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3 Jun 2016

Marketing Mantras Before You Plan An App

Business Leadership Manager, the designation, which I farther bigger than the alphabets involved within the designation, undoubtedly, comes with a huge round of responsibilities and relevant set of learning experience. And luckily, my business card tells the same designation, under my name. Why have I called myself lucky? Reason is very simple but with full in-depth meaning, my job as a business leadership manager, has taught me a lot about the each layer of marketing, not just from a seller’s perspective but also from the buyer’s as well.

I would share my set of experience, which I earned and learned while working with Abhinav Singh in Techugo Pvt. Ltd. Basically we deal in the Mobile App Development, which sounds boring and common to many of the readers, but what they fail to understand the charisma of dealing with the clients from different levels, while reading further, you would explore the galaxy of marketing strategy.

There had been numerous incidents where I have shifted the client’s meetings minutes, and found that client’s marketing approach need to be improvised further. Today, I am wearing the shoe of a Marketing Guru, to enlighten the client’s perspective about marketing their brand. Most of us have the knowledge, but we fail to acquire the vision. To make the job easier, famous coffee brand -Nescafe, has many competitors, but till date why only Nescafe has ruled the business, calculation is simple, everybody has the ingredient, but nobody has the vision. This only aspect, if missing, leads the brand nowhere but only helps your brand to doom.

Clients come to us from different background and with different requirements, I always tell the clients, that if sales are the engine that drives a business, then good customer service and building a high level of customer satisfaction is the fuel. This theory implicates largely on client’s consumer base, and generates the customer loyalty, although it is the critical determinant of success in driving sales and growing the business, since it involves the criticism and sarcastic comments hurled on you from every corner. But it comes with its own set of fancies and beauty and if followed well, then would help you to gain popularity in no time, but only if followed with the complete guidance. There are four levels of customer satisfaction, all based on the degree to which you meet customer expectations. The higher the level you achieve, the more you will build customer loyalty and the greater will be your success.

Another important marketing tool is to select the RIGHT Mobile App developer for your brand. Most of the client judge and pick the app developers on the basis of cost efficiency, which results in some horror for their brand. While picking up the right app developer to brand your product, you need to judge the app developers on three basic characteristics: profile of app developing company, brands worked for and reviews on the software-development companies portals, like : Clutch, Extract & Goodfirms. These steps help you to pick the correct option for your work to be done, else by choosing a wrong developer, unfortunately you get to know the output by the mid of your project, which would create further ruckus in publicizing your brand.

Most of the clients approach us to develop an app, which would have the billions of feature in one go, but this is not the right step to follow, since giving too many app features at one time, would cause over digestion issue at your consumer’s end. To brief it little more further, I would cite the example of WhatsApp, the calling feature was introduced after a year gap, same goes with Apple, today a myriad of features are added in iPhone, but this all was done gradually over the years, not at the first shot only. Same strategy should be followed by the clients to launch few basic features at the initial stage to make the consumer go heavily comfortable with their app, and then later on additional features can be added.

Another feature which is the most adorable Mobile App marketing strategy for the investors is REVENUE. As per the research 72% are the revenue seeker from their app, whereas rest 28% are merely looking to have an app out of their passion or adding a feather to their cap. Unfortunately, clients forget that revenue cannot be yielded from the app only, but unless it is market well, then no one notices it. Clients don’t need to put their efforts on developers, since developing team is well-efficient with their job, so more focus should be given on marketing. For marketing, few steps need to be taken care: campaigning, know your consumer, know your competitors and learn what’s trending in your business field. To elaborate further, every company is not Rolls Royce, whose name is publicity itself, due to the high rise in the competition, one need to develop a strong market strategy to take a strong hold on the business field. Else, tech market is already flooded with large and unknown mobile apps, but they remain lost, because they were not sold well.

Last but not the least, I would like to suggest that examine your business, when you are able to accomplish this on a regular basis, you will be in a position to dominate the marketplace and achieve remarkable rates of revenue growth and profitability. Remember, to amaze your consumers, the only limit is your own imagination.



Vaibhav Sharma


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