10 Aug 2019
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Live Streaming App Development- Everything You Need To Know


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Live Streaming App Development

The live streaming market is growing rapidly and worth a staggering US $ 70 billion market by the year 2021. This industry is accelerating very fast and aiding businesses to increase their reach, creating a brand image and gaining more attention in the market.

Surprisingly, users expectation are evolving and now 82% of users enjoy live videos over social media posts. Altogether, 80% also like to read blogs. In this space, there is no dearth of established players and they are dominating the market with more innovative and intuitive live streaming applications. Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube Live, Instagram Live are the top live streaming applications in the world.

Though, you probably have heard about the video streaming apps. But! the fact is that the market full of various other types of streaming apps that are gaining huge traction and doing well. If you have an idea to bring something new in the market, then you must try streaming application development.

However, before that, you need to decide what kind of streaming app you want to develop. Here learn about the aspects that you need to know.

Types of Streaming Applications 

Live Broadcasting App

This types of streaming media applications are very popular in the market and offering users the opportunity to go live and interact with people. The applications are very entertaining and about watching video in real-time mode. These application records and broadcast the video simultaneously.

This types of applications are everyone’s favorite and professional streamers broadcast their day to day things live such as how to play games, dress well and more. Some people even answer questions online. The most popular applications in this niche are YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Livestream and more.

Video On Demand Streaming 

Don’t you want to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows? These applications are quenching this desire of users by providing the streaming of TV series and movies. And! the best is that you don’t need to download the movie of TV show. The screen touch is like a magic wand, you can pause it, resume it, rewind it while streaming. Altogether, you don’t need to stick with your TV system. You can watch them anytime and anywhere.

This is the most profitable streaming application investment. As users have to pay a price in exchange of streaming subjects. The leaders in this niche are Netflix, Vevo, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

Audio-only Streaming 

These applications are also very profitable business today, the example is music streaming application. The principle that users can listen to the audio whether it is song, poetry or books. Everything is simple and exciting. Spotify, Pandora are the most popular music streaming applications.

Benefits Of Creating Live Streaming Application

The fact is live streaming app development can be very profitable for your business and can make your business able to make a difference in the market. Probably, you might be facing various challenges in the market. All of those challenges can be overcome by a streaming mobile app.

Gain More Attention Of Customers 

A live streaming can help you gain more attention of customers since live broadcasts are always recognized by users. People today are more interested in real-time streaming than any other type of content. So, creating such an app can be helpful in keeping your customer engaged and capture their more attention.

Increase Brand Loyalty 

Live streaming app enables you to gather a huge user base on your app easily, and this helps in gaining brand recognition. The fact is that live streaming offers you the opportunity to increase customer loyalty for your brand by streaming contents they are looking for. By providing them desired content, you can create loyalty in their heads and it invites them to your app recursively.

Huge Return On Investment

Money is what every business seeks, and live streaming app enables you to earn a lot by just rendering video contents. You can earn a lot by streaming high quality and engaging content. Incidentally, streaming apps enable you to gain a huge return on investment.

Now tell me! Don’t you want to invest in live streaming app?

For this, you need to hire a reliable and innovative mobile app development company in india. Developers at live streaming app development company can bring imaginations into reality by integrating technologies like AR/VR. As per Techugo developers, these technologies can make streaming more innovative. So, get an incredible streaming app by mixing progressive and magical technologies.

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