9 Mar 2018

Learn With Google AI

Google AI

Technology has taken a U-turn to offer the best possible services to us and worth to mention the use of technology has made the word ‘convenience’ a household name for everyone, but what matters most in here that the latest advanced technologies which are making an entry every hour to make our life blissful than ever before.

In the league of latest technologies, one technology which has taken a charge of transforming the way we live and interact with each other is the AI- Artificial Intelligence.

Undeniably the AI is the future of technologies, and the way it is getting mingled with the app technology, something more cherishing and pleasing is taking place to shape up our expectations into a huge piece of technologies.

As Google suggests that AI can solve the complex technical issues and has the caliber to transform the face of every industry. Considering this approach, it is not far from today that AI would completely engulf every industry like healthcare, education and every other field…and it would entirely change the way people interact with each other through the mobile apps even.

When it comes to technical perspective, indeed except some of the high-professionals tech heads or the leading mobile app development companies can understand how AI eventually works, since it’s not just a piece of technology but the advanced technology to make the life much more convenient.

On the other hand, understanding the functionality of the AI is quite challenging for a nontechnical individual and to comprehend that how AI can dig into a complex problem to bring out a solution is little way beyond the reach of a non-tech.

To combat this issue with a much-delighted form of the solution, Google has offered the services of exploring and learning the AI with a resource called ‘Learn with Google AI’. Now you must be wondering that what this is all about and how it can be accessed…to get the answers to your queries, you are requested to read ahead…

What Is ‘Learn With Google AI’

This is a platform provided by Google, from where the users can access the way to learn the core Machine Learning (ML) concepts, with this portal user can easily develop polish the Machine learning skills and towards the end imply the Machine Learning skills to solve the complex issues.

This portal allows the users to give a brush-up to their existing skills with the advanced tutorials and materials on TensorFlow. Also, if you are a complete novice and don’t know even a bit about the Artificial Intelligence, still this portal would come up helpful and would guide you to take your first baby steps and even get the professional advice on machine learning coming all the way from experts.

What Else It Has To Offer?

Google has also introduced a new ML course along with this package, which is absolutely free and is called MLCC- Machine learning Crash Course. As the name suggests MLCC contains exercises coupled with the interactive visualizations, and of course the instructional videos, which work as a learning tool for any user to explore, practice and learn more about the Machine Learning.

Who Is behind?

Well, this course is purely developed and designed by the Google’s engineering education team. Although it was originally developed for the Google employees, but till date, as a rough order of magnitude more than 18,000 Google employees have taken enrolment in MLCC and have utilized the ML skills to enhance the virtual reality aspect for Google Earth and boosting the credibility of YouTube streaming quality.

This success has sparked an idea and inspired Google to make it available for everyone.

There is no prize for guessing there is much more to make an entry in MLCC and which would engage the users in a much engaging manner.

As one of the leading mobile app development company, you must not lack behind to grab the technological advancements and integrate the latest technologies like AI to be a part of your developed mobile apps.

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