14 Apr 2020

Live-chat feature opens a doorway of sales opportunities


Ankit Singh

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Live chat feature

No prize for guessing, but it is the innovative features which garner the maximum attention of the users from different industry verticals across the globe. And further helps the visitors to turn into the loyal customers.

The emerging demand of the mobile apps has led to the condition where different types of features are created by the app strategists in the market, to attain users’ attention.

However, there comes a stagnant point in your mobile app business when you realize that despite getting enough number of promotional features for your mobile app, you are not getting enough number of users or it is next to 0.

And somewhere deep down you understand that your app development strategy is highly ineffective and it needs to be revamped from any given angle.

But even after checking out at different angles, you fail to find out the possible reasons behind this major goof-up. And continue proceeding with the old-fashioned development strategy which yields no result but occupies the space on the internet.

I might have sounded harsh to you with my last line, but believe me, this is the real scenario your app goes through and puts your business at a larger risk.

Then what is the solution???

The solution is to work on the grey areas, and help your app to reach in the hearts of the users…

Have I confused you further???

Don’t worry, this was not my intent, rather I aim to bring your attention towards the mistakes you unintentionally pick to go along with your app development plan.

So don’t worry, with this post I would like to bring your attention towards the enticing aspect that is Live-Chat Feature!

What is live-chat feature?

Live-chat is winning the customer support race!

The worth of customer service, cannot be explained in few words, but something that really explains it further, is the satisfaction you attain from your customers, and that help you to grow your business further.

Live chat triggers the customer satisfaction level to 73% compared to any other medium of customer communication.

Let’s take a quick look at how your business can benefit from live-chat feature

Brings oodles of convenience to the users

With the help of live-chat, it becomes super easy for the users to connect with your services and get the solution. They don’t have to be put on hold by the service agents, rather they receive instant support.

And even if customer is dealing with some situation and doesn’t have more time, then live-chat allows customers to get the solutions effortlessly.

Get a competitive advantage

As we all know the live-chat is still new and many businesses are yet to embrace it. So it gives you an added advantage as you can step onto this opportunity and give something different and usable to your users. This will help you to get an added advantage on your competition and further lets your consumers stay loyal to you only.

Does not consume time

Enhanced productivity is the soul of a successful business, and further helps in increasing the number of sales. And it goes without saying, where live-chat tool can help in abundance. 

And providing the answers to the users’ queries through live-chat feature, not just helps in saving your time, but also customers also.

Boosts up the sales funnel

As per a report, around 83% of customers require support while proceeding ahead with the online transaction. However, it is not possible in a traditional business and to reply to the customers’ queries 24/7, can be expensive as well.

But with the help of live-chat feature, you let your consumers to get the support and assistance without any break.  And this further leads to increased sales and improved conversion rates as well.

Encourages to build long-term relationships

89% of customers prefer to switch if not getting satisfactory services!

It is evident, for a business to survive the odds of competition, the loyal customer base, proven to be helpful. However, this long-lasting impression from the customers can only be crafted, when your users are extremely satisfied with your series.

Hence to get a hold onto your customer-base, it is very necessary for your business to get the remarkable customer service.

Here live chat feature comes as a savior, and gives every possible reason to your users, to stay glued to your services.

These are the top benefits that your business grabs from the live-chat feature, and help your users to stay engaged and closer to your portal.

If you really want your mobile app, which you got built with a leading mobile app development company to reach the targeted audience through the engaging features and functionalities, then you must reach out to experts of Techugo.

We ensure to craft a sizzling app solution for your business filled with the mesmerizing app features and functionalities. 

Reach us today and lift up your sales funnel to another level.

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