17 Jul 2019
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

What Are The Best Ingredients To Create A Coaching Application?


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Coaching Application

Do you know what is common between cooking and a coaching application? Well, first of all, both require immense dedication for their creation. And second of all, both cooking and a coaching app require the best of the ingredients.

Don’t worry, I am not trying to teach you how you should cook, this article is not about that. But what I want you to know is that to create an application that draws your business a huge revenue, you need to be multiple steps ahead when it comes to deciding the features of that app. Because adding interactive and friendly features are the only two ways to attract more and more users.

But what kind of features are we talking about? What kind of features should a coaching app have? Keep reading this article, if you are keen on knowing what are the finest quality of ingredients for developing an application like that.

Before starting, I would want you to evaluate your thoughts on what the coaches and the clients are looking for, in an application, and what are the functionalities that improve the coach-client interaction? And while you stress on these questions, have a look at the all special features mentioned below.

Privacy And Security

Just like any other concept, for example, building a house, creating a team, or learning a new language, coaching apps too require a strong foundation. Because a solid foundation is the only thing that attracts a whopping amount of users. Why is that?

Because only then a user can actually trust an app. And trust comes with the multiple approaches adopted by the developers to ensure the security of the users, of that application.

Connect Ready

What is the use of a coaching app, if it is not able to provide the only thing it was created for? And that is providing a good connectivity…

To get impactful life lessons for elevating the experiences, and to change the sporadic way of thinking, is the only reason why people want to be on a coaching app. Hence, it becomes a priority to provide the best features for an elevated user interaction. That can happen by applying the technologies that can get easily infuse within the app. Below mentioned are the four attributes that are must for a revolutionary coaching application.

  1. Private Messages

In order to find a common ground of interaction, providing a platform for both the clients and the coaches is important. And it can happen by adding the feature that allows them to start the initial conversation on the app itself. Even though it is one of the basic necessities of an app, most of the app development companies don’t put their 100 percent effort in providing a seamless chatting application.

  1. Video Chats

Now for a coaching app that permits the life-coaches to transfer their knowledge to the clients, online, video chat is the requisite feature. Any kind of glitches in this can lead to the degradation of the app’s quality. The development team needs extraefforts, in order to create an interactive video chat vertical. It is not at all easy to eliminate each and every fault in this vertical. But! nothing is impossible with a devoted and focused app development company.

  1. Calendar

Clients need to be able to see the availability of the coaches they are looking for. But doing that over chat is actually not possible. Therefore, it should have a feature that allows them to see the schedule where they can see all the related details, like bookings, fixing appointments, etc. A calendar makes it easy for both of them to follow a schedule for the proper functioning of the events.

  1. Payment Gateway

Can you spot a similarity between garnishing and a payment gateway? Well, both are important to create and present a final dish and an app, respectively. Again, I am not trying to give you tips on how you should garnish your dishes. But I am surely trying to attract your focus towards acknowledging the importance of a flawless payment gateway app.

So if you want to elevate the popularity of your coaching app, keep a seamless payment gateway on top of your priority list, during the development.


It is easy to talk about including such mind blowing features, in a coaching app than to make it happen. To be honest, it is not a piece of cake. But to achieve an extraordinary application, your business needs an extraordinary mobile application development company, and that is none other than Techugo.

Our company is keen on developing applications that are destined to set a benchmark. One such app is Sterkla, which is soon set to stun the audiences with its huge pool of benefits. So stay tuned to this space for more information.

Meet our Sterkla team on Instagram and for any updates, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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