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27 Sep 2017

What To Include In The Mobile App To Boost Business Revenue

What’s new in this mobile app, they all seem same to me….hearing this from a commoner, is not an uncommon aspect, but it is an alarming bell for an app developer.

When regular users look at a mobile app, they see it as a source to deliver the services; they are least bothered about the coding, UI, UX, and testing process, which the app had gone through and are just concerned with the final output.

An app indeed carries much more than a set of coding, the efforts, the passion and the creativity all put together, create a unique mobile app. But the excessive and the ever-growing number of mobile apps, has made the users to look for MORE, look for SOMETHING, which can set your app different from others and can be called unique.

Yes, the app concept itself, makes a difference to the app to a great extent, but unless some of the ubiquitous features & functionalities interwoven together in the mobile app, it cannot be called DIFFERENT from others.

Unless your mobile app Sounds, Looks and FEELS different from others, no one would prefer to utilize your mobile app even when it is free of cost. With this writing today, I want to focus on certain features which can actually bring the difference to your app and can help your business to boost the revenue factor…

Feature #1

Social-Media Sharing

Just imagine a mobile app, with overtly loaded features, the mesmerizing design, but no option to share within your circle. The integration of Social media buttons is MUST for your app, and you need to integrate every possible social media channel on the board, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

These buttons would direct your users to link the mobile app with their social media profiles and share the post within their circle. So missing on the social media buttons is a major drawback for your mobile app.

Feature #2

Feedback Section

A mobile app is a technical piece, and can have uncountable glitches, occurring at any point of time, your users understand this well, but what they detest most when no one listens to them, so you need to ensure that your mobile app consists of the prompt way to share feedback.

Your happy customers open the door for further sales, and failing at keeping the customers happy, would only create a point wherein they would quit your app. An app is developed for the convenience of the consumers, so there should be a prompt way to hear them out as well.

Giving a serious thought to feedback, actually multiply your sales in no time and your users feel CARED and satisfied while using your mobile app.

Feature #3

App Size Needs To Be Small

A mobile app has to be a complete answer to your users’ requirements, but it does not need to include every feature YOU want to include.

Finding it a little confusing? so lemme explain further, a mobile app must address the users’ requirements and no other feature should be a part of it. Many features included, make the app BIGGER and heavier, and as a first app experience, it is not a healthy sign for your users, as they may get confused to use the mobile apps with many features.

It is always better to integrate limited and only required features in the mobile app in the first go because it gives ample of time to your users to understand the functionality of the app.

Also, by adding the remaining features in the next app update, you get a good hold on that which features are much in demand, and which features should be added further.

Feature #4

App Security

Your app represents your brand, letting the users access your services without any issue, where your users trust and upload their personal details without any fear of misuse.

Albeit, I personally consider the security feature as an essential and integral part of every app, and if you avoid it due to any reason, believe me, your users would abandon your app after the visit and also would declare the app as a distrusted app.

Ensure that your app is full-proof security driven and offers a secure platform to the users, wherein they can do their desired transaction, hassle-free.

Feature #5

App Loading Time

Many app developers give it a kick, thinking that when a mobile app is good, users would care to access it at any loading time. But seriously, you are absolutely wrong here.

A mobile app which takes more than 2-3 seconds to load actually is the cause of hilarious rage amongst the users.

The loading time of your mobile app largely depends on the size of the mobile app, but as an app developer, you can control it, by not adding too much graphic and animation and not too many features in your mobile app.

Believe me, your users are more concerned with the app performance and not just the features, if their arrival takes too long to experience the app further, then it is of no use to them.

A mobile app is much in demand due to its convenience factor, which let the users to experience it at a larger extent, while accessing your services, so do take care of the above-mentioned points, and don’t let the overdose of anything to destroy the real essence of your mobile app.

Many mobile app development companies are there in the market, offering the best app development services to the users, so if you have got an app concept, which you consider to boost your revenue, then you must get in touch with a top app development company to get your dream concept get the foothold of mobile app.

Keep reading and as always, keep yourself tech-updated…Ciao…. JJ



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