14 Sep 2023

Keep Your Guardians Closer with Mobile App for Women’s Safety: Building a Safer World


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It is not just slogans and speeches that will protect women in today’s world! Without significant steps, women’s security will remain a top-priority concern globally, considering incidents of violence, harassment, and unsafe situations.

According to statistics, about 736 million women have been victimized by sexual and physical violence, and the count is continuously growing. Thus, by default, it calls for safety initiatives that will make women feel protected and secure not only under their roof but everywhere.

Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are working towards developing mobile apps for women’s safety to bring a vital change.

How are these apps introducing a positive change in the world? We’ll discuss everything in this blog!

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Introduction To a Women’s Safety App

Women’s Safety AppAs mentioned earlier, women’s safety is a pressing concern, and these mobile apps are emphasized to build a safer world. It won’t be wrong to mention that safety is a concern women grapple with daily, which often leads to profound traumas. The worst case is needing to alter their lifestyle only because they don’t feel safe in specific spaces. Thus, it is high time we address the root causes of such issues to create safer environments for individuals.

Here’s when women’s safety apps are swooping in for commendable performance whenever there’s a concern related to security. Nowadays, several women’s safety apps are developed to work on the cause and uproot the same closely. These mobile apps come integrated with a number of functionalities that help notify the close ones or report the incident. Other apps also trigger alerts to nearby help centers, medical facilities, and more.

Why the Development of a Women’s Safety App Has Become Essential Worldwide? 

Women’s security app development is the best solution in numerous ways. Talking about a case study from 2020, it was studied that a woman or a girl was killed every 11 minutes, forming a total of 81,000 per year. The most shocking revelation is that more than 58% of women were murdered by their family members or loved ones. 

The stats scream the need for women’s safety solutions, and building a mobile app for women’s safety has become a top-notch option.

Exploring the Best Women’s Safety Apps As Guardians of Safety

Guide to Women's Safety AppsThe best mobile apps are the ones that fulfill the needs of their customers. These apps must provide their user base with the value they could hold onto; therefore, we have streamlined some of the best safety apps for your inspiration. Take a look:

1. Emergency Alert App

The emergency alert apps work incredibly as they send out notifications or alerts to family and friends if a woman is in trouble or feels at risk. Once the application is downloaded, the user can narrow down a list of people she would want to send out the SOS alert.

How can someone trigger an alert?

Notably, every mobile app for women’s safety has a different working mechanism, one of which is tapping the power button repeatedly. While contacting someone manually might not be possible at the moment, mobile gestures like this can do the trick that’ll send out the user’s location and alert. The two most popular examples of such apps include SOS Alert and 112 India.

2. Location Tracking App

As the name suggests, the mobile app lets users share their live location with their family and friends. These apps help keep track of the route that the user is taking.

Not to mention, any shady incident might not give a change to hit the power button to trigger alerts; thus, location-sharing apps ensure that the user’s location is being monitored in real time. There’s no better Android and iOS app than Life 360, which works exceptionally for location sharing. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to developing such an app, connect with a reliable Android or iOS app development company.

3. Women Safety Tips App

As the saying goes, “Prevention is the best medicine,” and that’s precisely the goal of women’s safety tips applications. These apps offer users pertinent advice to proactively protect themselves, ensuring safety before the need for a cure arises.
The app provides guidance on to-do and not-to-do actions, tips for reporting an incident, and much more.

4. Heat Map Applications

You can’t keep track of all a city’s safe and dangerous areas, especially in an unknown state. Isn’t it? Well, this incredible app works toward collecting all the data based on a number of crimes and marks every area with a different color on the map. For instance, red indicates danger and suggests the user to take an alternative route to their destination. 

5. Women’s Safety eCommerce Apps

Women’s safety ecommerce apps have emerged as invaluable tools for promoting security and convenience. They provide a safe and user-friendly space for purchasing safety-related products and serve as a comprehensive resource hub, offering informative articles, emergency contact features, and communities where women can share their experiences and tips. By seamlessly integrating safety measures into the world of ecommerce, these apps aim to foster a sense of empowerment and security for women, both online and offline. 

Don’t forget to partner with a top-notch ecommerce app development company to curate an app that caters to women’s safety requirements.

6. Fake Call Applications

Fake call apps have emerged as a clever and discreet solution to address potential threats or uncomfortable situations. These apps allow users to simulate incoming phone calls, complete with realistic caller IDs, ring tones, and even voice recordings. When a woman feels unsafe or uneasy, she can activate one of these apps, creating the illusion of receiving a call from a trusted contact. This not only deters potential harassers but also provides an excuse to step away from uncomfortable situations.

7. All-in-One Security Super App

Women’s all-in-one security super apps are revolutionizing the way women can protect themselves in today’s world. These comprehensive applications integrate a wide array of safety features and tools into a single platform, providing a holistic approach to personal security. From real-time location sharing and emergency SOS alerts to self-defense tutorials and safe transportation options, these apps empower women to proactively manage their safety at every turn. Moreover, they often include resources such as information on local safety laws, a community forum for sharing experiences and advice, and access to professional help when needed. These super apps are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for women to access critical safety features with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Stay Safe and Informed: Features That Matter in Women’s Safety Apps

Women's Safety

No wonder a safety app has to be amalgamated with features that’ll ensure women’s security and intrigue them to use the mobile app. Here’s a list of features to add:

1. Location Sharing

As mentioned earlier, location sharing is one of the most crucial features that enables guardians to monitor the user’s route in real-time. 

2. Low Battery Consumption

What’s the benefit of building an app that uses a major battery chunk, leading to switching off a device? Therefore, ensure that your app does not compromise the device’s battery.

3. Geofencing Feature

The geofencing feature of a mobile app for women’s safety triggers a notification on the device whenever a trusted person enters or leaves a location. 

4. Data Management

This feature collects all the user’s data, including location history, familiar routes, stay time, and more. 

5. Voice Activation

A safety app must integrate a voice recognition feature that’ll provide users with the control to activate triggers quickly if pressing the SOS buttons is impossible. 

6. Offline Mode

No wonder, mishappenings can occur anywhere, and the app must not wait for the user to activate their internet connection. Thus, build an app that works offline for increased women’s safety.

7. Crash Detection

If in case the concerned person is driving a car, the app must inform the guardians in case of any emergency, like a crash, collision, etc.

8. AR/VR Integration

AR can provide users with real-time information about their surroundings, such as mapping out well-lit paths or highlighting safe areas. Conversely, VR can offer immersive self-defense training experiences, enabling women to practice crucial skills in a controlled environment. Together, AR and VR integration can revolutionize how women prepare for and respond to potentially risky situations.

9. 24/7 Support

Needless to say, a mobile app for women’s safety must have customer support solutions around the clock for a safer environment.

10. GPS Tracking

A mobile app for women’s safety must be equipped with a GPS tracking feature for seamless communication about the location history.

Tech-Driven Safety: Exploring Market Trends in Women’s Safety Apps

Women's Safety AppsThe market for women’s safety apps is continuously evolving to meet the growing demand for enhanced security and empowerment. Some of the best market trends in this space include:

1. AI-Powered Features

Women’s safety apps are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analysis and real-time threat assessment. AI can detect patterns of harassment or danger and provide personalized safety recommendations.

2. Legal Sources and Reporting

Women’s safety apps are increasingly providing access to legal resources, enabling users to report incidents and seek legal advice or assistance.

3. Government Support

Governments in various countries endorse women’s safety initiatives and collaborate with app developers to ensure broader adoption and effectiveness.

4. Personalized Safety Plans

Apps offer personalized safety plans based on user preferences and routines, providing tailored advice for different situations.

5. Multi-Platform Accessibility

Women’s safety apps are expanding their reach by being available on multiple platforms, including smartphones, smartwatches, and desktops.

6. IoT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being used to connect personal safety devices, like panic buttons or wearables, to women’s safety apps, enhancing the effectiveness of emergency response.

Why Would Customers Opt for Your App Over Substitutes?

Partnering with the right mobile app development company like Techugo will ensure the incorporation of every best element that makes your app stand out from the crowd. Being the most appealing and efficient option, customers would want to download and use the app over its substitutes. Therefore, here are some of the tips to leverage for your app to ensure its success:

1. Real-Time Updates

It is significant to keep evolving an app’s features and fulfill the dynamic requirements  of its audience. Indeed, it is essential for app users to have access to real-time updates that will make sure that customers are well-versed with the changes introduced within the mobile app.

2. Privacy Consideration

With a lot of news about fraud and privacy compromise, it is essential to ensure your app customers trust your services. Your app must take the necessary steps to keep users’ personal information secure while providing them with the top-notch service solutions that they’ve been looking for.

3. User-Friendly Mobile App

Not to mention, UI/UX design is one of the crucial elements of an app, and utter attention must be paid while building an interface. An ideal mobile app for women’s safety is one that has no distractions, utilizes less battery, has a faster loading time, and performs exceptionally!

In a Nutshell!

Technology has undoubtedly transformed every aspect of our lives, from travel and shopping to dining, exploring, socializing, learning, and more. However, this evolution has yet to necessarily translate into improved safety for women in society. In response to this need, technology has given rise to women’s security apps. These apps, equipped with innovative features and functionalities, serve as a vital lifeline, ensuring that women are just a tap away from their friends and family when needed.

With such a solution readily available in the market, it’s only natural that it garners attention and engagement. Therefore, embarking on mobile app development dedicated to women’s safety and personal security represents a commendable and much-needed initiative.

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