5 Jul 2024

Mastering eCommerce Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Developing an E-commerce App Like Adidas


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E-commerce App Like Adidas

Honing your eCommerce business is a massive operation, and a mobile app might act as the perfect catalyst. Nike and Adidas have been the frontrunners when it comes to this; however, the sportswear behemoth has set the benchmark by laying the foundation of a well-functioning eCommerce app, and we have been honored to be the development partners of various apps and websites like them. Using the experience learned from the case above, this blog will discuss the Adidas like app development cost to help people understand the monetary side of it all.

These are design techniques, key components that should be included, marketing trends, and more. Moreover, believe us, there will be much more. At the end of this timeline, you should have a good vision of the cost that Adidas will incur to develop an application, thereby enabling the company to make a decision whether to make the app or not based on their budget. Do not let this opportunity slip for enhancing your e-commerce status; read on to be enlightened.

Let’s explore the reason why anyone can invest in a DTC business app like Adidas!

DTC business app

Why Build an E-commerce App Like Adidas

One of Adidas’ biggest success stories is the significant increase in growth in eCommerce through functional mobile apps. Their DTC strategy targets having net sales from this channel reach 50 percent within the year 2025, and for this, they have allocated over €1 billion for digital investments.

For your business, these statistics show the potential that your business has to succeed. When you develop an app like Adidas, you are marketing your business under an already existing model that conforms to eCommerce. While the costs of developing an eCommerce app similar to Adidas may seem steep at the moment, the benefits are surely a worthy investment.

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Through the utility of the applications, both the customer satisfaction level and direct interaction are increased, as are brand identification and the efficient shopping experience provided. The MENA eCommerce industry reached $37 billion this year due to increasing internet connectivity, which makes it an ideal place for investment.

Like in other parts of the globe, the two major fields of m-commerce are also growing tremendously in the Middle Eastern geographic location. To sum it up, it is beneficial to decide to build an app like Adidas because it literally opens the door to entering this rapidly expanding market. Mobile apps not only satisfies these expectations but also provides them with such perks as a check-out process that does not take much time, recommendations that are tailored to the buyer, and a track of orders that is as simple as a breeze. This is vital in an age where customer experience is paramount for sustaining growth and profitability.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Building an eCommerce App Like Adidas

When considering building an eCommerce app similar to Adidas, several variables can influence the overall budget. From technology choices to developer location, these factors are crucial in determining the end cost. Here are the key factors you’ll need to consider:

cost of developing an eCommerce app

Complexity of Features

First, they depend on the level of complexity of specific features and services a user wants to include in the app like Adidas. There is usually some common set of key capabilities that must be provided by each eCommerce app: user registration, product search and browsing, and a checkout capability. These are easy to create, as it is relatively easy to come up with a common understanding of what is intended by the concept. 

Yet, if you still want to introduce such advanced components as augmented reality try-ons, ML-driven personal styling features, or real-time inventory tracking, you’ll face higher levels of complexity. Such innovative technologies require unique human efforts and, therefore, contribute to augmenting the costs of building the Adidas app.

Platform Selection

Another key factor that you have is your choice of operating platform, which is another major determinant. Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS also impact the final cost, depending on whether you have a preference for both, just Android or just iOS. It might be possible to shoulder the cost of constituting several accounts across the platforms, but it may be wiser to start with one platform at a time, which would enable the concerted use of related platforms.

Native applications of a specific platform are typically faster and more efficient but are expensive to build out. Yes, the development of games across various platforms could reduce costs a little, but this may affect the overall performance and feel of the game. Whatever option you may opt for, the platform forms a key part of determining the Adidas-like eCommerce app development cost.

Security Measures

More importantly, the need to have better enhanced and strong security measures cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to eCommerce, where customers’ information is at risk as well as credit card information. Some features, like two-factor authentication, data encryption, and firewalls, are necessary but costly to include in the development stage.

Security is overhead-critical, and going for a lower cost could be very expensive as it may lead to the loss of data. Thus, while tighter and more intense security measures may add to the Adidas app development cost, it will certainly be more reasonable than having to face losses and legal proceedings in the future.

Project Timeline

The time frame within which you aim to launch your app also plays a role in the cost estimation. A quicker development cycle usually demands a larger team and more resources, which in turn raises the cost. Conversely, a more extended timeline may allow for cost- savings but risks market-entry delays.

Whether you’re rushing to beat competitors or taking time to perfect your app, the duration of the project will affect both the cost to develop the Adidas app and the Adidas-like eCommerce app development cost.

Third-Party Services and Tools

Utilizing third-party services or tools has a direct effect on the Adidas app development cost. Payment gateways, analytics tools, and customer service chatbots are prime examples. While some of these services are free or low-cost, premium versions can inflate your budget. For instance, high-end payment gateways may offer added security features or support for multiple currencies, but they come at a higher cost. These service fees often recur monthly or annually, extending beyond the initial budget for app development. Consequently, the choices you make concerning third-party services can substantially raise the overall cost of developing the Adidas app.

Scalability Requirements

Building an app with scalability in mind requires an upfront investment but pays off in the long run. The need for scalable architecture, robust servers, and adaptable databases can’t be overlooked. These elements ensure your app is ready for an influx of users and can manage increased data volumes.

You may also want to integrate cloud services for easier scaling in the future. Such an approach often involves higher initial costs, including more sophisticated software and specialized development skills. Therefore, laying the groundwork for scalability is a pivotal aspect that significantly impacts Adidas eCommerce app development costs.

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Location of the Developers

The geographic location of your development team significantly influences the Adidas app development cost. Developers in regions like North America or Western Europe often charge higher hourly rates than those in Asia or Eastern Europe. This cost difference can be substantial, affecting the overall budget.

Your choice of hiring locally versus outsourcing internationally also involves trade-offs beyond just cost, like time zones and language barriers. Taking these factors into account is crucial when budgeting. The location of your developers is a key factor affecting the cost of developing the Adidas app.

Based on the above factors, an ecommerce app like Adidas app development cost can range anywhere from $50,000 and more. Understanding these elements is vital for planning and budgeting your eCommerce app development. Knowing what impacts the bottom line allows you to make informed decisions, aligning your vision and budget for a successful project.

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Must-Have Features for an eCommerce App Like Adidas

When it comes to developing a successful eCommerce app, understanding the essential features is critical for long-term viability and user engagement. In the section below, we shall discover the vital features that can elevate your app to the level of Adidas. Here are the must-have features for an eCommerce app like Adidas.

Adidas-Like eCommerce App

  • Streamlined Interface of the Product Search and Filters

Clearly, search and filtering instruments are crucial for effectively achieving people’s satisfaction. Hence, options like color, size, or even price filters can help tremendously in the process of finding or identifying the product. Implementing these elements offers a more seamless user experience, something that has proven to be one of the most crucial means in the process of Adidas app development.

  • Product Comparison Tools

Customers are wise and capable of comparing products, and no one can deny that comparison is essential for most buyers. Offering this kind of feature also contributes to the fact that people spend more time in the app and might also imply increased sales. Considering such functional requirements, it can be stated that having this function is one of the key ‘Adidas app essentials’ that enable user decisions.

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  • Product Recommendation Algorithm

With this, it is clear that the use of AI in generating recommendations can have a significant impact on engagement. Having a system that can analyze user behavior and make recommendations on which products should be purchased can enhance the shopping experience. Until now, I understood that such a mechanism is required if you want to create an app like Adidas. It has to be integrated if the dream of developing an e-commerce app like Adidas is to be achieved.

  • User Account Personalization

By enabling users to create personal accounts, The importance of enabling users to create their own unique accounts cannot be underestimated in the quest to promote customer loyalty. Preferences such as setting up visual preferences, monitoring orders, and achieving one’s desired personal profile are important. Thus, consumers want to manage their data and have a means of engaging in shopping. This is a critical factor that needs Some of the features in developing a mobile app for Adidas.

  • Current Control of the Wishlist and Shopping Cart

The ability to manage a wishlist and cart is also considered a major factor in improving the performance and user satisfaction with the site. The placing and removing of items from the list should be a straightforward process. They should also have the capacity for it to be bookmarked so that they can review the articles later. This is the spotlight that shows the functionality of Adidas’s app, which is crucial for successful e-commerce stores.

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  • AI-Powered Fashion Stylists

The given points are, in a nutshell: Fashion stylist features powered by AI can be your next big thing. Probably, it may contain outfit recommendation features lined with user preferences and previous purchases. This aids in the enhancement of user-driven involvement. If you desire to create an application like Adidas, this is a basic feature that should not be lacking. By using such a feature, when you create an e-commerce app like Adidas, you can be certain that your app will not be like the others on the market.

  • Order tracking and shipping updates

Real-time order tracking and shipping updates are indispensable. Users value the ability to monitor their orders from the warehouse to their doorstep. Features that provide detailed time frames and delivery statuses are vital. This component is one of the most crucial app development features, ensuring transparency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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  • Secure Payment Tokenization

Security is paramount in eCommerce, and secure payment tokenization happens to be one of the essential security features in eCommerce. Secure payment tokenization ensures that users’ financial information is protected. Features like multi-factor like fingerprint authentication and secure socket layer (SSL) encryption are also vital. Together, these form an essential Adidas app feature, giving users the peace of mind to shop freely and securely.

  • Size and Fit Guide with 3D Models

Offering a size and fit guide through 3D models can make your app stand out. It aids in precise sizing and significantly reduces product returns. Interactive sizing charts and real-time 3D previews are added benefits. This is a highly recommended feature for those aiming to build an e-commerce app like Adidas. 

  • Loyalty Points and Rewards Tracking

Loyalty programs keep customers coming back. A point system for earning and redeeming rewards can be effective. This feature can add to the Adidas app development cost, but the long-term benefits for customer retention often outweigh the initial expense.

  • Product authentication technology

Trust is a huge factor in eCommerce. Features that allow users to authenticate their purchases, such as QR codes or serial numbers, are important. This is especially true for an Adidas-like app where high-value items are often sold, enhancing both user trust and brand value.

  • In-App AR Shopping Experience

The use of augmented reality (AR) takes the shopping experience to another level. Users can virtually try on products, helping them make informed decisions. Such features can make an Adidas-like app highly interactive and engaging for the user.

  • Multilingual and multi-currency support for international markets

Having multilingual and multi-currency support is critical for any app aspiring for a global audience. Different languages and currencies open doors to markets across the world, making your app more accessible. This inclusivity, however, doesn’t come cheap and inevitably increases the Adidas app development cost.

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  • Real-Time Stock Availability Updates

In a fast-paced retail environment, real-time stock updates are not just a luxury; they’re a necessity. Users want to know if an item is in stock before they go through the process of adding it to their cart. A real-time inventory system can prevent a lot of potential headaches for both you and your customer base. It’s a vital feature to include if you’re looking to create an Adidas-like app.

  • Customer Engagement through Social Media

A strong social media integration isn’t just about having share buttons for products. It can be about directly pulling in feeds, implementing social login, or even providing customer support through social platforms. In today’s digital age, tapping into social media networks is a significant aspect of sports merchandise brand app development.

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  • User-Generated Content Integration

User-generated content can range from customer reviews to photos of customers using the product. This type of content adds an extra layer of credibility to your product listings. While this integration can slightly elevate the cost of developing an e-commerce app like Adidas, the potential boost in sales and consumer trust often make it worth the investment.

Incorporating these features into your app, like Adidas, can set you on the path to success, mimicking the effectiveness of platforms like Adidas. Prioritizing these essentials can significantly improve user engagement and overall functionality. By doing so, you not only meet industry standards but also create opportunities for surpassing competitors. 

Get service assistance to build an eCommerce app like Adidas.

Picking the right strategies and features to implement in an app 

Understanding the complex factors of applying app development like to Adidas allows one to manage the process efficiently and achieve the desired outcomes. It is important to understand each phase to have a better understanding of how your app will succeed and how easy it will be to scale. To help the readers understand how to develop an e-commerce app like Adidas, here is a process of app development.

Partner with experts to streamline the development Steps

  • Market research and analysis

Before beginning development, understanding the basic needs and wants of clients, competitors, and the market is crucial. Grasping your target clients’ desires and identifying industry players helps strategically position your mobile app. Evaluating threats and opportunities for brands like Adidas enables informed analysis, impacting resource distribution and cost prioritization. Comprehensive trends and market research provides vital insights for making the right decisions, ensuring your app stands out in a saturated market. 

  • User Experience Design

User experience design is crucial for the Adidas app, focusing on an intuitive interface and easy navigation. A simple, user-friendly layout enhances engagement and loyalty. Tools like Adobe XD and Sketch aid in wireframing and prototyping, allowing designers to refine the final product. Emphasizing UX design boosts user retention and satisfaction.

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  • Backend Development and Database Schema

The backend is the backbone of any eCommerce app, crucial for semantic analysis and processing with a robust database for product and user details. Technologies like Python, Node, and AWS hosting ensure scalability and performance. Backend development, along with suitable databases, determines app efficiency under heavy traffic. The frontend involves design elements, interfaces, logos, and graphics. Utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the design must ensure seamless integration, quick loading times, and optimized high-quality images and videos for devices.

  • Testing and quality assurance

Quality assurance is one of the final steps in the degree program. It helps to know that all the components work as expected. Hand and machine-based check-ups must be conducted to isolate errors in the interface or data. For instance, the use of technologies such as Selenium in developing apps when it comes to automated tests is good. To make sure it works properly and to target a wide range of possible users, it is necessary to test on different platforms. The application should pass performance, security, and usability tests, though these tests are basic.

Techugo redefined eCommerce with innovative solutions

See how Techugo redefined eCommerce with innovative solutions 

How E-commerce App Was Successfully Transformed by Techugo

Being a leading app development company, we at Techugo took up the challenges in e-commerce app development head-on that helped redefine offline to online shopping, especially for the millennials of India and USA. The outlined path of development started with prioritizing thorough market analysis and localization to guarantee that the app would be suggested to a wide range of users.

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Evaluations Another major concern was keeping the branding consistent; the design team ensured that every element was aligned with Adidas’ branding standards for its logo and color. We deployed the two application versions, Android and iOS with the current technologies prevalent in the market for the convenience of the customers. To the amazement of those involved, the program deliverables saw a staggering two million downloads together with half a million new users, clearly pointing to the efficiency of using an end-to-end strategy.

Details on the case study and the process of developing the Adidas app

It is safe to work with Techugo and know that any issues with the ecommerce app development like Adidas will be addressed. Our extensive experience in eCommerce app development makes us the best in the industry. The process starts with a detailed market analysis that identifies and defines potential markets. They are followed by the concept of tailored design and the reliability of the developed structure. Android and iOS platforms are fully employed by our team, which means that we can reach a large number of users. As a leading e-commerce app development company, we are well-acquainted with the challenges that may come up on the technical and design fronts and ensure strict compliance with the provided brand guide. The achievement indicators are as follows, which reflects a lot. Moreover, Adidas has touched millions of downloads and has a very high user acquisition rate. 

Get in Touch with Techugo and meet the industry’s best creators of the eCommerce app.

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