27 Jun 2017


android app testing

As an android mobile app development company, crafting a niche for yourself, does not come easily, it involves layers of intricacies required for the app development process, wherein you need to shout aloud the quality imbibed within every service, you offer. I agree there are various challenges occur during the app development process, and one of those challenges is testing….yes, Android app testing is equally important to your app development process, and it is very much crucial part of the Android app development journey, which speaks a volume for your app success.

If you ever wonder, why mobile testing is needed? and if you feel, it is not a big thing, then hold your horses, since it is the most significant part of your app development process, where it gives an answer to your mobile woes and help you escape from the horror of mobile app failure. If your app does go without proper channeling of app testing process, then the end result would be more horrifying than any horror movie you ever came across on the big screen. So remember mobile app testing is a must for your app development process and failing to pay attention to it, will not be much healthier for your app and business.

Challenges Faced In Android App Testing

Just like any other technical aspect of other OS, there are certain challenges to be met in the Android testing program as well. We have compiled the 4major challenges faced by the testers and Android developers across the globe and if identified and worked upon, can save a lot of time of developers and testers…let’s take a look…

Screen Size

The Android is the most preferred OS, not just due to its functionality and features, but also due to the variety of handsets available in the Android platform, makes it the most picked platform. But unfortunately, the huge variety of different aspect ratios and pixel densities make it troublesome for the testers since they need to test on different devices to ensure that the necessary screen elements are easily accessible with different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

App Performance

Every app is packed with a huge deal of features and functionalities, and with such a wide array of functionalities, it becomes highly crucial that the app performs well, without offering any technical jerks and glitches to the users, so for the testing team, it becomes highly relevant, so a very serious consideration is given to app performance, and all possible tests must be conducted to ensure the greater performance from the user’s perspective.

Mobile App Types

For the non-technical folks, I want to explain that every app is not same, but has a different architecture, which can either be: native, Web/HTML5 and hybrid apps. It is wonderful to know that the testing differs for each app type, depending on various factors. Just to talk about Native apps, they have a limited and reduced scope for testing, whereas the web and hybrid apps need both on-/off-platform test cases. The web apps need to be tested more carefully depending on the version; on the other hand, the native and hybrid apps ought to be tested for a successful download, execution, platform interaction, and updates. So the android app testing team needs to play more attention to the app type and its specific set of demands.

Network Challenge

It would not be wrong to call the diverse nature of network offers in today’s time, undeniably there are numerous network companies ruling in the market, offering 3G and 4G data on different OSs. It’s way too good to consider these data challenges more deeply to understand the android app testing challenges it may bring to you, for instance: How does the app operate offline? Is the memory being impacted in unexpected ways? Or are there any constraints? What is the impact of different Wi-Fi speeds, low signal strength, 3G, or 4G networks? What happens when you switch to Wi-Fi or the network drops or vice versa? Security considerations such as encryption, multi-user support, low-level resource usage, and buffering problems or garbage data generation. After considering these aspects you can meet the challenges offered by the mobile app and solve them in advance.

Mobile app testing is a vast subject, and these are only a few major challenges faced by the testers, but by considering these aspects, you can offer a perfect mobile app solution to your users and help your client’s end users to experience a tremendous and unique mobile app solution for their specific business requirements, through your professional and responsible quality and testing services.

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