iOS 13.1.2

5 Oct 2019

iOS 13.1.2: Apple Has Released Bugfix Updates

It is with great astonishment that Apple has just released iOS 13.1.2 right after the release of iOS 13.1.1. The company is being very quick in presenting software releases which doesn’t even include adding of any new features, but merely fixing the bugs.

These invariable series of software releases came in the difference of just one business day. At Friday 27 September, it released iOS 13.1.1 and later on Monday it brought iOS 13.1.2.

Last month the public beta for this upgrade took place and some problems weren’t found until the arrival of new release on hundreds of devices.

The fact is that this new release only includes the bug fixes which are minor in nature. None of the bugs that received fix weren’t seen so urgent. Though, indeed an application with bugs isn’t what a user wants to experience. Want to take a glimpse of those upgrades?Let’s get more insights into it.

iOS 13.1.2 Upgrade Insights 

iOS 13.1.2 has released for all iOS 13-compatible devices such as iPhone 6S and other newer devices including the 7th Generation touch iPod series.

The upgrade will automatically appear over your iPhone screen, but if it doesn’t, you need to go to your phone setting> General > Software Update.

Well, this is good news for IPad users as Apple has moved them to more dedicated platform: iPadOS.  

Here are the bug fixes it has received: 

A bug fix has been done where the iCloud Backup progress bar continues to visible after a successful backup.

There is some instance where the camera may not work, it has fixed that problem.

Bug fixing at the point when the flashlight may not get activated.

A bug fix to prevent the loss of display calibration data.

Remove the chances of failure in shortcut runs from HomePod.

Fix to an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles.

These app fixes are very minor, and since there is no new feature involved. This is a matter of surprise that why the company is been so quick. Indeed, Apples’ major priority is the best customer experience.

As mentioned above, the launch of iOS 13.1.2 is similar to the previous releases of iOS 13.1 and iOS 13.1.1, and doesn’t include upgradation of any new feature except fixing the bugs as possible. These releases are basically for damage control and preventing further problems and damages. Though, after its release, social media channels are flooding with complaints.

Still, there are issues that bother users such as Mail, FaceID, Messages, Camera/flashlight, and battery life. The company has already provided a formal warning related to reminder sync issues for all iOS 13 users.

Besides, there are upgraders who are reporting the problem of brick. In the series of iOS 13 updated bricking the iPhones of people, and numbers of complaints have arisen in this regard.   

Should You Upgrade to iOS 13.1.2? 

There are numbers of issues that have left untreated and unaddressed in this bug-fix release of iOS 13, which indicates partial success with its particular fixes. Though, any kind of success is the sign that it should be upgraded.

Though, if you wish your iPhone to be bug-free with iOS 13 then forget it, as bricking issues are there. And since there is no feature upgrade, it could be annoying for some users.

From the above, it is clear that this is nothing more than an endeavor to fix the bugs and resolve the issues came overnight.

Since it is about security, there is no such feature that is boosting the software security protocols. So, it is hard to tell what could be done and what couldn’t. Though, for iPhone or iPod users can upgrade to this system easily.

Though, this won’t affect iPhone application development as there is no amendment in the basic functionality. The apps would be able to access all the features with ease. However, the issues will impact the user experience.

So, do you want to try this upgrade? Make your decision. To know more about other iOS updates, stay tuned with us.

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