20 Aug 2018
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

How To Make Travel App The Next Social Media Sensation


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Technology is the bride and the apps are its jewels, and this beautiful fusion further gets aesthetically appealing with the invasion of social media.

The very concept of social media taking a healthy toll on your application’s popularity is nothing new, but it is a very welcomed idea to publicize your application on the social media to grab the attention of your customers, who love to see your mobile app but get no clue about it through any other means.

Indeed, the role of social media is HUGE & VAST in the popularity game of your application and it really builds that excitement around your application, which allows the users to stay engaged and glued to your app for longer. 


The travel business is already getting a boost with the app technology, but the growing number of mobile apps for the travel business can really halt the process of getting further success.

In such scenario, you must not savor further with the brunt of competition flame silently, rather you need a platform which can help your travel app, to come out and win the odds of competition with the flying colors.

In such scenario, one factor, which really comes out and can save your mobile app, is the integration of the social media techniques but with a TWIST.

The twist which I have referred herewith must have triggered your brain to understand that what exactly does it have to offer, and how it can be implied as an irreplaceable part of your application???

Well, I have mentioned in this blog, just dig into it to know more…

In this post, I am going to bring out the ways through which you can create benefits for your travel app on the social media channels…just read further… 

  • Click The Skilled Pictures

The pictures of your application and its functionalities have to be super-excellent, and must speak the core essence of your travel app. Many times the images posted are quite confusing and don’t speak the true functionality of your application.

No I am not at all hinting at hiring a professional photographer to click those special moments, but you too can be a skilled photographer for your travel app by following few steps:

  • Don’t use a camera flash or any other harsh overhead lights
  • Let the picture have the more natural appeal, so don’t add filters
  • Take the maximum benefits from the scenic or popular destinations

This strategy would help your users to stay engaged to your application, by understanding the destinations and the views in a much natural form.

  • Hashtags Matter

#Pizzamylifeline #earnrespect #notinmyname #travelbug #travelpartner

You must be wondering what am I referring to???

Actually, this is just a glimpse of the trending hashtags which are placed within the post or the image on the social media channel, and help the users to find the related post effortlessly.

When you decide to post something really exciting about your app, then don’t take a back-seat with putting the relevant set of hashtags along with your post to grab the attention of the niche audience.

Research a bit, and find what is trending on the social media, fitting your app’s genre, in accordance with pick the right hashtag, and help your app to get noticed by the audience.

  • Shout About Your Social Media Debut

I know it might sound little jittery to some of you because there is a very common statement that oozes out that social media is a known platform, so why to update users about it.

Yes, you are right social media is the known platform and everyone knows about SOCIAL MEDIA, but not your APP, on social media.

If you really want your audience to understand and admire your application through the social channels, then don’t sleep on the social identity of your project.

Promote it violently!!!

The promotion for this debut must not be restricted to one type of marketing, but everything which is in your reach, be it online or offline resources just help your users to know and follow you on each of the channels to encourage the popularity further.

  • Don’t Be A One-Time Show

When you post on the social channel, then one thing you have to keep in mind always that users on these channels, are very impatient, and they are always hungry for something creative and intelligent to make way to their social feeds.

If you put something very interesting and exciting today and grabbed the users’ praise, then you need to be constant to let this flow happen.

You need to be constant in your attempts to gain the users’ attention, and you must not follow once posted then long forgotten theory.

The competition has not escaped the social channels as well, and when you decide to enter this battle, then remain constant and keep feeding your users with interesting posts about your travel app.

  • Right Time To Post

You might think that I am turning sarcastic, and warning you with this point, but eventually, my aim does not suffice to any of these aspects, because here the time to post, stands for the time zone of your posting.

You want to grow all across the globe, but to start with you want to target a specific region, country and consequently, you have to pick one specific zone when your audience come online and enjoy the social channels more.


Yes, a very valid question, but you can get in touch with your app builder to help you understand the various analytical tools, which can bring the result.

Once you get the required information, the very next step you need to follow is; setting the reminders for yourself.

This would help you to get the better attention from the audience, related to any lucrative offers, events, discounts, or coupons, you are sharing along with your travel app.

Finally, you are all set to climb the ladder of success, with the wonderful pictures and the social media presence, which shouts aloud about your travel business.

This experience would help your mobile application development to mark a mesmerizing business deal for your travel business while adding more value to it.

To wrap up, I would recommend you to use the right strategies according to the taste of your users, which can help them to feel relatable and create a memorable traveling experience with your application.

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