14 Aug 2018
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Loopholes That Can Put A FULL STOP On Your Dating App Lifeline


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Dating App

Expecting a mobile app to do wonders is only not the dream but the HUGE responsibility on the slippery shoulders of the mobile app domain, which is getting riskier to find a foot-hold on because space is getting chaotic due to the excessive number of apps coming regularly.

How pathetic does it sound???

How sad it is???

Does it really happen???

Is my app not secured??? 

There must be a flood of thoughts going on in your mind right now, and there is a chance that I might have made you lose hope from your application…

If I did then my apologies, but that was not my intention.

But this can happen with any mobile app, but in this post, I am going to stay focused with one app platform only that is Dating App.

Dating app is the application, which is the source of entertainment, relationships, and de-cluttering of the stress ruckus in our life.

It is really a medium which is enjoyed by the users coming from different walks of life, but giving a MISS to some of the essentials can only end up in breaking the dream concept of the dating mobile application thoroughly.

We have tried to collect the points which are out-of-the-box, yet are based on the tried and tested approach picked from the successful app ideas.

Sounds interesting???

Then why to suffice your imagination till this line, just read ahead and unbundle, what can make your app to out of the funnel of success pyramid of your application.

  • Hit Only When You Are Different

The title is enough to make you understand what I mean to convey!!!

I don’t know whether I should call it a sad or an unfortunate situation which further explains that dating industry is saturated now with the mobile app technology, because there is not just one but thousands of dating apps available in the market, but only a few have gained the recognition.

Dating market is taken as one of the most potential bearing markets, and the inclination of users towards the dating apps, make it an easy shot to hit the target.

But unfortunately, the ease of potential this domain carries has led to much chaos to occur, resulting in more competitors to roar louder.

The only aspect which can really make you excel in this industry is being DIFFERENT.

However, to bring the difference is not the easy job, and requires a strong brainstorming process, which you must conclude by analyzing every inch of different apps available and the possibilities this domain can have.

Failing to follow being unique would only make the stronger chances for your app to flunk.

  • Lagging Behind Security Feature

The security breach cases are quite often heard in the current scenario, where hackers pay no mercy on any platform or any services, but their favorite past time is to flaunt their hacking skills on every possible domain.

The floating news about the abuse received at the end of personal data has already created hype in the market, due to which a lot of many users skip to provide the details on the dating profiles.

Undeniably this is a very serious issue and any sort of relaxation cannot be given to this factor, rather every required step must be taken to save the data being exploited.

This additional responsibility has to be followed, failing to which this very inevitable aspect turns into a reason for the app reaction.

  • Considering The Social Media Friends As Matches

Although I was surprised when on logging into an app, which I don’t want to name here, took me to the app platform, where the matches were getting done with social media contacts.

What the crap!!!

This was my reaction, on finding this, and to make the situation worst the app sent a succinct invite to all the contacts under my name.

If you too have thought of such sort of feature in your application, then you need to re-work on the app functionality.


The simple reason is that we all don’t know our social media contacts very well and there is no guarantee that anyone from them would turn out to be a great match for you.

So this high-drive of assumptions must be abandoned then and there only without a fail, and even if your app gives the convenience of log-in through the social media channels, never let it suggest the match from it as well.

  • Following Only The Traditional Technology

The traditional always works, but as I said you always need to work upon being different and this includes the plan of utilizing the new set of technologies as well, which suggests that you must allow your app to have the right AR and VR technology features integrated into your application.

Users love to use the filters and new advancements of technology; you only need to find out the best way to make them as a part of your dating mobile application, which can bring the glut of users’ interests toward your app.

An app is a commitment you make to the users unofficially, that I as a service-provider would only give you the best out of the application, but failing to follow this strategy would only bring the disaster further on your mobile app, which would never let it rise further in the market again.

A famous adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, is something which speaks the heart of this post; it is easier to make an app, but there is a complete different side of the app development company involves when you aim to build a successful dating mobile app.

Researching, studying and analyzing the different dating applications would only help you to build a strong and memorable dating app with the help of a leading top mobile app development company in canada.

Ensure your ultimate and final goal of the development should be to keep the USERS HAPPY; this very clever trick is picked by the successful dating apps.

Hence make sure the mentioned points are not the part of your dating mobile app in any given situation and your application feeds the ever-evolving expectation bubble from your targeted audience.

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