7 Jun 2023

Interior Design Mobile App | A Solution to Achieve a Healthier and Aesthetically Pleasing Environment!


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Interior Design Mobile App

According to Cecelia Ahern, “Home is not a place; it’s a feeling.”

We can feel the vibe of this statement because people usually spend their entire savings to create a home for their families and loved ones where they can live together and feel the most alive. With the intent of achieving the desired look, they turned the house into a beautiful home while providing a touch of love, good memories, positivity, etc., as suggested by the Interior design experts.

However, there is an app for every niche today, and we have seen a surge in demand for interior designing services due to influencing elements like social media, smart homes, and changes in living standards and lifestyles.

With the latest and innovative technologies at their aid, people are actively participating in decorating their homes and contributing to an increased demand for interior design mobile apps. 

The market for home interiors and renovation in India is between $20 billion and $30 billion. With tech integration, it only grows and offers us opportunities to convert a four-walled house into a loving home. As people rely on Interior design mobile apps, it is the right time to consider on-demand home services app development while connecting with a top mobile app development company in India. Read throughout the post to learn more. 

What is an Interior Design Mobile App?

Just like a food delivery app lets the end-users connect with their favorite restaurants and order their favorite meals, an interior design mobile app allows its users to communicate with their preferred interior designers among so many options available and get their services. 

Houzz, a robust interior design mobile app, works like the same while providing a solid online presence to interior designers who can share their websites, connect with the person who needs interior designing, and boost their business further. 

What’s more interesting about these interior design mobile apps is that users can upload the picture of their rooms, select from various categories like eclectic, contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, ethnic, etc., get the results provided by virtual assistants and Augmented reality technology, and initiate the transformation using innovations like never before. 

From resolving customers’ queries to engaging them in mindful designing activities, you can make all these possible with a dedicated interior design mobile app and thus generate more leads and revenue for your business. 

Worldwide stats on interior design market value 

interior design market value

  • The interior design market can reach USD 6,433.9 million by 2025.
  • With a CAGR of 9.82% growth, we can see USD 7.86 billion by 2028. 
  • The US is the one among all countries that are likely to generate more revenue of $5,344 million in 2023. 

What should be the features of a robust interior design mobile app?

No doubt to the fact that designing a home space is a daunting task and involves a huge sum of money. However, with virtual assistants on the go, who suggest innovative ideas to users to utilize their spaces, things become easier. Want to get a complete insight?

Unveil the remarkable features of an interior design app!

interior design app features


  • Ideas Allocation

Since the arrival of social media, people have been sharing the feed that excites them the most, provides info, and helps them find solutions for daily hustles and specific challenges. 

Well, that’s what you can do to your interior design app. As designing requires creativity, you can leave a space for ideas allocations where designers or users can share their decor ideas and inspirations. Not just this, but the end-users can also create a file to locate their saved ideas, like we wishlist our favorite apparel in an eCommerce app.

  • Shop Feature

While scrolling through different products, the end-user can pick the most appropriate one and add the same to the cart with other products. However, to build this feature, you may need the assistance of a top app development company that will make an app compatible with all industry verticals. 

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  • Social Signup/Login

Let your users create a profile on your app through their IDs or different social media accounts like Twitter, Google, or Facebook. By integrating this feature, you can let your app access the name, profile picture, and email address of the users and thus ensure a personalized experience for them. 

  • Push Notifications 

Even if the user does not unlock the app, messages, updates, and alerts are provided to them, all thanks to the integration of push notifications. It is one of the best tactics followed by various apps to extend user retention. 

  • Discount

Who does not love discounts?

It behaves like a compelling force that shifts the buying decision of users. When there is a sale, some percentages of discounts and offers, not just the existing users but the new ones also become ready to pay for your services and products. 

  • Upload Pictures 

Just a picture of the space you want to modify and get the results in a matter of seconds. It is all possible today. Something magical like this comes in front. 

Did we really think that?

The tech integration into industry solutions has been modifying the scenarios. We are getting the desired results using our fingertips, and what’s better than this?

  • Professional Consultation 

No need to move from your comfort place to search for dedicated home designers, architects, or consultants, because this app category lets you find what you want in real-time. And, if the question is about the trust and reliance on these professionals, then you can check the ratings and reviews provided to them by other users.  

  • Ratings and Reviews

One of the essential features today for all apps, whether telemedicine, fuel delivery, or cake and flower delivery, every app category uses ratings and reviews to let the new users acknowledge the valuable feedback provided to home designers. Thus they will decide from whom they will get the consultation. 

  • Ideabooks

These books majorly consist of the design ideas, products, visual content, and inspiration that users save for future reference to redefine their rooms, homes and any other spaces of their homes. 

How is augmented reality used in interior design apps?

By integrating augmented reality, you can provide a more defined experience to your end users. 

No more head-scratching!

Here are all instances of apps that use this tech for users to rearrange furniture and decorative items seamlessly. 

  • Heavenly

Heavenly provides the easiest way to do home decor as it lets the users upload a picture on the app, and thus according to their preferences and requirements, they can choose the designer and start communicating with them for the space modifications.

  • Houzz

The app is known for its 16 million high-resolution images for users to take inspiration. Also, it has a network of specialists who focus on repairing and designing several homes. 

  • IKEA 

The craze of IKEA among users is at another level as it provides furniture and Scandinavian design that lets users place 3D models of furniture in their bedrooms and drawing rooms virtually. 

  • Hutch

Users can find a wide range of furniture, from vintage to antique collections, and thus redefine the look and beauty of their homes. 

  • Planner 5D

If you want to know about various room layouts and furniture changes with 2D or 3D sketches, this app with augmented reality can be a great help. 

What does it take to create an interior design app?

Now, let’s find out the steps that will lead you to surpass all the challenges coming in on demand home services app development

create an interior design app

  • Know your business needs

Haste makes waste, so don’t let it ruin your business goals and objectives. Instead, go slowly at the starting moment while considering your target audience and their expectations of your business. Also, you can research your competitors to know how they are going in the market, what mistakes they are making, and how you can avoid them. 

  • Consultation 

Now you need to consult with a team of developers who will make your plan go live using cutting-edge technologies and thus construct a way for you to achieve success sooner. 

  • Competitive App Features

All the features we have provided in the section above will lead you to create a robust app. However, for a powerful interior design mobile app, you must include top-notch features like geolocation, in-app purchasing, virtual decor, and others that our leading mobile app development company will suggest. 

  • App Tech Stack

Don’t forget to consider a top-quality tech stack that will make you go ahead in this competitive edge and bring the best opportunities to your door. To record the success of your app, you must ensure a robust foundation of your app while selecting the best technologies like: 

  • Application and Data: Cloudinary, Kotlin, Firebase, Swift, Realm
  • DevOps: Xcode, Fabric by Twitter, Github, Crashlytics
  • Business Tools: Sumerian, Invision, Gmail, SwiftLint, Sketch
  • Utilities: XCTest, Google Analytics
  • Test and Deploy

Once the app development company creates your dynamic project, the testing or quality analyst stage comes to identify all kinds of bugs creating hindrances in the smooth functioning of the app. 

Revenue models to apply for your interior design mobile app

Suppose you have built your app, but it is not proving as beneficial as you thought. 

So, won’t you look for other solutions and models that will let you make money? 

The icing on the cake is this section revolves around the same. Move into and get a complete insight. 

Revenue models

  • Membership Revenue

Apps that store or lock home decor experts in their database prefer using this monetization model. They charge an annual membership fee from the clients to let them access the locked content and thus add more to their income ratio. 

  • Promoting Revenue

App owners can charge a certain sum of money from entrepreneurs in exchange for making their products and services live on their platforms. 

  • Exchange Fee

If you run a marketplace, this can be your revenue strategy, as the exchange fee ensures commission from the sellers when you list their products and services on your platform. 

How much does it cost to create an interior design mobile app?

App development cost is one of the significant factors influencing entrepreneurs’ decisions to invest in or build their own mobile apps. However, it is not always rigid but can be flexible according to the pinch of requirements you want in your own app.

If your requirement is for the enterprise level, the cost is higher and vice-versa. Learn more about how the cost to develop a mobile app increases or decreases while exploring further.   

  • App Development Platform

Different teams are required for the app development for platforms, i.e., iOS and Android. However, the cost can vary and get doubled when preferring cross-platform app development or the same app built for these platforms. 

  • App Development Team

The bigger the team size is, the extended the cost is. However, app development, including only basic features, should consider the following members of the app development team. Such as: 

Building an interior design app requires the most hardships from the designing part. That’s what you need to ensure while planning a budget for creating a solution in this app category. 

  • Features and Functionalities

While an app with basic features cannot impact your pocket much, an app with advanced features can. Therefore, choose wisely between the two. Moreover, you can prefer an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) if you don’t have a sufficient budget but still want to make your presence online with a solution having elementary features only.  

Let’s together create your own interior design mobile app!

For the interior design mobile app, you must connect with a top app development company that will create a robust solution integrating the top features and deeply understand the user preferences and needs. 

Techugo is a top interior design mobile app development company in India. With our broader range of services, you can meet all your app requirements that suit your budget too. 

So, are you excited to build a top-notch solution?

If yes, get in touch with our team of app developers at on demand app development company today.

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