20 Jun 2017


mobile app marketing uae

When it comes promoting your business and the services it provides through a mobile app, you don’t want to leave any stone upturned and cover all the four corners of mobile app marketing uae to give a boost to your app success, leading to higher revenue for your business. After getting a mobile app from a mobile app development company in UAE, the next challenge you face is to promote your app to the fullest so it can incur more profit, but it is not an easy task without an expert’s advice, so today we have brought some of these essential advice for you to boost your business revenue through app marketing strategies, without a fail, to know more just read further…

Mobile App & Your Business

It would be worthless to mention the need of mobile app for your business, yet if there are some users who need a fast brush-up,  then lemme elaborate: with a mobile app you open the doors of never ending success for your product, your product and service remains visible 24/7 to your users , has better accessibility with no zone and time barriers, earn from your mobile app platform, create a brand recognition, improve customer engagement and many more reasons are there, which are so prevailing to make you opt for the mobile app for your business instantly, but after getting a mobile app the next big issue arises in front of you is to market your mobile app. The app marketing is a vast subject and needs to be catered efficaciously to nail the deal.

Why App Marketing

Yes, this is the most common question asked by the clients, where they feel if the mobile app is way too good, then people would attract to it, but this is what they mistake, even if your mobile app is unique, its app concept is different, yet you need a platform where you can translate the beauty of your mobile app and escalate it seamlessly to your potential customers. The reason behind is the users; who are too much engrossed with their daily routine, that they don’t get enough time to explore any new and upcoming mobile app on the store, so you need to shout aloud to your users to reach them with a sweet note of your mobile app arrival. Confused how to do it? Let’s commence the journey….

  • Social Media

It is wonderful to know that social media channels are the robust marketing tools, which are free, accessible and the best part is they reach the maximum audience in no time, so you need to talk about your mobile app on every possible social media channel, which are available on the internet till date, this will zero down the chances of your app being ignored from your potential user base.

  • Content

Yes, content is the leading app marketing tool, which allows you to reach your potential and targeted user base, without any flaw. Indulge in the blog, article, press release, infographic, ppt and small updates related to your mobile app and get them posted on every social media channel so the readers get to know about your mobile app and its functionalities in their desired mode of reading. Do not make the content sound so technical; add some personalized effect on every blog, so your every potential user can smell the freshness of the content.

  • App Teaser Video

A mobile app is highly crucial for the businesses and unless your users will find that how this app is going to serve the purpose, they would never pick it, so in order to show the significance of your mobile app, get the teaser video for your mobile app, showing its functionalities and features in a unique way. Ensure your mobile app first teaser does not cross the limit of 15 second and is very engaging.

  • App Description

That small description showing just below your mobile app screens in the app store is your app description, which users read to grab more information about the app. Here do not write what features your mobile app has, but mention what purpose your mobile app serves. This will help you to get attention from your users enormously.

  • App Screens

App screens should not be plain Jane but must speak the functionality of your mobile app at large. When your users will notice the app screens, they will be enticed to download your mobile app.

  • Feedback

Many business owners create a great mobile app, promote it well, but miss one of the most important factors that is listening to user’s feedback. When your user is unhappy or distressed due to some problem in your mobile app’s feature and functionality, they post a feedback, and if you do not reply to those concerns, then you are allowing the issues to erupt as a volcano, which would sweep down your mobile app along with, so when your users speak something for your mobile app then listen to the problems they are facing and rectify it instantly. This step will help you garner a loyal and genuine user base for your mobile app.

These are some of the app marketing strategies, which, if followed well, can help you get a successful app product for your business requirements. If you are willing to get your mobile app developed by the experts then you must get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile app development company in UAE. You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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