13 Mar 2023
Updated on March 23rd, 2023

Interesting Facts! Bet You Never Knew About Mobile App Developers

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Technology has revolutionized our lives, including communication, learning, entertainment, and communication. The mobile app is an integral part of our lives. What if you discovered some fascinating facts about the top mobile app developers at the most reputable app development companies?

What makes a mobile app development Company successful?

Mobile app startups are often trying to be “different.” What makes a mobile app development company Dubai successful?

The principle of simplicity

App design and development today are more focused on simplicity. However, it is crucial to realize that users use mobile apps for convenience. Therefore, they should not be difficult to use or require a steep learning curve.

This principle should be considered by mobile app developers when creating and developing apps. It doesn’t matter how complicated the app is regarding power, hardware, or data storage; it should be simple to use and interact with.

Do not rush

Mobile app developers can make one of the most severe mistakes: trying to launch an app quickly to meet deadlines. They might use momentum to get the app running or meet a deadline to make a quick profit. However, they may need more time to evaluate and invent the app. As a result, users feel the app still needs to be finished and leave with bugs and other issues. 

No matter how quickly a company responds to such a disaster, the damage to its reputation is immense. Apps should be functional and polished from the moment they launch. Updates are only for minor improvements or to improve the app’s functionality. It is possible to lose trust in the developer if the app receives a major update that addresses criticisms.

Get on your feet quickly

Mobile app development companies must be flexible in responding to customer complaints and bugs. Continuous testing and evaluation are essential to ensure that the app works correctly and users can access the correct information. Companies should always be prepared to handle communication emergencies and have a plan.

The importance of constant updates and changes in mobile app development is emphasized. Mobile apps differ from the PC market because they interact more with users than computers. They can also be used almost anywhere and are much easier to use.

Choose the right path and platform

Mobile app development companies often dream big from the beginning without having to be constrained by budget or funding. The amount of money companies can spend, and the target markets they operate in will determine the app’s scope and reach. Due to differences in hardware, budget constraints, and misguided visions for the app, it may not make sense to target multiple markets simultaneously.

Customer-oriented approach

Companies create apps to make it easy for people to live. Customers should always be the priority for companies. Apps can serve as a communication channel between developers, customers, and analysts. This allows the app to remain on the right track for many years, despite newer apps appearing on the market. This prevents users from constantly having to deal with the app’s flaws if they do.

Amazing Facts About Mobile App Developers

The mobile application development field is vast and growing at an accelerated pace in this age. Look at the following list of interesting facts about mobile application development.

  • Based on their technology, mobile apps can be divided into three categories: native apps (hybrid apps), hybrid apps (web apps), and then third-party apps (web apps). As with the other types of apps, developers are skilled in this field.
  • The top mobile app developers use this fact to create mobile apps across various platforms to reach a broad audience and maximize their earning potential.
  • Because there are many operating systems and programming languages available, developers of mobile apps must ensure that the app is user-friendly and efficient.
  • According to the report, 42% of mobile app developers prefer iOS platforms for creating apps, while 31% prefer Android.
  • Two of the most popular mobile app development platforms are Android and iOS. Developers who choose to use any platform other than these two will make half the revenue as those who use them.
  • 63% of millennials make purchases using mobile apps.
  • Mobile apps are a popular source of revenue.
  • Apple’s app store offers 1.96 million apps, while Google Play Store has 2.87 Million apps.
  • As of 2023, the most popular category of iOS apps is gaming apps, followed closely by business apps.
  • iPhone app downloads per user are less than those from the Google Play Store. 

These are some fascinating facts about mobile app development. These facts are based entirely on data analysis performed on mobile app developers.

Many iOS and Android app developers know these facts and use them to maximize their efficiency, approach, market review, and effectiveness. Techugo is one of the most prominent app development company. Their team of top app developers works hard to keep up with the latest technology. As a result, their clients receive top-notch apps both for Android and iOS.

How do you choose the best mobile app development company in Dubai?

You need to be smart about how you approach finding mobile app developers in Dubai if you plan on developing an app. Your tech partner’s reputation and experience are crucial to elevating your app development process.

Finding a mobile app development company in Dubai with the right experience for your business app can be challenging.

That’s why we are here. These are the critical elements to making your search easier!

  • We have already mentioned that a company’s reputation in the digital agency space can make or break your app’s success. You can find Clutch and other B2B rating platforms such as GoodFirms and DesignRush.
  • Communicating your ideas to third parties without signing the NDA is not recommended. It’s best to filter the companies you are considering before you start the conversation.
  • Business owners should also check the portfolios of app development companies to ensure that they meet a high standard and produce high-quality products.
  • You should not choose a company solely based on its low prices. This could lead to unexpected consequences. Look for a company that clearly explains your app requirements and budget limitations.
  • Prioritization should be given to technical bug rectifications. The development company must ensure its products are available in app stores without technical errors by using quality assurance and testing methods.
  • Security concerns such as insecure storage, uncertain deployment, data leaks, and insecure storage can adversely affect an application’s life expectancy. When looking for a development agency, hiring a company that can develop secure applications is essential.

Five mobile app development errors to avoid

We’ll discuss the most common mistakes in app development so you can avoid them and get the perfect result.

Inadequacy of research

Refraining from paying attention to research can have severe consequences for your entire project. For example, you might end up with a digital product that is not desired by many people, contrary to what your initial thoughts suggest.

It is essential to validate your assumptions and refine your product idea during the early stages of product development. Begin by analyzing what you want to create.

  • What is the problem your product solves?
  • What means could it use to achieve this? Is it innovative in any way?

Remember your competitors when researching: Find out what they offer and their target audience. You can identify your unique value proposition by analyzing the competition and find out what users want.

Refrain from considering feedback

It can be challenging to accept that your product might need to be improved upon after all the hard work you put into it. However, you should pay attention to feedback from your customers, especially if it is negative.

It would help if you didn’t make changes immediately based on one negative comment. Instead, if multiple users have the same concern, your team should investigate making improvements.

Inadequate budget

A few things are essential to consider when you plan your mobile app budget.

The cost of your app will vary depending on its complexity. If you plan to develop a complex product, it will take longer and, therefore, more expensive. Remember that app development is only part of the process. Design and maintenance should also be considered.

The more information, briefs, and research you can provide, the more precise the estimate. Keep in mind, however, that extra changes at the end of the development process can likely make it more difficult and costly.

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Too many features

While building a complex application will impact your budget, it’s not the only thing that will. 

You also have to be more cautious about how many features you add to your app. While you may think your users will love a particular set of functionalities, and you assume they do, it turns out that most aren’t using or need them.

The minimum viable products approach to app development is the best and most secure.  In addition, you can get valuable feedback from customers and start to improve your product with features you know your customers will use.

Marketing is neglected

Although developing your app can be tiring, it is worth the effort. However, what comes next is equally important. The mobile app market is growing. This means you will need a solid marketing plan to make your application stand out. Therefore, starting in the early stages, it should be part of your strategy.

It would help if you didn’t forget to promote the app. 

Mobile Application Development: Common Risks

We will discuss the risks of native mobile app development. These apps can be downloaded and installed on smartphones and other devices via marketplaces or app stores. Security flaws can be found on both iOS and Android platforms. Unsafe data storage is the most common cause. It is located in76% of apps. 

All personal data, passwords, financial information, and contact information are at risk. We have compiled a list highlighting the most common security risks associated with mobile application development security.

Develop an app that isn’t valuable to users

Why would you want an app that doesn’t work for someone? Unfortunately, this is a common mistake made by mobile app developers when creating apps. When creating an app, remember the end-user. Likewise, when designing interfaces, it is a mistake to ignore end-users’ needs.

To improve the best mobile app ideas, it is essential to consider end-users. Most businesses have an idea of what users want.

This could include activities such as refusing to implement security controls that are well-documented or using platform APIs.

 Networking that is unsafe and deficient

In a mobile app that uses a standard mobile device, data is often transmitted between the server to the client. The app uses the internet and the provider’s mobile network to send information. Intruders could exploit mobile security vulnerabilities to steal confidential data or user details while it travels through the web.

In 2019, however, the total cost of cybercrime within the telecommunications sector was estimated to be $28.3 trillion. Developers of apps often use SSL/TLS only for authentication and nothing else.

There is an error in the security system, which opens up the possibility of hackers stealing confidential information such as session IDs and credentials. A mobile app’s SSL/TLS certificate means something other than that it is 100% secure. All apps and their networks must have highly secured mechanisms.

 Poor UX/UI Integration

A top app development company must have a clear understanding of the application’s UX and UI. Apps that are user-friendly and offer an excellent user experience will be more popular. For example, a user-friendly interface allows users to navigate a website.

 Unreliable data storage

You can have precarious data storage in many places within your mobile app. This includes binary data stores and SQL databases. Hacking hacked platforms or devices can threaten an unauthorized data storage system.

Hackers can bypass protective measures in mobile apps if they aren’t implemented effectively. This includes using poor encryption algorithms that can be broken by jailbreaking or rooting.

An intruder can access records and devices to alter official apps to retrieve data for their benefit. This is often due to the need for more information about key presses, photos, and an information cache.

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 Potential risk of security violation

Any mobile application can be affected by security problems. The hazard and protection are not well-understood. However, it is vital to take basic security measures within native applications. Many businesses mistakenly believe that mobile apps are completely safe. They need to take the security precautions necessary to prevent the growth of their business.

Multifunctionality in a single program

Mobile app development is based on functionality programs. Therefore, we strive to offer as many capabilities in native platforms as possible. There are some benefits to having many features in one program. However, having too many features in one program can make the app more cumbersome and slow down the pace and consistency.

Adding too many features to an app can make it confusing and ungainly. Keep the app simple as possible. You should only add the most critical components.


You may need to be made aware of many facts about mobile app design. We hope you enjoyed this collection of valuable and interesting facts. Connect with Techugo, an app development company to get updated with the latest facts.

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