8 Sep 2017
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Increase The User Downloads For Your Iphone Mobile App


Ankit Singh

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iPhone Mobile App

The space for leading name in the mobile phones, is beautifully captured by the Apple, and it will grow in popularity with the time, due to the advancement in the technical expertise. The best aspect of the iPhone Mobile App has been their ever evolving design and the aesthetic appeal of the device, which always intrigue the users to buy and utilize them. On the other hand, a mobile device is incomplete with the right set of mobile apps, which are specially designed for it, but the race of mobile apps has made the competition very tough for the existing and the upcoming mobile apps, which leads to more stress on the mobile app developers to create a mobile app which can grab the decent downloads and can attract the largest number of users.

It is indeed not an easier task to proceed with, since every new app has some new functionality and the features which only help the mobile app to gain the instant popularity, but there are some tricks which if integrated into the mobile app while it is still in the development phase, it can gain the deserving recognition sooner. So let’s read ahead to know further how to increase the user downloads for your iPhone mobile app…

Instigate the User Engagement Factor

You might find this point quite old-aged, but actually, unless you understand the hidden meaning in this point, you can never create a successful mobile app, which your users would value. A mobile app, is not just a marketing tool for your business, rather it is a way to solve down the issues faced by the users, while accessing your services, so a mobile app must be totally based on two factors, that what you can provide to your users and how it would help them further, once you are able to bridge the gap between these two factors, believe me, your mobile app would gain the success and would reach directly to your users’ hearts.

App Description Needs To Be Unique

I downloaded a mobile app a few months ago, and the name suggested ‘Fashion Edge’, but when I downloaded and started to use the mobile app, it was all about the tailored kids clothing style, which left me quite distressed, since by the name of the mobile app, I expected it to be a portal, wherein I could experience something different and unique in the fashion, but the app had given me the tasteless experience. This made me realize that a unique app name really brings the attention of the users, but at the same time, if it does not match with the functionality of the mobile app, then it does bring no good charm to the mobile app, so ensure that your app title and the app description are coinciding with each other and are complimenting the app functionality, do add the keywords in the app description, but keep a note that it is not overly done. Also, skip using the app names, which are similar to already popular apps.

iTunes Store Submission

The iTunes Store has certain guidelines to be followed, you have to keep a close watch that your iPhone mobile app, is fulfilling all the criteria mentioned in the iTunes Store. Also, you should carefully read the Tips to Submit Your Mobile App to App Stores before submitting your iPhone mobile app. Remember, here well-written app description would work in your favor and would signal the Apple that what your app is all about and how it is going to serve the purpose.

Get A Promotional Website For Your iPhone App

Although, many app developers suggest to proceed with the Promotional website once the app is submitted, but I defer this statement, since a Promotional website has a pure intention of promotion, so initiating it towards the end, would not bring much benefits, so try to launch when the app development process is going on, and ensure to add app teasers, app screenshots to create a hype amongst your potential and targeted users much before the mobile app is released officially. You can even include the blog section within your promotional website, wherein users can read more about your mobile app.

App Reviews On Promotional Website

Everybody loves to share their happy and bad experiences about the mobile app, and it is 100% guaranteed that you would receive a huge number of reviews on your mobile app, but you need to grab the reviews on the Promotional Website. This can easily be done, if you can ask the people in your acquaintances to review your yet-to-be released mobile app through the promotional website, this would help you to understand if any feature needs to be considered once again and also it would encourage the other users as well to visit and leave the review.

iPhone App Review Sites Submission

Luckily, there is a healthy brood of iPhone app review sites in the market, you must your mobile app there. This will help your mobile app to gain more user opinions about the app and you can improve any particular functionality based on the reviews to get streamlined benefits for your app’s success.

Shout Aloud On Social Media

You want to gain instant publicity, then nothing is the better platform than the Social media, which lets you go global in the fraction of seconds. A mobile app gets success only when it is marketed in a proper way, so the app can gain the success, and this purpose can easily be served through the Social media. You need to promote your mobile app like never before on every single Social media channel so you can bring considerable traffic to your iPhone app.

Let The Content Shine

Believe me, but content works like a bullet train for your app success. Every single content you write for your iPhone mobile app, help you mark the presence in the eyes of your users. You need to create a frequency for your content, ensure it is on regular mode and there is no long break in between, this will break the rhythm and consequently would affect your app’s ranking on the Google’s organic research as well. Also, you can take the active participation in iPhone user and developer forums and discuss your app with all, to gain more constructive feedback about your app.

As I said earlier, the competition in the mobile app industry has made the app business tougher and you need to take every required measure to make your iPhone app successful. Also, the selection of the right mobile app development company is equally important for you and you cannot pick any random mobile app development company from the market. You need to pick a mobile app development company which has the required technical exposure and the expertise in the app development and can handle your iPhone app development requirement with an ease, such type of company is Techugo- a top mobile app development company in Chicago, which is the perfect combination of quality and experienced technical team to address your business requirement for a mobile app. You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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