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27 Aug 2018

Can I Make An App On A Tight Budget

The title of this article is enough to suggest to you what is going to be there in this post…actually, this is the common issue faced by a larger number of mobile app owners, who are willing to give a shot of app technology to their business, but due to the budget constraints, the best dream which could draw Millions $ worth for your business dies untimely.

Actually the concept behind writing this post, is simply due to the reason, which forced me to write today, is because of the constant issue faced by the app owners, and sometimes as a part of a leading app development company, I end up suggesting them the ways, which work as a cheat sheet for the clients, and help them to build an app at the much-reduced cost.

Do you wonder what those aspects are???

In order to make you understand the concept behind this secret strategy, I am here with this article, so let’s enjoy reading it further to understand that how does it really help your app concept…


A tight budget is a constant fear, which bugs the app owners to an extent, which makes them drop the idea of mobile app forever and nothing actually works for their business and on the other hand, in the absence of the mobility solution, a goal would never meet the realistic expectations.

Unfortunately, mobile apps which perform impeccably require strong conceptualization, strategic planning, and the best talent to pull it off and cutting off the development cost would put your product in the hands of a risky monster.


I know this revelation is scary enough, but how to manage this situation???When you have the financial constraints???Should you dump the app dream for some time or proceed with high-cost mobile app???

There is a mid-way as well, which can land you in a win-win situation, and can make you fulfill your app dream…Curious what am I referring to even??? Let’s find ahead…

  • Mix Research With Conceptualization Together

I know, it might sound to you a little awkward, but this is the reality, which can help you attain your dream, flawlessly.

The research you conduct for your mobile app should be done little more accurately.

Since you know your app concept better than anybody else, so research, what type of competition your app is likely to face? Is there a similar app available on the market? What sets your app different from other?

To make this research process, work in your favor, consider many different cases and understand the type of audience and how it will respond to your app in the long- as well as short-term.

  • Pick The RIGHT Platform

Being a non-technical person, or with technical efficiency as well, you can never decide accurately, that which platform fits better for your mobile app.

In this run, the app development services play their role and suggest you go ahead with something of their level of expertise, claiming it to be high- efficient.

In such a situation, you must grab little relevant information, which suggests that React Native is the best platform for your app project and can change the face of your app.

  • 95% of the codebase can be shared effortlessly between iOS and Android;
  • There is the option of re-using the codes between platforms.
  • The app approval process is fast, and developers only need to host the bundle on the own server and complete the over-the-air updates.
  • React Native provides the identical performance to native, which is a plus point.

These are some of the benefits offered by React Native, which not just make it an efficient but cost-effective platform for your app. 

  • Selecting The Right Development Partner

The options are many, but not all options are effective for your app project.

Many times you would be allured to pick somebody who is less expensive than the rest, and this major factor, trap you into a clutch, from where there is no escape.

Least cost is your primary goal, I agree, but you should not let this be the deciding factor of app development partner selection.

Sadly, the least costing companies often cost you in abundance, since such companies lack in technical knowledge, which sums up to a disastrous result for your app project and leaving you in a lurch during the app development process.

To combat this issue you must hire the right and efficient mobile app development companies

These are some of the points which if considered before hitting the app development process, can help you develop an app solution within the budget constraints.

On the other hand, if you want to get your app developed by an efficient top mobile app development company, which takes care of your budget and deliver on time, then you must get in touch with the app builders from the best development company, which holds the expertise and the technical exposure to handle your app requirement.

Are you wondering why am I focusing on an experienced app agency???

The answer is that it is only due to the efficiency of your app developer, that a successful mobile app product comes into existence and consequently help many startups and the successful brands to find their niche in their respective domains through the mobile apps.

Hence you must not get in touch with Fifium today and help your mobile app dream to succeed further…

With this hope that this post would help you comprehend the basic necessities of a mobile app development process…I bid adieu to you all, so till my next post, keep reading my blogs…




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