28 Apr 2020
Updated on April 3rd, 2023

Lyft Has Launched A Meal & Grocery Delivery Service In Several U.S. Cities


Ankit Singh

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Meal & Grocery Delivery

Lyft- a ride-sharing app has launched a new on-demand delivery service to offer essential goods! This news is a big relief for the US citizens, who will receive the supply of their meals and other medical essentials during Coronavirus.

We all know the scare COVID-19 has spread worldwide. No doubt, the U.S. business landscape has drastically changed in the past few weeks due to coronavirus. And the majority of stories sprouting up are regarding businesses closing or laying off workers. However, gig-economy giant- Lyft has uniquely suited to the COVID-19 crisis and has seen an uptick in demand.

The ride-sharing company Lyft has pivoted its business strategy to help out amid COVID-19.

How Lyft is helping?

Lyft Inc has launched an incredible on-demand delivery service in US cities to help people get their required goods. Amid Coronavirus it is a great help for the users, who cannot step out to meet their daily essential requirements. But this is not all, what Lyft will offer, as there will be more to explore. Lyft has also stated that it will offer the earning opportunities to drivers suffering from a collapse of ride-hailing trips. Now their drivers can be booked to deliver goods on behalf of government agencies, nonprofit groups, businesses, and healthcare organizations.

Drivers will get the new earning opportunity!

The chaos of Pandemic has left everything crumpled including the economy. Now ever-busy schedule of ride-sharing app’s drivers is empty, as no one is stepping out. And this leads to the financial crunch faced by the drivers. But with this new on-demand service from Lyft, it has opened a new revenue generation opportunity for the drivers. Also, they would be paid in the same way as for ride-hailing trips, and their payment will be based on the distance and time they travel.

Payment mode for drivers

Earlier drivers could be paid through digital and cash mode. But considering the safety of drivers, now payment for the delivery service will be from a variety of sources. There is a partnership with Mastercard Inc, and other partnered organizations as well. This will help in creating a better payment  mechanism for the drivers.

Lyft and food delivery

Lyft has stated that initial partners for delivery services would be Dole Packaged Foods and a group offering meals to students in need. Lyft has also mentioned, that initially, the delivery service would be available in Atlanta, Austin, Texas; Dallas; Houston; Indianapolis; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix; San Francisco; San Diego; San Antonio and Seattle. And as there will be more partners, the company will expand its services to other cities as well.

As per the official statement issued by Lyft, around 120,000 drivers across the United States, have registered for this service.

How to win over Pandemic?

It is a very common perception we all are dealing with right now; that let’s not invest in a mobile app due to the current situation.

But what we all fail to understand that this is the right time to reach out to your consumers and make an effective online presence. Coronavirus has transformed our daily chores into something dull and boring, but it has got no power to crush our dreams. The ride-hailing market in the United States is changing that perception, and helping drivers to earn their bit of revenue. And at the same time helping people to get the delivery of their essential services at their doorstep.

Why you must invest in a mobile app NOW?

Not all is lost; you can still thrive during Coronavirus!

You must be wondering that currently there is going to be no user accessing your services, but what you fail to capture is the VISION.

When our routines and purchasing habits have gone out of the window, it opens up the opportunity for businesses to streamline their operations.  Yes, you heard me all correct and fine. Due to COVID-19, many businesses are unable to function and offer their pre-defined set of services to the consumers. This is curbing their revenue generation source and also making them lose their customers. Here if you bring your business on the app portal, and initiate to offer the services, you would get an edge over your competitors and earn a strong revenue platform.

ARE YOU READY to sail ahead?

Today, businesses that are thriving during this time are those, who have taken a second look. And are ready to position themselves in the market with a digital model. It has helped them to improve their current operations while ensuring the safety of their employees, customers. Now, more than ever, you need to understand the environment we all are living in and adapt to it.

This will help you survive not only during the pandemic but get ahead of your competition afterward as well.

We’re here with you!

At Techugo, we are working relentlessly to help you achieve your dream; our team is working round the clock. So your dream can be turned into a reality in no time.

We are helping businesses to get a strong foothold in the market and come out as a winner amid and after Coronavirus.

You just need to give us a call, and we will leave no stone unturned to make your on-demand grocery delivery app concept turn into a reality.

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