24 Feb 2021
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Let Artificial Intelligence Choose Your Partner!


Ankit Singh

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The online dating industry is worth more than US$4 billion and there is no stop in its growth cycle!

Due to the hectic lifestyle, we are often left with no time to go out and search for the love of our life. And this is where dating apps come into the picture and turn handy to search us a soulmate.

Technology has paved a smooth passage for every possible industry, and here dating industry is no exception, and has received gigantic assistance through the means of technical advances. To be précised, here the role of AI cannot be dodged off, as it allows finding love with the help of technology.

AI helps in delving into the human psyche, and accumulates the rich trove of personal data, to predict how we choose partners.

With the AI, it turns easy to guide people through the process of romance, offering suggestions based on up to different factors. No wonder, the more user data is generated on the internet, helps AI to make increasingly accurate predictions. 

Well, you must know that finding love with dating apps is already an everyday reality. 

Dating apps; a sizzling trend

Look around, and you will notice that dating apps are the real-trends and with the advent of technology, like AI and machine learning, the way people search for love online has changed drastically.

Down below, we have provided a detailed explanation of how AI can assist people in finding their soulmates.

1. Accurate matching is possible now

For any scalable dating app solution to work, the matching feature has to be considered. And this is where AI steps in and makes the matching process much more tailored, accurate, and personalized. With the AI algorithms, it becomes easy to memorize the user behavior and further customize the list of people based on your preference. It analyzes the previous matches and demonstrates the available potential dates to increase chances to find love. Worth to mention it consists of a wide variety of factors such as profile length, the level of sentiments in communication, and the average response time.

2. Detects inappropriate behavior

A positive user experience is something that cannot be replaced by any other factor and contributes to finding real soulmates. It is very likely for a user to feel negative about the app if they have to reject due to fake pictures or inappropriate visual content. As a result, they would prefer to abandon your app. This is where AI moderation can detect people with inappropriate behavior or pictures and block their profiles or warn other people of their misconduct. It would certainly work faster and in a more effective way than human efforts involved to address the issue.

3. Turns your profile relevant

Who doesn’t want to be swiped RIGHT? Everyone does…right! But not all are lucky to have it, this happens largely due to the mistakes in your profile and makes other users not find any worthiness in you. However, this issue is well addressed with Artificial Intelligence, helping to make your profile look better. If you are facing the brunt of low popularity and rejections, then AI would take the additional efforts and skim through the profile and give you suggestions on how to improve your profile to make your page more visible and alluring.

So now you don’t need to hire a personality expert or PR agency to give you the recommendation, but you can change your profile picture or add more relevant info about yourself with the help of AI.

It does not just point out the areas to be improved in the profile, but also recommends what more can be added to give that spark, so you can hit the bull’s eye on your quest for a soulmate.

4. Enhances security

App security is an inevitable part of any app solution, and when it comes to dating apps then you must know that it helps in preventing fraud activities at the large. No prize for guessing but it simply improves the user experience to a larger extent.

Here AI comes forward to take care of the security element within the dating app and detects any suspicious activity happening in and around the dating app. This enables to curb the scams that take place in the dating world and allows users to build trust on the platform while reducing the risk factors at large.

AI would work as a facilitator, not a replacement!

Ahh, that is a RELIEF!

It has been a moot point out there, whether robotic “love” would replace human efforts. Indeed, technology is growing and advancing at a rate that was never imagined before. However, what we fail to understand is that technology shares a very constructive relationship with humans, that further helps in improving the way services are accessed.

For millennia, it has been humans who have leveraged new technologies, and in the near future, the role of humans will be changed but not replaced.

Food for thought

Let us accept the fact that AI solutions have turned into an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives, and here technology is offering an incredible platform to dating industry to rise and shine.

Indeed, the technology has enabled dating apps to function faster, smoother, and easier.

Are you ready to find your love online with smart AI?

Got a dating app idea? Schedule a call with us, we’d love to know more about your idea.

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