5 Jul 2017

What Ios 11 Has To Offer?

Varsha Vishvakarma

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IOS app development

WWDC 2017 was as grand as always with the number of speechless tech announcements this year, the most demanding IOS app development  and the much expected iOS 11 made an entry with stupendous tech experiences and the tech announcements left the developers gaping to yearn for the more. If you have missed the iOS 11 updates, here we have brought a quick brush-up for you, so you can read further and enjoy the tech announcements made at WWDC 2017…Just read ahead…

iOS Visual Design Language

Apple has been on the footsteps of bringing innovations to the visual design of iOS by including larger font sizes, thicker typefaces, and more contrast. But with iOS 11, the new App Store would be refurbished to look alike the Apple Music.

Core ML

The machine learning which made an entry with the iOS 10 has got upgraded further with iOS 11. Now, Apple has focused on Apple introduced machine learning in iOS 10 and has extended that functionality with Core ML in iOS 11. The best features of Core ML are computer vision machine learning and natural language for text analysis. With the iOS 11 Vision framework, the users can extend the usage to text, barcode, face, and landmark detection to object tracking and image registration.


iOS 11 lets you Drag and Drop within UIKit, including, including apps on the iPad. With iOS 11 the view controllers for browsing documents locally and remotely is also possible now, although the emphasis is more on iCloud documents, with extended support to third-party services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

iOS 11 ARKit

iOS 11 has made a sensation with the announcement of the ARKit framework in the OS. The AR is not new to the mobile app world, but with iOS 11 it would open the doors of refined and wonderful entertainment options for the users from the different industries verticals. There are a numbers SDKs that can be used to bring the AR experience to the iOS apps, like multi platform ARToolKit, but with iOS 11 now ARKit solves all the problems with one step.

Product Page in App Store

The app product page in the App Store is going to be completely redesigned. Wherein it would be getting the new attributes such as a subtitle, which could be tested further. Although it is not much clear that how the subtitles would affect the ASO. Also, the app screen preview is now increased up to three previews.

Business Chat

iOS 11 has announced the ‘Business Chat’ tool, so users can get in touch with their prospects. With this tool, developers would be able to respond to reviews and this tool would help to bridge the gap of Apple’s ecosystem, where businesses and developers get very little customer access.

In-App Purchases

Users have got a major relief with the iOS 11, now they can make in-app purchases from the App Store. The best part of about this update is that all In-app purchases would receive their own promotional image and description and can also be returned specifically in search results or in the new “Today,” “Games,” and “Apps” tabs. The SKPaymentTransactionObserver would be a very much part of the payment method to enable the in-app purchases from the App Store itself. Also, the auto-renewable subscriptions would better help sustain the mobile app in the app stores.

iMessage Apps With iOS 11

When iOS 10 launched the new Messages framework, it came with the issues of discover ability and usability. But, Apple has finally addressed these issues efficiently with iOS11. Now, the “App Drawer” in the Messages app would allow accessing the iMessage apps quickly and now it would be easier to discover and install the new iMessage apps.

App Store Updates

Apple has added a new feature to the App Store updates “phased releases”, this feature allows the app update to hit all users at the same time. It is indeed very beneficial for various reasons like it ensures that your server infrastructure is not affected and if you want to test that how a feature goes to a wider audience, much before it is launched. Also, this would help you from a marketing perspective, wherein you can check the release of the update to specific regions effortlessly.

Now WWDC 2017 is over, but the exciting tech trends announced are going to change the game of technology and users and the developers would be able to experience the fresh technology to benefit further. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to developing an iPhone mobile app for your business requirements, then you must get in touch with a top iPhone app development company in India, to address your app requirements efficiently and no other company than Techugo can fit the bill.

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