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29 Oct 2016


The logistics industry is a vast and huge industry, with many promising features to provide to their customers.

 Technology has always influenced this industry to a higher extent, so the technology acquired can help logistics companies to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Since the technology has grown so compact to be handheld as per the convenience of time and place, mobile app development companies are offering mobile solutions to transport, freight and logistics companies. 

Just to make a pace with the technology, customers are adopting the technology to track their shipments; from origin to delivery.

App development procedure for the logistics industry does not confine to tracking features, but can be a reliable source of information of goods, supply chain management and optimizing the results by increasing the efficiency of the whole goods transportation and logistics process.

Challenges faced by Logistics & Freight industry

Mobile app development turns into a solution for the logistics industry by acquiring new customers and holding onto old ones in this era of competition. 

The current heck of technology has led to 80% of logistics business owners to develop mobile applications, and at a more rapid rate.

Freight and logistics companies are looking at a broader picture of mobile app development, which can manage the business processes while offering a clear hint of their integrity, stability, and success to their customers.

Benefits of logistics & freight app

  • Manages a lot of data flow and processing
  • Orders coming in
  • Orders going out
  • Deliveries
  • Receipts
  • Millions of different packages

How mobile apps help Logistics & Freight industry?

To know more about the features and functions of mobile app development technology has to offer to the freight and logistics industry, read further.


The major concern of every customer in the logistics and freight industry lies in knowing where and when my product would be delivered. Mobile technology works as a blessing to develop the trust factor with customers, with the mobile app, customer can track at any point of time the shipment delivery at the taps of their fingers.

  Mobile Documentation

Many times, while shipping any goods, it is not convenient enough for the delivery staff to carry the physical receipt or to maintain the delivery details. The mobile app development lets the delivery staff generate the shipment delivery proof online, which helps their reporting managers to track the time and date with the technology, leaving no doubt behind and making the delivery of shipments on time.

 Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is the reason behind the success of any business, and when it comes to logistics & freight business, any drawback in employee productivity can lead to a big loss for the customer and can create a distrust factor between the customer & the logistics services. 

Route Tracking

The mobile app lets the logistics businesses to track field employees with GPS or location-enabled apps, the managers can easily track their employee-productivity. Managers can monitor employee’s timesheet, update the assigned jobs and many other things to make the procedure easier and productive.

Door-step Service

A mobile app can be full of benefits for the customers as well. Many clients prefer to have home-picked shipments as per their convenience. With a mobile app, customers can opt for the home picked service with a tap on the mobile app. The logistics company would not lose potential customers and will generate better business revenue.

Cost Manager

With a huge database and big orders to ship, it gets harder for the logistics companies to keep a track on data, but with a mobile app, logistics companies would get the real-time data of returned goods, inventories and manpower distributions, which in return would subsidize the business-running costs, and will improve efficiency in the operation. The manager and the delivery staff can work on the shortest or fewer traffic routes to minimize transportation costs.

More Benefits

  • Order-processing solutions
  • Integrated package tracking
  • Digital proof of delivery via Smartphone and secure storage via Cloud services
  • Integration of vehicle log services into the app
  • Mileage and fuel-efficiency data recording
  • App-based creation of route-plans, sharing and remote tracking

Final word

Logistics mobile app development is a total benefit service for the logistics and freight companies; it would let the offered service far more effective for the revenue generation. 

The mobile app development for logistics can further enhance data-flow and allow for a more interactive and collaborative effort across the supply chain and beat the competition by embedding the latest technology in your logistics and freight business.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your logistics, freight or transportation app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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