28 Mar 2023
Updated on October 16th, 2023

Long Live the Legacy of HBO Max: Insights You Need to Know!


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The growth of digital video consumption has been exceptional in the past few years, and OTT platforms have been playing by their rules. However, it is worth mentioning that the OTT ecosystem, including platforms like HBO, Netflix, Disney, and more, is likely to acquire around 4 billion users  by 2027. 

Since it has become one of the biggest and most rapidly growing industries, people are now transitioning from traditional Tvs to OTT platforms. Therefore, this blog will highlight the accelerated performance of HBO Max, its legacy that has lived on and the technical stack.

So, let’s get started. 

More About HBO Max

HBO is one of the longest-operating services that has been running for over 49 years now in the US. After the launch of its first on-demand video service in 2008, HBO Go was launched in 2010, an advanced version of HBO broadband. 

Finally, an OTT platform named HBO was released in 2014-15 that brought along the trend for on-demand video content. 

Later, HBO Max launched in 2020, changed the dynamics, and became the World’s sixth top video streaming app with more than 50 million paid subscribers. 

The platform is available in more than 50 countries on multiple platforms, which makes it easier for binge-watchers to access the content easily. 

Now that there’s rising demand for OTT platforms, entrepreneurs are inclined towards developing applications that add to customers’ entertainment. 

Are you planning to build one for jaw-dropping revenue? Well, it’s time to connect with the best mobile app development company for further assistance with the idea. However, it is equally important to gain insights into building a platform like Netflix or HBO app. 

So, continue reading to unveil more! 

Spilling the Beans on HBO’s Technical Stack

After a lot of research and understanding, HBO came up with a technical stack that could boost the backend, help build a user-friendly app, and ensure an efficient UI. 

Do you want to learn about the secret sauce? Here’s a breakdown of the tech stack:

– Key Framework

The first and foremost noteworthy information is that the framework deployed by HBO was developed by BAMTech that was initially acquired by Disney. Therefore, HBO and Disney share the same framework to provide tremendous video content to their consumers. 

– In-House User Interface

HBO utilizes its in-house software developed by an internal team, including an in-house video player. Furthermore, an in-house video analytics solution is also emphasized. 

– Protocol Streaming

HBO Max utilizes MPEG-DASH and HLS with DRM for content streaming. Moreover, to obtain multi-key protection, MPEG-DASH dissects its video qualities over multiple AdaptationSet, while TTML is used for audio delivery. 

One stream lists the following AdaptationSets for video:

416×234 with avc1.4D400D

640×360 with avc1.4D401E

768×432 with avc1.4D401E

960×540 with avc1.4D401F


1280×720 with avc1.4D401F

1280×720 with avc1.4D401F

1920×1080 with avc1.640028

1920×1080 with avc1.640028

For audio, the following AdaptationSets are used:

AdaptationSet 1
ac-3 with bandwidth 387000 (Surround)

AdaptationSet 2
ec-3 with bandwidth 259000 (Surround)

AdaptationSet 3
mp4a.40.2 with bandwidth 133000 (Stereo)

Interestingly, HBO Max used HLS v4 and v5 with 6-second chunks for video and audio profiles, which are very similar to MPEG-DASH.

Lastly, subtitles are delivered using WebVTT, which ensures seamless access to captions by both iOS and Android users. 

– CMS Used by HBO

CMS, also known as Comet, is utilized by HBO Max, that functions as a public CMS. If you observe in the HBO’s application, a payload is also common with https://comet.api.hbo.com/content, and a JSON response is acquired.

– Content Delivery Network

As per the professionals, two CDNs are used by HBO Max, including Akamai and Level 3. 

– Video Analytics

HBO Max uses Conviva v2.151.0.36981 for Video Analytics. Upon observing the code of this app, the client can report at https://telegraph.api.hbo.com/events/v1 for any necessary changes. 

– Packager

Unified Streaming Platform v1.9.5 is also a part of HBO’s tech stack that produces HLS Manifests. Now the app is using an advanced version rolled out in 2021. 


HBO Max utilized PlayReady, Widevine, and multi-key PlayReady. However, now it has been using its in-house constructed DRM. 

– Video Player

For the previous version, HBO Max utilizes the Shaka player for its web browsers. For Android it used Exoplayer, while AV Player for iOS.

Things to Consider Before Building a Video Streaming App 

Any app development requires strategy. Therefore, a few things that must be considered before diving deep into the development process are listed below:

1. Discover Your Niche

Different industries demand varied mobile apps. Thus, it is significant to monitor the niche of your mobile app development, which in this case, is a video streaming app. Once you’ve figured out the same, move on to the next step!

2. Monetization of the App

What do you think will be the end result of disrupting the typical monetization models? It indeed will lead to innovation and growth. It is worth mentioning that strategies must be built in alignment with the audience. Therefore, you can begin by leveraging free subscriptions incorporated with advertisements. 

Additionally, don’t forget to integrate a multi-currency model if you want your video streaming app to run worldwide, just like HBO Max legacy. 

3. Enhanced Experience

Optimizing an application’s performance is vital to enhance the overall experience in cases when the internet speed is slow. 

4. Emphasize Data Analytics

If you think HBO’s success comes only with video streaming, you’re perceiving it wrong. In reality, HBO data analytics is the gamechanger! The app also works on providing recommendations or suggestions to its audience that keeps them coming back for more video streaming. 

5. Plan for Different Users

User view is one side of the coin in streaming applications like Netflix and HBO. However, if you’re someone looking forward to building apps like these, it is significant to plan for different users and their access as moderators, video owners, etc. 

Our Expertise in Building Video Streaming Applications 

Techugo is a leading mobile app development company that has spent significant time building video streaming apps for its clientele. We carefully fabricate a digital solution enriched with efficient UI and UX, interface, and whatnot!

Here are a few more reasons for you to partner with us:

– We have built more than a thousand mobile apps and are rich in experience

– We build models that are time and cost-saving

– We emphasize highly optimized architecture

– We provide post-app development support to eliminate issues

To Conclude!

Now that you’ve understood the working mechanism of video streaming apps like HBO, how about initiating your own? 

How will you get started? Don’t worry; we have got you!

So, schedule your first consultation with us today to acquire insights into your app idea, and let’s build a product that will skyrocket your business. 

Happy innovation!

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