21 Feb 2020
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Killer Ideas To Achieve Higher CVR For Your iOS App


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My iOS app is developed, out in the market, but there is no significant CVR (conversion rate) happening on my mobile app, tried everything, yet no clue what is wrong and at where???

You must be wondering that why am I babbling the absurd set of words here???

Actually, these words are the excerpts of one of our clients who went through a tough and difficult phase of achieving the expected conversion rate from his mobile app, and the reasons were largely unbeknown to him.

But sooner we analyzed and assessed the app project; we were shocked to know that there was a major leap.

And that leap was taken by the ASO.

ASO – App store optimization, who says it, is all about strategies, rather if you would look closely it is more of an ART.

Art that falls fit for the mobile app, in many ways and has to be modified accordingly as per the need of the hour, failing to which a mobile app can be achieved not a successful app product.

A lot and enough is mentioned on Google to help you explore the numerous ways to boost conversion rate for your app, but the mastering skills for your apps higher CVR goes somehow missing.

So based on our exposure which we at Techugo- a leading mobile app development company in Canada has achieved while catering the successful app solutions to the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies for attaining the best-optimized solution for your app, is mentioned herewith in this article…let’s read further

  • Impressive First Impression Frame

98.9% Of Visitors Are Carried Away With The App’s First Impression

Do I need to explain it any further???

The first impression frame for your mobile app matters most and this stats through a formality but proves it further…

App exploration is largely a 3- sec journey that makes or breaks the deal for your mobile app.

This is the time duration in which users decide whether they want to give a try to your mobile app, or simply want to leave.

The first impression frame consists of…

  • App name
  • App icon
  • App price
  • App screenshot
  • App description
  • App Promo Video
  • Rating

These all aspects must fall in sync with each other to place a mesmerizing effect reflecting from the first impression frame

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

Same Creativity on Both The Platforms Leads To 25-30% Decrease In-App Install

App Store or the Play Store are the leading platforms which have the distinct requirements and the different user base and ultimately as an app marketer your role is to draw the largest pool of the users to fall on your mobile app, but if you are going to use the same description, same resolution and every other thing (which could be transformed further) same, then do not expect your app to yield the magic in no time.

The mindset of every user base is different and if you would give them something different from the other app platform as per their needs than it would definitely help you to eradicate the chances of app rejection.

  • Screenshot Testing Must Be Carried

Testing Of App Screenshot Boosts The CVR 27%

When the screenshot comes into question, then everything around it must be tested not just at the time of first-time publishing your app, but it must be done on a monthly basis.

Both the stores have given you the opportunity to post either the landscape, portrait, or hybrid gallery, but you must know that screenshot is the first thing that would interact with your app indirectly, before taking that decision to download your app.

Thus it must be changed and tested every month, to attract the number of visitors on your app and to ascertain which screen form your app would suit the visitors more.

With these 3 killer tactics, you can lift your CVR to new heights and would help you to optimize your traffic resources efficiently.

You must know that these strategies would be futile if your app does not fulfill what it promises through its real functionalities and the features, thus you must get your app developed from a leading app development company in Canada to save your app from the harm of instant drop rates in the app downloads.

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