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17 Aug 2018

What Makes A Wedding Planning App Successful?

The whole gamut of excitement related to a Wedding Planning App is hard to be explained in words, and if I would try to scribble it here on this blank sheet, then I think one post would even not be sufficient for one event even.

The very moment you get to hear the wedding term, there are different sets of emotions, memories and experiences are associated with it, not just for the bride and groom, but for the people who put their efforts in making the wedding successful and memorable.

It has been evident in the past, where the relatives spent their efforts in making the event successful and got no time in witnessing and capturing the sweet moments happening around the wedding…

This had been a common vision in the past, but as the new trends are setting in, hence the concept of wedding planning came into existence.

The wedding planning business is the savior for the further success of the wedding event, and helps it to get saved from the disaster.

As the name suggests the wedding planner, help you plan the head to toe of the wedding event and helps you to enjoy every bit of the event to create those beautiful memories to stay with you forever…

But as the users’ demands are getting higher, so the planning and hence there is required an intervention of technology which can control the logistic requirements with just one click…

Wish this could be true!!!!

Hey, you don’t need to lose hope, because this is very much possible, with the app technology. 

Apps For Wedding Business

The significance of mobile apps is not hidden from anyone; this very vital aspect of the mobility solution is ready to carve a new story for the wedding business as well.

Regardless of the size of your business, an app can bring the number of benefits for the wedding business.

In order to make you understand the worth in detail, I have come up with this post today, to make you comprehend the real-scene lying beneath it…so let’s unleash together…

Before talking about the benefits, I would like to discuss the need for an app for the wedding business…


Wedding!!! Is not a simple or a casual event in one’s life, rather it is the event which brings loads of the responsibilities to be accomplished without a fail, so the event can be transformed into a memorable experience.

As a wedding planner, this very responsibility falls onto your shoulder, wherein you would have to make every possible effort to turn the experience glitch free and impeccable from every inch possible.

It is indeed a hard task to keep a track on every aspect of wedding manually; hence you need a technological platform to let your business present its best services to the clients.

So you must have realized the worth of an mobile app development for your wedding business and now you must be wondering to implement the one for your wedding planning business, but if you are not sure of what features must be a part of your wedding business app, then you must proceed further reading this post ahead…

Feature #1

Destination/Venues On The Display

As mentioned before, weddings are the most special and the personalized affair for the people, and hence every required measure is taken to make it special.

One of the most vital parts of the wedding is the venue; the selection of the venue is important because, on the basis of venue, other factors also depend on it.

Your mobile app, must give a list of the venue or the destinations to the clients, so they can decide and pick the suitable venue for their dream wedding.

Provide the list of venue, with Google Map link, so it would create a seamless experience for the users. Also, include the relevant details along with, such as images, videos, price and the availability for the preferred dates. 

Feature #2

Appointment Tracking

I totally understand the pressure you get to make the wedding successfully take place, and this pressure can increase the chances of skipping an important appointment date.

To address this situation, you must include the appointment tracking feature in your app, which would let the clients and you to manage and keep a watch on your appointment effortlessly.

This will help you to stay organized and stay updated about any upcoming appointments. To increase the effectiveness of this feature, you must add the push-messages to inform your before-hand and let the digital presence for your business, make a difference.

Feature #3

Budget- Calculator

Weddings can be HUGE and EXPENSIVE, if not controlled, thus everyone wants to control this part before it leaves the boundary.

Add the Budget calculator feature, letting the clients understand and make the real-time track of the expenses.

In this calculator, by adding a new service, like an additional food item, would directly share with them the impact on their budget.

Feature #4

Managing The Guest-List

Inviting the guests is not an easy task, rather it is the most tumultuous job, and families juggle with since skipping any name would ruin the relationships forever.

Managing the list on a piece of paper is a Grandma’s method, but it always bears the risk, since there are fair chances of getting a name while you are talking with a vendor, but trying to keep it memorized, is a tricky job.

With the app technology, this issue is addressed very well, and the clients can access and manage their guest list at any time throughout the day, by just adding the name in the app, which is 24/7 available in their mobile app.

Feature #5

Easy UX & UI Lead To Success Path

Although this is the first aspect of the successful mobile, yet I would like to address towards the end, considering that you have selected the top mobile app development company in UK, which has all the exposure to include this feature in your mobile app.

The app UX & UI are the factors, which can transform any mobile app into a sizzling hit instantly, because this is the soul of your mobile app, letting your users access the app seamlessly, thus you must give a shout to your app UI and UX considering that without the seamless accessibility, your app can never be admired by the targeted audience at any length.

Remember, a great mobile app is not made, but always is crafted after listening to the specific set of your users’ demands, so stay close to your users’ demands and pay attention to what they are saying always…



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