that how to improve the mobile app engagement so the users keep returning to your mobile app.

  • No Hiccups In The First Go


Although this is a digital era, where mobile app development companies like Techugo are developing mobile apps in a way, that you can’t remain excluded from the charm any longer, but at the same time there are mobile apps which have a “Blink & Miss” appearance, do you wonder why it happens? The most obvious reason behind this chaos is the first appearance; your user interacts with you through the mobile app, so it needs to be transparent, informative and should be highly delightful, giving your users a clean and neat look with no jerks in the mobile app’s UX specifically. So ensure you are going to invest your energy in making the first experience as pleasant as possible for your users.

  • No Sign-Up Chaos


I agree, your app requires a sign-up due to numerous security reasons, but why to make it as long as if you are watching the never ending episodes of Game of Thrones? Remember, if you invest your user’s maximum energy in the log-in process only, they would abandon the process, in the middle. Do not restrict the sign-up process to one single option only, for instance, the Amazon app lets the users to sign-up either from their contact number, mail id or social media login credentials. This sort of arrangement gives the users a convenient and comfortable experience to sign-up without any hassle. Next, comes the required details to be filled, make it as minimal as possible and should be relevant enough. Do not ask for unwanted information, which gets no link with the genre of your mobile app, else your users would leave the app in between, to use any other and better app on the store.

  • Don’t Over Shout


An app is a baby for every business owner and the app developer, where many expectations, hopes, fear, and excitement get accumulated within us, just before the app launch, and we generally end up over feed our users. DO NOT let your users hear the voice of your mixed emotions to a large extent through the echoed and overtly swelled out version of your mobile app features. I agree, your app has various functionalities and features, but there is no need to give an overdose to your users about your app features. Make it a gradual program, which lets your users get acclimatize with your app; let them understand every feature slowly and then only let them learn more about your app.

  • Hear Your Users


How well do you respond to a product/service, depends largely on how well you can relate to the product/service. In your mobile app, this theory does not defy the opinion, it remains the same, the more you get closer to your users, the more you get their attention and appreciation for your work. Apart from the regular feedback and review on your mobile app, build a community and a forum for your mobile app and discuss the best possible solutions to improve your app visibility. Remember your users give you the most genuine views to improve the app engagement, so listen to them before they turn their deaf ears to your mobile app.

  • Offer Them A Reason


Just brush off your memory cells, and try to grasp that what had been your major reason to try out a new brand and remain stick to it over the years? I think the reason is known to all, it is the quality an obvious answer for the latter situation but for the first, something which provoked you to try out the new option was indeed the rewards and benefits you received with it. It’s human nature, we all love to be rewarded and get additional benefits, so play with this mind-game and offer your users exciting reward points, prize coupons, special offers, and incentives, to keep them returning to your app more frequently. But play smart and do not over feed your users with the rewarding system, else it would seem a low-grade marketing tactic and your app attention would get diluted and remain reserved only to the rewarding system.

  • Customer Is A King


Have you heard this adage “never sell ice to Eskimos”? The crux of this statement can be extracted to one another line in simpler words, that serve what your customer wants…and if you fail to implicate in your business model, then no Aladdin GENIE can save your business from getting doomed. The mobile app industry is also not an exception, you have to listen to what your customer wants, serve them with what they want, upgrade your services as per their expectations, be flexible enough to change and mold your app functionalities as per your users’ demands and once you give a voice to their needs through your app, then no one can beat your app any further.

App engagement leads to app retention, leading your app to craft a special place for itself in the user’s heart, if you follow the above-mentioned tips religiously then your app turns engaging by default. Also, you need to couple the app marketing strategies with these app engagement tactics, letting your app to touch the success level. If you think your business also requires well-defined mobile app, just simply get in touch with Techugo team and experience the magic of mobile apps in your user’s pockets, wherein they can access your service/product with a simple tap on their Smartphone. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.


Ankit Singh


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