5 Jan 2022
Updated on February 24th, 2022

It’s Time to Replace Squeaky Toys with Cooler Gadgets for Your Pets! Here’s Why


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Have you ever wondered what your pets are doing behind your back? Is your pet sleeping on your couch? Is your cat having enough food? 

Fortunately, the secrets can now be spilled with the help of top-notch IoT-based technologies and advancement in pet care! 

Undoubtedly, the IoT tech has tremendously improved people’s lives; however, now it is also impacting pets in an exceptional manner. 

Are you wondering HOW? 

Similar to human activity tracking devices, IoT is also leveraged with monitoring cameras, toys, etc., used for your pets to keep their activities in front of your eyes. 

Now that you know about the widespread usage of IoT for humans and pets, what if we say that it’s also a viable business? It is essential to mention that market players are already emphasizing the development of such products to catch the attention of their audience. 

Are you looking forward to working on the same for your business? Then, this article will highlight all the essential details you need to know. Continue reading to know more! 

Pet Tech Market: Technologies That’ll Take Care of Your Furry Friends!

Pets become our best friends in the presence and absence of others. There’s an emotional connection, which is why people are way too sensitive towards their pets when it comes to their health! 

Don’t you think it’s our responsibility to keep our pets healthier and safe? 

Indeed, it is! Therefore, here are the top-notch pet technologies that’ll ensure an athletic lifestyle for your pets:

1. Interactive Cameras 

Interactive Cameras

Keeping an eye on your pets has now become easier with the help of monitors and interactive cameras when you’re away from home. Not only this, but technology has also made talking and dispensing treats for them possible. 

Therefore, one of the most popular examples is PetCube- a virtual pet sitter that helps you to interact with your pet. 

2. Health Trackers 

Health Trackers

It has become vital to take care of your pets and detect symptoms in advance. Therefore, IoT experts introduced solutions like health trackers that are now equipped with sensors that can check heart rate, temperature, activity, and much more. 

3. Smart Feeders 

Smart Feeders

It is no longer mandatory to be present at home to feed your pets the right amount of food they need. Fortunately, pets’ meals can now be scheduled with the help of smart feeders, and the whole process can be automated. 

However, it would be best not to rely on the internet connection entirely. It is because, in case of poor connection, you wouldn’t want your pet to be left without food. 

4. GPS Tags 

GPS Tags

Pet finders are another important pet care device amalgamated with IoT technology. These consist of wearable tags that can direct the owner about their pet’s location. 

Notably, these tags use GPS technology that can be connected to the user’s mobile device. Therefore, the owner will receive notifications if their pet crosses a particular boundary. 

Building a Robust Pet-Tech Application

Pet-Tech Application

If you want to build a seamless pet-tech app, here are a few must-have features to incorporate. So, take a look!

1. User Account 

It is vital to store information about the user and the pet for customizations offered by the app. Therefore, one should be able to store information like a pet’s name, age, gender, etc. 

2. GPS Tracking for Wearables 

What if someone’s pet gets lost? To help owners during the same, you can incorporate a GPS feature that’ll make it easier to locate one’s pets. Additionally, you may enable users to add a restricted area for which they’ll be notified if their pet leaves the same. 

3. A Dashboard 

The dashboard is the main page of the application where the users land after signing in. Therefore, it must enable viewing the real-time status of the pet, including the temperature, pulse, activity, and more. 

If you’re looking forward to offering an interactive experience, you may leverage a real-time video stream of the pets. 

To Sum Up!

Pets, especially dogs and cats, play a massive role in our lives and can ease anxiety, loneliness, etc. They are a perfect companion one might need as they can add unconditional love. However, it is our duty to provide them with a happy and healthy life, and IoT is an incredible medium that can pave the way to the same. 

Do you agree? 

Have a robust pet-tech application idea? Then, we are here to help you! 

Schedule your first consultation with us today, and we can help you climb the ladder of success! 

Happy innovation!

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