29 Jul 2022
Updated on August 25th, 2022

Leverage Push Notifications & Get the Most Out of Them!


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Did you build your application without including push notifications? If yes, then you might get into a deep pitfall as you can have various benefits while integrating this feature into the mobile app. 

Want to learn more?

Move into and explore further! 

An entrepreneur can receive many benefits while integrating this feature into the mobile app, as it is the perfect marketing tool to gain user engagement. 

Not only this, but you can have many more advantages for your startup and expand its reach. So many businesses are picking this winning formula for delivering long-term business growth.

Here is what push notifications are:

Little Brief of Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-ups that appear on mobile phones. These messages generally appear on the users’ devices who have downloaded and installed the applications. They look like mobile alerts which deliver personalised offers, product updates, work emails, and messages from family and friends. 

While sharing all the updates, ongoing offers, and discounts on the products with your customers, you can establish a better relationship with your consumers, and thus, intrigue them to keep using your application. Indeed, it is a perfect way to gain visibility while promoting customer loyalty. 

Essential Components of Push Notifications

Do you know how these notifications work and pop up on our devices? Various components contribute to the same. Such as:

  • App server
  • Client app
  • Operating system push notification service

The role of the app server is to send messages while the client app is responsible for receiving them. However, the operating system push notification service works differently on Android and iOS.

While users need permission on the iOS mobile phones to allow or deny messages, Android automatically sends notifications just after the user installs and completes the registration procedure. Naturally, this brings lots of difference in the opt-in percentages. 

Android opt-in rates are recorded at 91%, and iOS ones are between 29 to 73%.

It lets you target a better user engagement once you take support from the best android app development company and enable this crucial feature.

Benefits of Integrating Push Notifications

As an entrepreneur, you should build an app integrated with this feature because of the numerous benefits it can bring to your startup and skyrocket its growth. 

Moreover, it is a valuable tool for delivering timely content that adds more value to the consumers’ lives while keeping them engaged in the sale, news, weather, ongoing deals, traffic, flight, and sports scores. 

Now, let’s unveil all those benefits that your own app can have: 

  • Enhanced User Engagement 

With on-time delivery of content related to the products and services, you can enhance user engagement on your application. Just a simple click, and your consumer can access the content. 

Awesome, right?

  • Improved Conversions

You can also improve the conversion rate while providing the right content to the right user at the right time. 

  • Better User Retention

It is estimated that apps leveraging this feature can create a 190% increase in user retention. So, why don’t you connect with the best iOS app development company to develop your own product with push notifications? 

  • Message Visibility

The most exciting fact is that the message will appear on the lock screen after the smartphone is inactive. This enhances the visibility of the message.

Types of Push Notifications

Now, let’s explore the types of push notifications that deliver specific goals. 

  • Geolocation 

Several big brands like Zomato, Foursquare, and UberEats use geolocation features on their mobile applications to provide users with updates like weather, available restaurants, and hotels whenever they enter or exit from a specific place.Geolocation

Such apps seek permission from the users to access their locations, and thus send them all kinds of notifications and messages that tell about specific discounts at a particular location. 

  • Promotional

These alerts generally inform the users about giveaways, discounts, cashback offers, and sales on upcoming products. Ecommerce platforms like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon use this feature to keep their customers engaged on the platform. Promotional

Not only eCommerce but other domains like entertainment also regulate promotional push notifications while diminishing the subscription charges. You may have seen how Netflix and Amazon use these notifications to derive more viewers with price drops on their favorite picks.

  • Informative

Informative notifications are quite common in several domains like fitness, social, travel, messaging, and e-commerce. This type includes updates, reminders, and alerts that let the user know about the app’s newly available updates. Also, it sends reminders based on user input and data from external sources and alerts them whenever someone has done something related to them. Informative

As an entrepreneur, you can recommend it as one of the most prominent tools to increase user traffic on the application. 

  • Survey 

The main goal of this kind is to increase the transparency of your product among consumers and build a better connection between the consumers and a brand. As it collects user feedback, we can also call it rating notifications.


It lets entrepreneurs gather user feedback and enhance the customer experience. The more you collect reviews, the more you will improve your app while launching future versions and thus lead to an increased number of downloads. So, that’s another kind of push notification that will bring more value to your business and product. 

  • Catch-up

These notifications provide a simpler way to re-engage the users after they’ve stepped away. 


You may have witnessed how a fitness app congratulates the users on a particular task they do while using an app. Personalising the messages with customer in-app activity adds more to its necessity. 

Fitness, e-commerce, travel, and many other apps include catch-up notifications to deepen a user’s bonds with the brand. 

Creating Winning Push Notifications

After learning the benefits, motives, and goals of push notifications, you may now want to create some dynamic ones.

If we assume it right, we have got you covered!

Just move in and read the rest of the guide. 

Here is how to create the winning push notifications: 

  • Load with engaging content

Do you know what the limit of writing push notifications is?

The word count limits of writing a copy should not be exceeded by 100 characters. However, for the title, it should be in between 48 characters. Also, you should be very practical with your words that must evoke emotion and prompt a call to action. 

However, you get this covered only when you realise whether the alerts provide content related to the products and services that you claim to offer. 

  • Establish a Connection 

Every business that wants to achieve many more progressive milestones needs to be very focused while establishing a connection with its consumers, as better bonds and connections represent more years of success. 

So, instead of reaching out to everyone, provide your users with opt-in or out access so that you not only target the existing consumers but also attract more who don’t prefer the push notification trends

  • Remember Existing Customers

Getting new customers does not always mean that you have to ignore the existing ones. 

Your user engagement rate will not enhance more if you put negligence towards them. However, it is hard to keep both groups engaged but not impossible. Yes, because push notifications target each customer while getting inputs from the user’s activities and other information. 

  • Send onboard notifications

“First impression is the last impression.” And indeed, you would not miss this opportunity to create a powerful impact on your users about the application. One of the reports articulated that 25% of the total users generally skip using the app after just one trial, and 77% uninstall the application right after three days. 

The reason not only is using inferior UI and UX but also neglecting this fundamental step. Various advantages can meet with your startups once you send onboarding notifications and let your users understand how the application works. It can turn out to be a unique selling point (USP) and help you grow with more engagement. 

  • Personalised Notifications

It’s an essential factor; users today prefer personalised messages that cater to their needs and add value to their lives. The percentage of the opening rate of the app gets 21% higher when the user finds the messages valuable that synchronise with their requirements. 

  • Track of Metrics

Only clicks and taps are irrelevant until you optimise and track the push notification strategy with opt-in, click through, and conversion rates. 

  • Number of Notifications

So this is another crucial factor in creating winning notifications. Quality over Quantity matters a lot; the user can block all the alerts if there are too many messages with no user-specific content. So, ensure to take care of this too. 

Wrapping It Up!

Do you know why every domain is attracted to investing in their own apps?

The benefits it provides lead to skyrocketing business growth.

However, creating a top-notch application will not become a reality unless you add some dynamic elements. Push notifications are one of those components or elements that emphasises quality. 

So, adding these would always be beneficial. Techugo, the top mobile app development company, will help you get the most out of this ongoing trend. Schedule your first consultation today, and feel free to connect with us

Also, let us know if you have any more doubts. 

Happy Innovative!

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