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18 Sep 2017

How To Launch Your App Successfully

Why would anyone prefer to download your mobile app? What do you know about your competitors? What is the demand of your target users? What unique your app has to offer?

If these questions have not bugged you yet, then you need to sit back, and find out the answers, because no matter if you had picked the best mobile app development company in the world and your concept was something which really broke the conventional method, but if your mobile app has taken some hiccups during the mobile app launch phase, then I assure you, your mobile app has decided its destination in the doomed platform only.

If right now your mind is juggling with the question that how app launch decides the success factor for your mobile app. Then reading ahead would de-clutter your confusion cloud further…

If you have played with the greatest imagination and the creativity on your part to result in your mobile app, but what do you think people would not replicate your idea? You are wrong, you need to be well-aware with this fact that the dense line of competitors drawn around the mobile app development stores, is ready to pick your app idea and would turn it into a common concept then leaving it merely as a unique. In such critical situation, your robust plan for app launch would help you halt the stealing process of your well-thought mobile app plan. Also, it would help your mobile app to attain a healthy and targeted user base, without any much chaos.

Let The Market Stir With Pre-Launch Strategy

The mobile app is a very common aspect, which most of the businesses have adapted well, and now, users take a mobile app as a ubiquitous element associated with the businesses, so the crux of the statement is, that mobile app is common, but you need to create a buzz for YOUR app, and this is only achievable with a pre-launch marketing strategy, which lets your mobile app to gain the attention and let the users know more about your mobile app, but in a way, which is ready to create a stir in the market.  You can indulge in :

  • Promotional Website
  • App Teasers
  • Blogs
  • Short videos


These all aspects should be a part of your mobile app pre-launch strategy to gain the desired result and create a buzz about your mobile app, much before its official launch.

Let Media Handles

Media is the synonym to gain publicity, either bad or good, but it works on both the aspects. Once your pre-launch app marketing strategy has already created a stir in the market, now the real time comes to knock the ball and this aspect is happily essayed by the media. You can release an official press-release through paid media portals, and let your app get its fame featuring on relevant media channels. Also, if you don’t want to indulge into the paid media and have certain budget constraints, then there are various websites, wherein you can submit your press release and edit the relevant tags in the description to get a better hold on the promotion cycle.

Don’t Miss Social Media

The power of Social Media is not unbeknown to any, and considering it a minimalistic approach to gain the promotion, is the biggest mistake. To make your app popularize on the social media channels i.e; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram  and many more, you must create an alluring Profile page for your mobile app, on each of these portals and upload the videos, teasers, blogs, press-release, images and every other relevant detail about your mobile app. The most important fact suggests here that you must provide the links of your website or email id, so people can leave their valuable feedback and opinions about the mobile app and you can improve your app accordingly.

How To Make An App Video

I have already mentioned the App video in the above mentioned content, but the question comes, how to flourish the app video concept from the cradle to the factual platform. You don’t need to worry, it is not a rocket science, and can be made with some guidelines only. You need to ensure that your app video goes up to 30 seconds, but making it 20 sec long, would be recommended since you need not irritate your users with a lengthy version.

The actual task comes, that in this 20-30 seconds you have to showcase the information pertinent to your mobile app, so present it with the attractive information, graphics and sound to be occupied by the killer headlines, this all in total would help your mobile app to gain a significant position in the users; mind and influence the number of downloads as well.

After App Launch

After the app launch, the work doesn’t stop but give a push to the another phase, which includes monitor app performance, resolve users’ issues promptly, and keep on upgrading the app usability. The worst aspect is when you launch the app, and sleep on it, thinking you have achieved, what you dreamt of, but Hey, you need to remain awake and highly attentive, because of any miss at this stage, will just wash away your months of efforts and dream of course.

Remember, every feedback and review, will set a new opportunity for you to market and popularize your mobile app more aggressively, so the attention you pay before, during and after the app launch, works only in the favor of your mobile app to get multiplied moolah blitz for your mobile app.

The another most important factor which largely decides the success of your mobile app is the selection of right mobile app development company for the dream project- your app. If you are finding it a tedious and perplexing process to get a right mobile app development company amidst the chaos of existing mobile app development companies, then you can get in touch with a leading iPhone application development company– Techugo, which is filled with the every possible element to make your mobile app successful.

Techugo has worked with the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies along with the startups, helping them in getting their deserving recognition. If you want to know more about Techugo, you must visit  and you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:
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