30 Mar 2016

Microsoft Build 2016 – An Exotic Signature Of Upcoming Technology

Techugo has again brought one more conference update on your way. Microsoft 2016 Conference,  which is going to start in another 4 hours, has got many expectations raised amongst the users. Microsoft’s last big surprise was the unveiling of HoloLens at the Windows 10 event last year. Already, a few of the Microsoft employees have teased big new Windows 10 features. Microsoft’s Rich Turner, a senior PM on Windows, tweeted (and then deleted) that new Windows 10 features are going to make people “freak out” when they see them. Another Microsoft employee Scott Hanselman tweeted (and then deleted) that the features would “change everything.” So just wait for more 4 hours to raise the curtain……we will keep you updated as always!

Though this year, the company is turning extremely tight-lipped about what’s to come, but as per the grapevine we have gathered a good amount of information in our basket…just grab a look at some expected outcomes:

Windows 10

Windows 10 is likely to get few new additions at Build conference, expectations are up to  include interactive Live Tiles to respond and interact easily with notifications within apps.  More changes might be experienced within Cortana in Windows 10, and how the digital assistant can get a lot more powerful across Windows, iOS, and Android.

Windows Phone

2015 was proven a harsh year for Windows Phone so what’s there in the future store of Microsoft mobile’s future might be disclosed at build conference today.

Xbox apps

Microsoft developers are expected to create games and apps that work across Windows 10 on PCs and the Xbox One.


Microsoft’s build conference can be a good platform to showcase impressive HoloLens demos. Although, it’s expected but let’s see what’s there in the conference today.

Office & Cloud Discussion

Microsoft’s Build 2016 will be full of cloud talk. Expect to hear more about advancements in Azure, and how developers can take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud platform for their apps.

That’s all from the rumour-mills…let’s see how far the expectations come true today

We will keep you updated..


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