6 Oct 2018
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Ingredients Required For Making A Successful Dating App


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Dating App

Tinder created a stir in the online dating industry and it is reported that Tinder makes whooping $1,469 per minute.


Yes, this is just one estimation; the real figure can be much beyond this number.

This very aspect makes the dating app a must-to-have for minting a larger moolah in your pocket, I know it is highly tempting and it must be due to the number of advantages associated with the dating app platform.

However, do you really feel that it is an easy task to develop a dating app?

Of course not, since an app is not just developed with the integration of codes and technologies, but there are a couple of other factors as well, which have to be considered in order to get the maximum benefit from this very platform

Are you scared???

No, you shouldn’t be since we are very much here to supervise you with the related and the required essentials to be considered in order to save you from the horror of app failure.

Just read this post further to understand how an efficient and successful dating app can comes into existence.

Let’s dig out the facts further…

Before understanding the nitty-gritty of dating apps, let’ understand that which all type of dating apps are available in the market.

  • Geo-location matching- Such dating apps trigger the relevant matches based on the geo-location of the app users.
  • Matching algorithm-based- These apps work on the offline matching services letting the matching algorithms to work upon the survey information.
  • Traditional- Apps in this genre work as a replica of website versions, with no visible difference.
  • Niche Apps- No wonder as the name suggests, these apps largely work by targeting the specific groups of people.

The demand of the dating apps has grown immensely, leaving the app market flooded with enough of options for the users, but largely only a handful of dating apps, receive the users’ praise and are in the danger zone, as they don’t clear the parameters expected by the users in a dating app.

What are those successful ingredients helping your dating app to receive the tons of appreciation and the accolades from the users?

Hmm, this very question is answered further in this post, just take a look…

  • Explore The Targeted Audience Base

No, don’t think that users from all over the world will have the same demand when it comes to dating apps.

They may have the dating back in their mind, but their preferences and expectations from your app may vary.

This is basically a golden rule which you need to follow to get a successful dating app; determine the target group for your app and work on these parameters, by bifurcating them into two key categories- demographics and psychometrics.

In Demographics you can consider the steps like: age, gender, location, income and occupation.

However, the Psychometrics is little different and requires a bit of research. This research must be conducted on the basis of certain questions like:

  • What are the personality traits?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What is their usual day?
  • What are the hobbies or interests?
  • Do they prefer online dating?

This is just a glimpse of questions, you can add more, depending on your users and their demands.

For instance, the users from the USA would have the different preferences form the users of Middle East. Hence you need to analyze and decide that which all features can be a part of your dating app, suiting the taste of users.

  • Security Must Not Take The Back Seat

During the development part of the dating app, you must not forget that security was and will always be the prime concern of the users.

Unfortunately some app owners skip the security measures in dating apps, considering it to be an open platform for all.

But you must not forget that your dating app can create a blissful or a nightmare experience for its users, hence in order to avoid any sort of security glitch, let there be a stringent security measure within your app.

The measure must not limit to protecting the users’ personal data, but it must go beyond and check the security checks of the other users as well.

Your app must integrate the Verify profile option, filtering messages to avoid the hate or threatening messages, report, and block option to shut the indecent behavior completely.

This would make your app to turn into pleasant, addictive and safer platform for the users.

  • Know More About Your Competitors

I always believe that no one can teach you better than your competitors!!!

With a huge demand, there is a flood of dating apps in the market, out of which some are high-quality whereas some are low ones, if you would study both types, you can learn and explore a lot about the app requirements.

You must understand that which features are BEST in the top apps and WHY they are so popular. At the same tie read the reviews of the low apps, and understand that what makes the users become agitated. This strategy would help you to escape a bigger drawback to occur on your mobile app.

  • There Is Always A Scope For Improvement

Yes, nothing is perfect in this world, so your app, if you think you have won the battle of security measures, UX/UI and matching algorithms, then don’t sit back, because there must be something still which can be improved to garner the users’ attention.

It can be in the form of some filters which would be a fun activity for the users to upload their new and creative side with your funny filters. Add the GIFs ability or something else which entice the users from your targeted crowd.

  • Collaborate With Relevant Business

I know it might sound little haywire to you, believe me, it is not. When you get a dating app, you need to understand that marketing through any means is not a bad choice.

This very collaboration would help your app to get promoted amongst the local businesses like restaurant, clubs, bars and many others, to spread the good word you’re your app.

  • Let There Be A Matching Algorithm

The matching algorithm on hearing sounds something coming out of the abacus box, but it is a simple feature, letting the users match with each other.

There are various ways to conduct this algorithm within your app, but you must not forget that the data must be collected through a simple yet insightful questionnaire.

Turn this very feature into a USP for your mobile app, but remember to make it unique you don’t need to plagiarize what already exists in the market.

These are some of the essentials which you must keep in mind before giving a shot to the dating app development, but apart from these facts, one another and most significant part suggest, that unless you decide to get a mobile app form a leading mobile app development company , the chances of success for your app, get diminished.

An experienced app development team has the exposure and the experience to handle your app requirements and add few needed changes in order to make it flawless, hence don’t skip utilizing the services from a leading app development agency and help your dating app to succeed further.

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