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Updated on January 3rd, 2023

An Insight About Upwork Platform Development Guide


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Technology has brought all of us on an axis point, wherein accessing the services and the products, which are set miles away or at oceans distance, are easy to be utilized.

Now getting a work opportunity is not sufficed to a specific region/city/country only, there is a platform to find employees and employers from all over the world and get the convenience of working from whatever place you like.

This incredible freedom becomes only possible due to freelance marketplaces like Upwork.

Upwork connects people seeking work and workers and allows them to establish communication, paving a seamless way to find the required resource and work.

With this post, we aim to discuss the elevator story of Upwork and the core functionalities this platform has. So without any further ado, just read this post ahead to know more about leading on-demand mobile app- Upwork.

What Is Upwork?

Calling it the largest online talent solution provider, which connects businesses and skilled professionals across the globe, would not be wrong. The hiring of freelancers turns into a hassle-free journey for both businesses and talent. Also, the cost-effective aspect of hiring, working and getting paid for both the parties, become an immaculate process.

Recognition of Upwork

  • World’s largest freelancing website
  • 180+ countries
  • 5M+ clients
  • $1B+ work done
  • 30% of Fortune 500 companies choose Upwork


A Brief About Upwork History

To start with, Upwork was initially originated from two different companies – Elance and oDesk, founded respectively in 1999 and 2003.

These both companies dealt in the freelance market, by the year 2013, these companies merged as Elance-oDesk platform.

The mind-blowing turn took place on April 2014, when the newly created platform acquired  500,000 registered businesses and business owners, and 8 M+ freelancers.

In the year 2015, Elance-oDesk got rechristened as Upwork with 10 million workers and a million businesses. In the year March 2017, Upwork was reported to have 14 million users and 10.2 regular users in 180 countries with $1B in annual freelancer billings.

Since the inception and foundation in 1999, Upwork has raised a total of $168 million through 10 private equity funding rounds.

Functionality of Upwork

There are two platforms clients and freelancers, where they can register on the platform as private people or entrepreneurs. So let’s take a look at the functionalities of each side of the platform – client, freelancer, and enterprise.

For Freelancer

  • Homepage- here the users are given a search form and the basic work types. Users can create a new account or log in to an existing one.
  • Sign-up- If the user wants to be registered, then needs to provide the email address and username, and enter the captcha. Also, the user needs to agree with the terms of service and customize the notification preferences.
  • Verification- On the completion of the registration, the user needs to verify the account by confirming the account.
  • Profile- User must go ahead with filling the details like photo, job, description, skills, set your hourly rate, etc. Upwork takes time to approve the profile and then allows to apply for the post.

For Clients

  • Sign up- Just like freelancer, clients also need to fill in their email address and choose the type of profile. Also, you need to customize your notification preferences. Once completed, Upwork seeks additional information about the company and Upwork gives a small questionnaire to fill out.
  • Post a job- The registration process is followed by posting the project by providing the necessary information: title, description, budget, etc. If needed, an additional support document of project scope can be attached (5 files up to 100 MB).
  • The client can ask for the freelancers to provide a CV or a cover letter.
  • Restriction of visibility of the projects to a particular group of users can also be done.
  • The financial details of the project have to be mentioned, including the pricing model, the expertise level of a freelancer, the approximate time of cooperation, etc.

For Enterprises

The registration process for a company is simple and similar to clients, wherein additional information like the company’s name, business phone number, etc. has to be provided. Further, the posting of the job also has to be gone through the same process.

Types Of Projects Available On Upwork

Well, the number of projects available on Upwork is immense, and the simple strategy it follows, that if your work can be done on a computer then Upwork is the platform for you.

Here users, be it a client or the freelancer can get the small-mid to large projects and get their requirements served by the right resource.

Monetization Model of Upwork

To be précised this platform is free, wherein the employers can post a pool of projects and the freelancers can send an unlimited number of applications. But within these spaces, Upwork has made a monetization model, like:

  • 20% for every job, if the amount paid by the client is >$500.
  • 10% once the total amount paid by the client is <$500 but >$10,000
  • 5% once the total amount paid by the client <$10,000

Why Upwork Is Very Popular?

The reason behind Upwork’s popularity is coming from being a portal offering the incredible platform to the freelancers.

A minimal amount of fee charged is from freelancers, which deducts from the clients’ payment. Further, this service fee is a sliding fee based on the lifetime billings with each client, stating that service fee reduces as the user keeps earning more from each client.

How To Create Your On-Demand Marketplace Platform Like Upwork?

Today the world of mobile apps is filled with different apps and amongst all the on-demand apps are in much need. Indeed, the great oodles of benefits to be extracted from the Upwork platform would certainly allure you to get an app like Upwork, as there are more than 100Milion active accounts.

The significance of Upwork has taken the world by storm, and this very creative approach is not settling anywhere sooner but is likely to grow huge and massive with time.

Essential Features Required

  • Sign in/sign up- The sign-in/sign up are the ubiquitous aspects of a platform like this. There must be 2 types of the profile; freelancers and clients.
  • User profile- It must have two types of profile within; customer and freelancer. Here user can also register a company. The editing section allows the user to update/change name, bio, pic, add/delete portfolio items.
  • Verification- Verification is a MUST feature to allow two different parties to trust each other, this can be done by verifying users’ email, phone number, government-issued ID, a photo, or the live URL of work. Further, the companies can be asked to provide their registration number and/or tax information.
  • Job posting & bidding- Clients must be able to post their jobs, and at the same time, freelancers should be able to send their applications. Here including certain limitations of free plan or paid plan can work as per the business model.
  • Advanced search- The advanced search category would allow the parties to find suitable projects and freelancers, with different filters and getting more relevant experience, skills, hourly rate, etc.
  • Notifications- It goes without saying but the notification messages would keep the users updated about a new opportunity, messages, payments, money withdrawal. The option to mute the notification will increase the personalization.
  • Payment integration- In this feature, users can deposit and withdraw money, and make transactions. You must integrate the globally standardized payment gateways to make it work for all type of users.
  • Feedback & Rating- This would let the parties to feedback about their work and this would create a more trusted client or freelancer, for future hiring.
  • Admin panel- With this panel, admin can manage the user accounts, jobs, and payments, and handling possible backend issues.

However the accuracy of the mentioned features must be considered and you must look for an experienced team of developers, designers & testers to come forward and craft a unique platform like Upwork.

If you are curious to know further that how to bring this into existence, reach the team of experts at Techugo, and help your dream concept to turn into sizzling reality.

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