24 Dec 2020
Updated on December 15th, 2022

In-App Advertising; Ways To Capture Consumers’ Attention!

Capture Consumers

In-app advertising has already grabbed the eyeballs of marketers amid the pandemic, as this very marketing or I should rather say monetization strategy allows reaching consumers with pinpoint accuracy.

As per a report, in-app advertising is set to grow triple in value in the next few years, going from $72 billion in 2016 to $201 billion in 2021.

However, engagement is the prime concern, which comes along with this strategy, and at times they offer the least premium environment for users. Hence it is very important for the brands to look beyond the complexity and include engaging possibilities to flourish with in-app advertisement.

Here in this blog post, we have brought you detailed information to create drool-worthy in-app advertisements.

Let’s dive in together…

How to get started with in-app ads?

In-app ads not just trigger high mobile usage, but are also responsible for driving global media consumption. 

There are some simple but important steps that you must take into consideration before starting with in-app ads. Lets’ scroll it further to know more…

Pick an ad network

Selecting the right ad network is the most important and bridges the gap of connecting publishers with advertisers. Once you decide to proceed ahead with the ad network for your business, you must check out a few points:

  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What is their location?
  • What are your advising goals?

And then move ahead to make the right selection.

Select the right in-app ad format

Native Ads

On an honest note, these ads are the least intrusive ad format, which is designed to match the look and feel of the app, and help to complement the app functionality to target the interest of the users. 

Offer Wall Ads

Well, this type of ad is usually a page in the app with a number of offers and incentives. It includes different in-game currency, “lives,” or other content. These ads sometimes ask for a small amount of money or let users perform actions such as watching a video or downloading another app.  

Video Ads

These are the promotional clips and can be in the form of interstitial or native ads, depending on the app type. They are engaging and have strong CTR, and to keep the option more engaging, these ads also provide a skip button to avoid users’ annoyance. 

Banner Ads

Banner ads, are also known as display advertising, and are the text and/or images displayed at the top or bottom, alongside the app content.

Playable Ads & Rewarded Ads

This is another ad format used largely in the game apps, giving users an additional chance to play or get extra lives with rewarded ads. These ads are highly popular as users love to pick them as per their gaming experience.

Interstitial Ads

They are also called full-screen ads, wherein images or videos are shown during transitions in the app. These ads are usually full-screen ads displayed at natural transition points within the app.

Choose the perfect ad pricing model

CPM-Cost Per Mille

In this format, advertisers have to pay the publisher every 1000 times an advertisement is displayed and is a good choice for app publishers because the ad gets displayed to generate revenue.

CPC- Cost Per Click

CPC lets advertisers pay only when an ad is clicked, and it is a highly beneficial format as advertisers don’t need to pay anything for ads, as they don’t generate clicks.

CPV- Cost Per View & CPI-Cost Per Install 

These apps are dedicated to generating videos and app installs, and there is no specific ruleset for pricing model to offer, but there few essentials to be taken care of, such as:

  • Your app
  • Audience
  • The advertiser and ad creative
  • The offer

CPA-Cost Per Action 

This model, only lets advertisers pay only for clicks that lead to a specified action, and this can vary like: an app installs, a form submission, website registration, or newsletter signup. It is most preferred across the industries, since it is a low-risk option for businesses, as they have to pay only for particular outcomes only.

How to make in-app advertising engaging enough?

90% of consumers are influenced by advertising, many users consider in-app ads spammy, distracting, and intrusive!

The stat above shows that is indeed a concern to make the in-app advertising filled with excitement for the consumers. Due to the pandemic wave, brands have got a better opportunity to interact with their customers, as they prefer spending their time most on mobile devices. And here in-app advertising seems to be a lucrative option and is expected to be the biggest destination for advertisers in 2021.

However, failing to hold the right chord can mismanage everything and can even create a seizable gap, that can never be filled.

So here are a few essentials you must consider:

Sell the relevant ads

It is very common for us to find the relevance of ads, some of the apps, miss the beat. You need to keep a check whether it is serving the right audience with the right content. For a fashion app, showing the in-app advertisement of healthcare would sound awkward. Here, the poor choice of ads can even leave a bad impact on the advertisers as well, and despite putting effort, their endeavors go unnoticed. You need to ensure ads are not just pertinent, but helping users to make further choices as well.

Keep the tone personalized

If your users fail to connect with the ad’s tone, no matter what all you have invested there, it is nothing but a futile step. Once the user makes that connection, then it builds a chain where users and advertisers interact and take that conversation to conversion.

Discuss users’ pain-point 

It is an obvious fact that every advertiser looks for profit through the ad, but this should not depict in your ad. If you are really willing to convert users into loads then you need to discuss their pain-points in that short ad snippet, to avoid the hassle of a sales pitch and give your message clearly to the users.

No interference with app UI

Ahh, users are highly picky these days. If they don’t like anything in your app, they don’t waste a moment to switch over to the next available app. The placement of an ad holds prominence that cannot be avoided. The in-app adverts can disrupt the user flow and even lead to low engagement as well as attrition. To avoid negative branding, you must research and then place the ad appropriately in the app and must ensure that it is not interfering with the app UI.

The Footnote

Driving customer engagement through mobile advertising is a tricky subject, and you need to find the right balance between creativity and technology. So users get a chance to see what you are actually planning to bring to their tables.

We have offered enough reasons to some of the biggest enterprises across the globe, to engage their  audience with a scalable app solution. If you are yet to take the digital plunge for your business, then schedule a call with us now and begin generating more revenue than ever before.



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