24 Jul 2018
Updated on May 8th, 2019

What Makes Your App Content Go VIRAL


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Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort- John Ruskin

On hearing this adage, something sparks somewhere in our mind, that we must create something new, innovative and creative and to make this work out in our favor, we all fall for this…

But suddenly we realize that in order to attain perfection of uniqueness, we somehow become a victim of existing methodologies, since our brain already indicates them to be SAFE & SECURED, coming from the brood of Tried & Tested version.

I know it is heartbreaking, but I happen on daily basis, and you cannot deny from its existence, when a mobile app which is supposed to gain the attention of the users, falls flat due to the ever-boring and toxic app marketing strategies.

Do you know why your users love to stay glued to your app???

Because through the marketing you help the app users visualize an app product, which brings out the best possible benefits for them.

And the baton of user engagement is easy to be connected with the app content.

The app content which seems highly trivial aspect for your app actually contains the numerous layers of advantages to making your app concept transform into a HUGE hit.


Is this what has crossed your mind???

Well, it did mine too, but considering the shenanigans of the users’ attitude, it is always better to utilize the hidden power closet of user engagement with the right strategy and app content actually falls fit for this need.

No one wants the app users to mean those harsh words hurled at the app and with the power of words shown during the app development company.

With the right set of words, you can plan a strategy to win the heart of hearts of the users to help them enjoy the real- face of the app.

Also, the conversation started with the app content surpass the area of doubt and keep the confusion and hatred get down entirely from the rabbit-hole.

Now the next and the biggest question arises that how to let the content go viral???

Hmmm, to address this issue, we have brought this writing piece today to help you understand the worth of app content and how it can help your app to come out as a warrior in the battleground of existing apps.

So now when you are ready to create that SIZZLING, CAPTIVATING and COMPELLING app content, the steps you have to take care of are…

Don’t Let The Emotions Get Drained

When was the last time you found yourself hooked to content, which did not address your problems or even given no shout to your emotions???

The answer is simple; NEVER

But why does it happen?

The reason, if something does not heal down the pain point, then it is futile to expect such content to bring the popularity to the services.

This very same theory is the part of the mobile app as well.

If your app content only talks about that what it is rather then what it CAN do for the USERS, then be ready to get the app to face a tough competitor ahead with no users’ support.

The stronger emotions which describe the app’s relation with the users, and ascertain further that how this app would be beneficial, would really charm the users.

For instance:

Are you finding it a troublesome affair to pick a right dress for yourself.??


We offer a range of dresses for part, office, and casual wear.

Which one would grab your attention, the decision is yours

Visual Attention Cannot Be Avoided

The words have the power to change the users’ opinions and the visuals attached to your content has the power to turn the heads of the users.

When you decide to play the RIGHT-STEP forward technique with your mobile app, then make sure that you also make it more presentable with the images and the banners to make the users to STOP and TURN their heads, and make them want for MORE & MORE from your app.

Don’t Make The Content Sound So Complicated

The doctoral thesis or the technical tutorial is only a part of the Googled information, and simply users are not interested to pay heed to it.

The more human like you will sound, the more you will increase the chances to get noticed by the targeted audience.

Your app content must be simple and must not speak the technical glossary at large, because no user prefers to take a look into the dictionary just to understand what your app speaks about. 

Don’t Create An Aimless Content

At times I wonder that why the content is being written??? Because it does not make any sense to the users or the readers and it fails to make a connection with the app users.

If your app users fail to understand the next action in progress through the content, then you have failed BIG-TIME not just as a content curator but as an app developer too.

Make sure that you stir the equation mix accurately with the content, so the users get the reason and a purpose to read your content.

Never show what you are but what you can do

Albeit I have a given a hint of this above too, but with this point, I want to make it more clear. J

If your app is selling the e-commerce products, then there is no need to talk about the products, but the app content must go around only the need of the hour of users, which would force them to use the mobile app, in the times of their needs.

I know the easier it sounds, the tougher it is to create the viral app content

And believe me there is no guarantee that you would be creating that GEM of the content in the very first attempt, and there can be repeated trail strokes give to your words, but as they say practice makes a man perfect, in this same run you have to work on the strategies, which can only polish your content to succeed further.

Hence ask your selected mobile app development company in UK o help you sail through the users’ expectations with the right and the proven content creation strategies.

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