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28 Aug 2019

Leah Busque Changed Gig Economy Forever With Taskrabbit

The very concept of peer-to-peer platforms has led toward a blissful journey for everyone involved and in the world of app technology, there are many more successful apps which are already making a stir in the market.

In this run, TaskRabbit is one of the brightest examples of apps that help you relish the peer-to-peer platforms efficiently.

Do you wonder how an app like TaskRabbit can come into existence?

 A good question!

But before indulging into the process, let’s discuss a bit about TaskRabbit.

If you are in America then you don’t need any sort of introduction to TaskRabbit, but for the rest of the world a quick and crisp synopsis of TaskRabbit states as follows:

TaskRabbit is a two-sided marketplace, connecting two different individuals who are looking forward to getting help from. In a much simpler and explanatory manner, TaskRabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace, which matches freelance labor with local demand, letting consumers find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

Also, the app lets the service providers be their own boss and make monetary benefits. It is a very famous concept of the gig economy; wherein the temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees.

A Quick Review Of Taskrabbit’s Evolution

  • In the year 2008, Leah Busque- founder of TaskRabbit, got the seed idea of this concept, when she ran out of dog food, and looked for someone to outsource such tasks to others to save time.
  • She built this platform with an aim to build community, where more jobs in local can be curated to extend a helping hand with monetary help.
  • This legacy was admired by millions and the company raised seed funding of $1.8 M from Venture Capital Firms in 2009. In the upcoming years company extended from Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area to New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; and Orange County, California.
  • In December 2011, TaskRabbit received an additional $17.8 million in a Series B round of funding.
  • Today TaskRabbit is available in around 45 cities across the United States, Canada, and Britain.
  • In a span of 11 years, TaskRabbit has turned out to be a life savior to people short on time, and a gold rush to people unemployed or underemployed.


Unique Selling Points

  • Reduces time of searching job & resource
  • Security is maintained as the Taskers background is sifted
  • Every task gets the insurance up to $1,000,000
  • No cash is involved, every transaction happens online
  • More local jobs are created
  • You become your own boss
  • Instant money, immediately after the task

The revenue model of TaskRabbit, depends on the cut on every transaction taking place through the app.

How Taskrabbit Searches Customers?


  • Advertising; Word of Mouth
  • Internet Marketing
  • Free First Delivery
  • Engaging Offers

How Taskers Are Recruited?

  • Users who are willing to be a Tasker, they have to apply online and can log in with Facebook or LinkedIn to complete the application.
  • There is background check along with an in-person interview.
  • Being shortlisted, the skills and interests are being asked and finally, the users are added into the database of TaskRabbit.

 Let’s hop onto the multi-million question; what all it takes to create an app like TaskRabbit.

In TaskRabbit, there are different parts involved in the creation process. Let’s take a look ahead…

User registration

In this process, a user is required to enter the name, email address, phone number, and ZIP code. TaskRabbit further requires credit card credentials to allow transactions.

Creating tasker profiles

In order to create a profile, taskers are asked to provide more information, as it helps the customers to know and trust them better.

Once the detailed information is provided, customers get the opportunity to find the right skills they are looking for. Further, add the work category and availability along with the hourly rates. In TaskRabbit after the registration taskers have to make the $25 registration fee to check the background.

Posting jobs

This is an important step and speaks of the app’s core values, allowing the job or task placement. To place a job, a customer needs to provide:

  • A brief description of the task;
  • client’s address for the task;
  • any other required details based on the type of task;
  • the time required to perform the task;
  • the date and task frequency.

Profile filtering

This is largely done to maintain the high quality of service on the portal. This filtering can be done on the basis of mentioned aspects such as:

  • Ratings
  • Background check score
  • Numbers of tasks done
  • Reviews shared by customers
  • The badge just like TaskRabbit can be given to increase the reliance

Rejecting or barring account

  • The admin will have the full rights to reject the applicant on the grounds of:
  • Using pseudo name or identity;
  • Providing false number or email;
  • if a tasker’s skill does not match the qualification (only for the specific category);
  • If clients have submitted complaints about the tasker’s performance;
  • If asker’s task acceptance rate is lower than 75%.

Insurance policy

This feature is practiced by TaskRabbit, where they call the feature as Happiness Pledge, which is ready to resolve the disputes which are beyond the reconciliation.

This insurance provides coverage in the event of incidents when completing a task. TaskRabbit provides $1 million of insurance against property damage, also the company pays $10,000 in case of bodily injury or theft of a user’s home.

The Happiness Pledge is made possible by a Trust & Support Fee, which is further included in the 15% TaskRabbit Service Fee. Including this feature certainly lets both the parties to incline toward the platform.

Cancellation policy

This policy must be curated with the right amalgamation of rights for both the parties. Also, the compensation must be given after checking the case and the scenario behind it.

Messaging Feature

TaskRabbit has a stronghold on the messaging feature, allowing the connection to receive the indelible proof of everything being agreed upon. However TaskRabbit’s support team ensures the safety, hence all chat history can be checked at any time by the team. This helps the team to cooperate outside the platform to avoid the service fee.

You can add this feature with the same security parameters, to ensure the unnecessary breach of the platforms’ value.


It is needless to mention, but the Geolocation feature is highly important for apps, which connect service providers and customers locally. The on-demands apps include this feature to help the app users to get the services in the shortest possible time.

Push notifications

These notifications will help the client and the job-seeker vice versa to get the notification of the availability of a resource or any new job posting.

Category filters

This is largely done to turn the app into a convenient piece and reduce any sort of a hassle to reach each other. In this filter feature, different types of categories like search by location and time schedule, date, frequency of work, the price range can be added.

Users can sort taskers by price, percentage of positive reviews, or a number of completed tasks. Or they can see recommended taskers first.

Scheduling tool

This tool helps the taskers to personally schedule their working hours and availability to fit the customers’ requirements.

How much does it cost to develop an app like TaskRabbit?


It is hard to predict the accurate cost for the development as the number of factors can affect the app-building cost, but the average app would cost anything between $80,000 – $10,0000 for both the major platforms and a web portal.

Note: It is merely an average cost bracket and the number of features, functionalities and the type of technology utilized into it, can trigger or lower the cost to any extent.

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Ankit Singh


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