9 Apr 2020

IOT Is Building A New Future Amid Covid-19


We are entering into a new state, where optimism erupted out of Pandemic, would bring together every individual, community, and society!

This is one of the most promising aspects to see the other side of the Pandemic. On one side no doubt there is a bigger leap where thousands of human lives are lost. On the other hand, there is one more fact, that suggests that this virus has boosted the collaborative initiatives on the community and international grounds.

How technology is coping with the COVID-19?

Hmm, a very good question!

There have been multiple places where technological advancements have helped us to come out of the scary effect of a virus outbreak. And one specific technology that is really creating a stir in the market that is none other than IoT- Internet of Things!

Surprisingly, the shipments of IoT devices has grown to 10% more in 2020 and has reached 718 million units, despite widespread economic uncertainty worldwide in the wake of the COVID-19.

It is very evident that mobile apps have played a significant role in resolving the issues faced during the crisis. And this trial has triggered a lot of ideas and solutions to come into existence.

When you look closely, you can see, that videoconferencing is now ubiquitous, helping in promoting social distancing while practicing business operations. And this has made it quite realistic for many businesses to adopt the change and emerge as a leader.

Technology is ready and available to help battle this crisis!

Role of IoT to beat COVID-19

The constant run of fighting the ill-effects of Coronavirus has led many countries to take new initiatives. Just like using the personal remote monitoring devices or apps, Hong Kong has issued wrist bands. These wrist bands are being given to the arriving passengers with a high-risk profile.

On the other hand, Singapore is using a monitoring app for those on Stay Home Notice/ Quarantined. You can find the temperature measurements at the entrances of every public building. This data is further reported to a central instance for real-time analysis.

IoT to manage patient care

As well know that during Coronavirus, the precaution is the only treatment. Hence it is very much necessary for the people to stay protected. With the help of IoT, it becomes easier for all the patients who are at high-risk to be quarantined but don’t require the hospital-care.

IoT helps here by letting the patients to have their temperatures taken and upload the data with their mobile devices to the cloud.

This ensures that health workers are able to complete their work in a hassle-free mode, where they don’t need to get in touch with infected patients and break community spread.

IoT to ensure quarantine rules

Yes, you heard it correct, with the help of IoT further it can be ensured to trace patient’s compliance once the potentially infected persons enter into quarantine. In this process, the public health personnel can monitor the quarantined patient and track who has violated the quarantine. Further, IoT data would also help in tracking down who further got exposed due to quarantine violations, and as a result, the chain can be broken.

IoT to relieve healthcare stress

The constant pressure on the healthcare workers to keep a tab on the admitted patients, remote monitoring of in-home patients with chronic conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. It becomes a totally stressful situation and a risk factor for the health caregivers.

Here IoT helps in measuring the heartbeat and blood pressure from wearable, wireless instruments of patients, and this helps them to run their job with the least number of staff.

It goes without saying but IoT here not just reduces the workload but also increases the efficiency of the medical staff.

IoT to detect outbreak

IoT is used for multiple reasons, and there are many instances, where this technology is used to trace and track. However, amid the COVID-19, it can be used to detect the origin of an outbreak.

As per the recent study conducted by MIT researchers, it is proven, that aggregated mobile phone data can trace the spread.

With the help of overlaying geographic information system (GIS) available on IoT mobile data, epidemiologists can identify every person who came into contact with the infected patients and may, therefore, also be infected. 

Food for thought

IoT will definitely see a boost nit just during but after the crisis as well. And there are likely to be innovative and efficient processes to be experienced within the IoT spectrum.

And indeed, IoT will play a vital role in improving the healthcare and disaster prevention, public safety and security, to a larger extent.

If you are looking forward to securing an efficient IoT app solution for your healthcare business, then you must not delay it anymore.

And you must reach out to Techugo.

We’re working relentlessly round the clock to help you make your dream turns into a reality.

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