13 Feb 2019
Updated on May 8th, 2019

What Makes Users To Uninstall Your App?


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It is very common for the users to abandon a mobile app, after a single use.

Surprisingly, one in every four mobile apps is abandoned. This shocking statistics is definitely harsh but the users aren’t the only one to blame on for this. In reality, the mobile app team takes missteps and become their own worst enemies. Although this doesn’t mean that you should give up fighting mobile app abandonment. Rather you should work on the development of the app and update to a newer and better version than its predecessor.

Before re-working on your app you should first know why users are abandoning your mobile app.

User onboarding

A tutorial or guide to your product is one of the earliest and the most important interactions that you will have with your users and it has to be executed to perfection to keep your audience’s attention. Onboarding makes an amazing first impression on your users; getting them acquainted with the usage of the product. Henceforth, its one of the most important step to avoid app abandonment overall.

The entire duration of your relationship with the user is obviously important but it’s really the earliest moments that all the top-ranking mobile app economy focuses on. This early interaction of your user with your product helps to build habits, form bonds, and cement it your user’s mind. It is one of the strongest tools to avoid app abandonment at the first page. Henceforth, development of an app with the focus on onboarding is necessary.

However, user onboarding doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated as it’s all about showing your users a few actionable screens to provide a great user onboarding experience. Apps like games such as Clash of Clans, PUBG etc needs fully fledged progressive onboarding experience to users, demonstrating each and every action to the user for a better onboarding. The success of your user should be your first priority and the ultimate goal. Hence, should serve as the foundation of your onboarding process.

You should make sure that your app development team doesn’t make the common onboarding mistakes such as not providing “Skip” button or showing Sign-up screen as soon as the app is running. Onboarding is an ongoing process i.e. as times goes on it can continually be optimized and make the app’s onboarding more user-friendly.

User Privacy

It is another important reason which app development team should work on the most. This has recently come to light with the very recent case of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg been examined under laws concerning about the privacy of its user. It has been growing concern over mobile apps that automatically post to personal social media account of the user.

If your product actually needs the permission it’s requesting to order to function only when your app should request in-app permissions. Although users understand the in-app permissions that are mandatory but still it is wise to tell your user about why your product needs to access those permissions or data. You should be honest with your user and keep your app’s message transparent and be up front throughout. Doing this will make the users feel much more comfortable about using your app.

Beats Competition

You should also not forget that your app is easily replaceable. If your mobile product doesn’t have a competitive advantage like rating, value proposition, brand image, social proof etc. Then your users will probably turn to a better product to use. There are millions of apps in the app store and your app is constantly at a risk of being replaced. Hence, your app development team should always have the razor-sharp edge that gives you that cutting edge that your competitors are not having. Starting with solving a genuine problem that users face is always the smart move, and take persistent steps to carry out your vision in the long run. Building an irreplaceable app is a time-consuming process.

Chuck excessive in-app advertisement

It is one of the most irritating things that can happen to your user especially if the user cannot skip the advertisement. Although it is necessary for an app developer to introduce advertisement to generate revenue research reveals that 54% of media excess see ad clutter as the biggest reason for bad digital marketing. Abusive, technically flawed which can easily be taken offensively can easily lead to app abandonment. Hence, you should always look for the placement and the type of advertisement that will be published in your app. Always prioritize the user experience.

Technical flaws

They always seize to exist, blaming your team for them is quite unfair. However, ignoring them is equally unfair. Mobile app crashes and freezes very often and are the very common type of technical flaw. These types of flaws can easily spark an immediate outrage in users – commonly leading to uninstalling your product and giving bad ratings and reviews.

You should accurately analyze your app’s crashes and work on them as soon as possible. Best way to do this is by watching user recordings of such sessions so that the exact sequence of events leading to crashes can be spotted by you. Fixing your flaws with lighting speeds will protect your brand image and will keep users engaged in your product.

Bad user experience can happen for many reasons. But. they occur mostly when your users are not being delivered the services for which they installed your product. Sometimes users can be very impatient and uninstall your app even before your app could reach their expectations. Sometimes users might just miss it somehow and would abandon your product.

Henceforth User experience should be always put in the highest priority. A great user interface will keep your users engaged to your product, hence you should continuously analyze the UX and adjust your product timely according to the need of the user.

These are some of the prominent facts, which can destroy your app completely, thus it is highly siginifact to consider them with the help of a leading android application development company  and build your app concept into a successful product.

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