22 Nov 2017

How To Maximize Your App Downloads

App Download

Being technology addicted is not something to be ashamed of and people boast of their technology intake habits openly and more profoundly, and worth to mention the additional facts which complement the perfect technology landscape is an app, which offers an actual meaning to the knowledge, information, and entertainment to be availed at the finger tips.

The term mobile app rings a bell in the mind with different feelings, which is something different, something unique and something easy to use.

But unfortunately not many mobile apps give this lasting experience to the users, and users end up looking for something fresh and breath-taking in the app stores and the worst strategy suggests that such experiences are available in the app market, to offer the best of the world to users, thus a smart user always looks up for the better options available in the market rather keep sticking with the worn out app versions.

It’s a devastation for a business, when an app which was supposed to craft the best marketing strategy for a business, fails to gain the attention of the users, and end up in despair.

How to overcome this fatal situation?

Is there any way to work in this situation so the users would get what they needed and business would receive their deserving applaud?

Yes, it is very much possible, once you consider certain points in your app development process….

But how? Are you still confused?

Yup the confusion is but obvious since there is no winning guideline offered by the app platforms, which cover the standard excellence point of the users’ expectations.

Then what to do?

Hmmm, a very valid question though, thus why not take my blog into consideration and read ahead of the secrets showered in it….

Not a bad deal I think….so don’t waste any further moment and just read ahead of my blog further, which is specially written for your app to make it a perfect coffee partner for your targeted users.


Just before I proceed, I want you all to get indulged in a fact which reveals the real face of the today’s marketplace.

Both the major app platforms iOS and Android, have in abundance to share with their targeted users in the form of functional and well-designed apps, which leaves the users with the utter options to try the different apps, without wasting their time and efforts on a non-functional mobile app.

If report to be believed an average 70% of users spends 81 minutes on an app daily, thus it becomes almost a war, when you have to engage your users to spend those average 81 minutes on your app.

It is tough but not impossible…

And the below-mentioned strategies I have collected to make your app easily reach your users must be considered religiously…such as….

A marvelous app with a seamless app interface and speaking the real needs of the mobile app actually works best for your app’s success…apart from this the other significant steps you have to take care of is by following the mentioned points….

Develop a USER’s App

It is weird, right? But of course the app is developed for the users only, then why did I mention this?

The reason is simple and plain, not every app is a users’ app…

What? Yes, you heard me, right dude….

Every app which is developed is not based fully on the users’ demands and they are just the apps, but not based on the users’ demands.

Thus you have to remember that your app has to be an exact translation of your users’ requirements and this detailed information can easily be taken out from research and analysis you conduct before proceeding further with your app requirements.

Research your market

When I say, research your market, I specifically expect you to keep your attention focused towards your market, and what it requires.

Every app has a specific market and failing to come across the needs of your market, gives your app enough reasons to fail further.

In this step, you have to indulge into a practice of knowing that what your competitors have offered, and what has succeeded in the market before and even the rejection to your competitors would teach you in abundance and you can plan an idea or a strategy to be integrated into your app.

Stick to pre-app launch marketing

App marketing does not bear fruits when you launch it towards the end of the project, but it needs to work in parallel with your app development.

This strategy is called pre-app launch marketing and has to be dealt with a promotional website, keywords insertion, content marketing, enticing app description and app’s promotional video teasers.

All combined these aspects build a fan base for your app much before its launch and consequently, your app would receive the massive app downloads rate in few days of app launch.

Google Extension

The click to download ad extension really works for your app, it is available on Google’s search network and lets your users check the price of your app and take them directly to the relevant digital store and make the app download process quick and easy.

By integrating this ad extension, you would instantly increase the conversion rates from users, who search out your app and at times get confused and lost between searching and actually downloading your app.

Yes, and above all the selection of the right one from the existing App Development companies, really make a difference to your app and its success….since a right app development company always have the required exposure and the experience to make your app concept into a winning marketing strategy.

Pick an Android Mobile App Development company on the basis of its exposure, technical experience, online presence and the effective customers’ feedback, which can easily be taken from the app listing websites such as Clutch, Appfutura, GoodFirms and many more…also one tip I would like to share while wrapping up this blog, never pick an app development company on the basis of the cost factor.

The less cost offered might sound extremely tempting, but at the end, it always ruin your app’s success dream and you end up paying more than you have ever imagined for….

Thus consider the mentioned points and help your app find its deserving recognition…..

So why not get in touch with the Techugo team and get your app designed by a celebrated app development company.

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