9 Nov 2022
Updated on November 28th, 2022

Milk Delivery App Development: A Powerhouse Behind White Revolution!


Surbhi Bhatia

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Milk delivery app development

We must take pride in the fact that India is the largest producer and consumer of dairy products, especially milk, and its manufacturing will continue to witness robust growth in the near future!

Looking for factual information?

According to reports published by Statista, the total milk sales in India were about 69 million liters in the year 2021. Furthermore, the market is expected to grow annually by 5.55% (CAGR 2022-2027).

It is essential to mention that now there’s an increasing need for improved efficiency in milk production.


It is because of the growing popularity and the movement of people away from the rural farming areas. Therefore, it has become vital to enhance the bar by keeping track of farm profitability and top-performing cows.

Fortunately, technology is playing a flawless role in overcoming the efficiency gap, and luckily, some of these technologies are already up and running in India.

Additionally, you might have seen your grandparents visiting a dairy or a milkery each day to get milk for household consumption.

Well, guess what?

You won’t have to worry about the same in your fast-paced lifestyle because the on-demand industry is growing at an unmatched speed!

Get ready because we have a lot more to discuss about how tech is impacting the sales of milk and other dairy products via dairy app development. Not only this, but we’ve got news for you!

So, do not go anywhere and continue reading to learn about some exciting details!

There’s an App for Everything, and Our Lives Have Flipped!

Undoubtedly, speed, convenience, and simplicity are some of the top-notch priority requirements of a user nowadays. Happily, all of them are being fulfilled, and the entire credit goes to on-demand delivery apps.

While you must be an existing user of food and grocery delivery applications, the newest addition in the industry is a milk delivery mobile app.

Imagine meeting your morning needs like, milk, eggs, butter, etc., seamlessly just in a few clicks on an app like Gyan  Dreamy, right?

All a user needs to do is register, set their location, daily requirement of dairy products, and a chosen time for delivery.

Also, do you know what’s the best thing about your own milk delivery app development? There won’t be any hassle of serving a particular set of audiences since people in every household using digital means is a potential user.

Are you convinced about working on this profitable business model? Then, you’re in for a treat because this article contains every bit of information you need to know about dairy app development.

So, let’s dive deep!

Pros of On-Demand Milk Delivery App

On-Demand Milk Delivery App

Before swopping into building business strategies and hiring the best app development team for a project like dairy app development, there are countless benefits for consumers and dairy companies that you must learn!

For Consumers

1. Ease of Use

As mentioned before, earlier people had to visit their nearby supermarkets or diaries to purchase fresh milk each day. However, with the introduction of milk delivery apps, dairy products are just a few taps away!

2. Flexibility of Delivery Timings

One of the best advantages offered by the best milk delivery app like Gyan is the flexibility of opting for a delivery time. These apps enable customers to select a delivery time as per their availability.

3. Online Payment

All the modern applications, including dairy app development now offer an integrated option for making online payments that lessen the burden on its customers. Moreover, the amalgamation of e-wallets or other online modes makes transactions secure and quick.

The icing on the cake is that the customers can update their app balance on a weekly or monthly basis. Therefore, the amount automatically gets deducted whenever a purchase is made.

For Dairy Companies

1. Simplicity of Operation

Dairy app development enables streamlining the operations of a dairy company by recording everything in one place, including the number of customers, delivery personnel, etc. And the milk delivery mobile app development cost won’t be a matter of concern. Because all a business wants is simple operation.

2. A Recognizable Brand

Mobile applications turn a business that is limited to local popularity into a known brand. Thus, by building a milk delivery platform, dairy companies can develop a reputation of authenticity and establish themselves as massive distributor.

Business Model of On-Demand Milk Delivery App

1. Self-Owned or Dedicated

This is the best suitable business model for companies that already have an established dairy empire and owns the business. These companies can work on milk delivery app development, and use them to supply milk and other dairy products to their consumers.

These apps allow efficiently track overall orders, determine revenues, and maintain order history seamlessly.

2. Aggregator Application

An aggregator business model is one that brings different distributors at one place for the delivery of their dairy items. In simple words, the milk delivery platform owner might not be the business owner; however, he will act as a link between customers and milk retailers.

Milk Delivery App Development: Is It Worth It?

Milk Delivery App Development

According to reports, the restaurant business  might follow a steady pace; however, milk consumption is booming, and online milk delivery apps like Gyan are breaking new ground.

For instance, Gyan is now reaching 1.5+ lakh households via a network of 300+ distributors and 40,000+ retailers!

Do you want to learn more about the White Revolution? Happily, we are the technical partners of Byju’s, and here’s what they have to present.

Here’s How Your Dairy Business Can Enhance Revenue!

Dairy Business

Who doesn’t want to lay a robust business foundation that helps generate higher revenues with the time period. Thus, mentioned below are some of the best monetization models you may adopt for acquiring the objective:

1. Sale Advertising

This is a great monetization model that allows app owners to run advertisements for other’s products and services, and earn money via the same. Not to forget mentioning, it is one of the commonly used models by most app owners. During the milk delivery app development you must consider the unique ways to advertise products to generate revenue.

2. Featured Listing 

The featured listing monetization model is majorly emphasized by aggregator app owners who offer top spots on their homepage to other retailers in trade for money.

The benefit?

Retailers featured in this section receive maximum visibility and boosted sales.

Attributes That Make a Milk Delivery Business Successful

Milk Delivery Business

Take a look at the significant features for milk delivery app that it must possess to offer a feature-rich platform to the customers:

1. Guaranteed Early Morning Delivery Each Day

Undoubtedly, dairy products are a must-have for every kitchen that is needed to kickstart a new day. Therefore, an efficient milk delivery platform must ensure early morning free delivery of the products.

2. Elimination of Minimum Order Value

One thing that keeps end users from using the app is the mandatory minimum cart value that has to be added for placing an order. If the limitation is lifted, there are more chances of retaining your customers. Therefore, considering such things during the milk delivery app development phase is crucial.

3. Refund Policy

Incorporating a refund policy can help your mobile app go a long way!


Evidently, it is vital to build trust with your customers for them to come back and order again. If they’ll feel that their money is in safe hands and will receive a refund in case of dissatisfaction, customers are likely to prefer your app over others.

4. Discounts and Deals

Who doesn’t want to avail attractive deals?

Offering your customers daily offers and discounts will encourage more sales and keep users satisfied.

5. Easy Payment Modes

Time-taking payment procedures can be a turn off for app users who do not want to spend much time in placing orders or making payments.

Therefore, eliminate entering OTPs and CVVs, and instead, allow customers to top-up their in-built wallet.

6. Subscription Model

You may integrate personalized subscriptions for your customers based on their delivery requirements. For instance, segregate subscription models- one for customers who only want to order milk, and other for people who want to get different dairy products delivered.

How is Technology Transforming Indian Dairy Forever?

Technology Transforming Indian Dairy

Sure, mobile apps remain one of the top reasons behind the transformation of the dairy industry; however, there are other new-age technologies that have a tremendous role to play!

Intrigued to know more? Here’s what we have for you:

1. Health Tracking Devices for Cattle

To ensure productivity and longevity,  cattle health is vital; thus, health disorders must be reduced. It has now become easier with wearable animal gadgets that are similar to wearable devices for human beings.

These devices enable farmers to track, monitor, and manage cattle’s nutrition, health, milking frequency, production, and more in real-time.

For instance, the Karnataka government embedded GPS-enabled digital chips in the ears of more than 56 lakh animals to keep a check on their medical condition.

2. Automated Milking Machines

Traditionally, the best method for milking cows was by using hands. Sure, it’s a time-taking activity, but unfortunately, there were no other effective methods that could be used as substitutes.

Not anymore!

Robotic milking machines have now come into the picture that eliminates the physical labor method, follow a more hygienic approach, and improve milk production.

To explain a little further, these machines are incorporated with cups that have sensors, and can be attached to the cattle. The sensors can monitor if the teats are ready to milk or not. Additionally, impurities and the quality of milk can also be detected.

3. Drones That Monitor Cattle

Surveillance of cattle is vital, especially when the livestock moves out for grazing.

Well, what are the odds of them getting lost or being stolen? A LOT!

Therefore, cattle monitoring drone technology can help farmers keep a track, and its sensors also lay down information if a grazing area is safe or not.

4. Use of Blockchain for Product Traceability

Customers nowadays are well aware of their choices and like to know where their products are coming from. Therefore, it calls for transparency in the supply chain for trust enhancement.

To follow the same path, dairy manufacturers and suppliers are incorporating blockchain technology to give all product-related information to customers in real time.

But how is it done?

Notably, QR codes are placed on the packaging that customers can scan to receive updates on their mobile devices related to the origin of milk, where it’s being collected and packed, how old it is, and more.

5. Milk Freshness

Milk is a perishable product, no matter the preservation processes that might be used, which is why millions of liters of milk go stale and is wasted.

Surprisingly, technology is taking us by the storm as now it’s possible to detect the freshness of milk and preserve it for a longer period. Milk delivery app development is something that can help us to move ahead.

For instance, one of Australia’s food tech companies Naturo has now introduced tech that can help preserve milk in the refrigerator for up to sixty days without preservatives.

6. Feed Management

Cattle’s feed depends on their requirement and health. For instance, a pregnant or sick cow may require additional nutrients. So, how will their feed be managed efficiently?

Notably, there are numerous feed technologies that manufacture formulated feed supplements and other mixes for maintaining an optimal level of milk production.

Additionally, digital feed monitoring solutions enable farmers to detect the feed quality, understand the feeding pattern, and manage the same. In fact, it can also help manage a customized diet for every cow based on certain factors.

7. Supply Chain Tech

Notably, the Indian dairy system is quite complicated due to multiple factors, including shelf life, weather, storage temperature, packaging, and whatnot. Sure, the system is fragmented; however, technological innovations of today are improving the milk delivery platform supply chain in India.

Techugo X Gyan: A Significant Episode!

Techugo X Gyan

The eastern region of India’s most popular state has been overtaken by Gyan for its milk delivery; however, it did not come without challenges. Being the proud tech partner of the brand, we have a story to dictate!

A Little Backstory:

Born in Kaimganj, around 230 kms away from Lucknow, one of Gyan’s co-founders graduated and got involved in the family’s tobacco business in 2001. Two years later, he decided to carve his own path and expressed his decision to the family.

At the same time, Gyan- a well-known dairy company in UP was facing a financial patch, and its owners wanted to swoop in an external partner.

What next?

Jai jumped right in while being an amateur! Unfortunately, he experienced failures initially, but soon after, his younger brother Anuj joined in. Their father was strictly against the decision to work on the Gyan project, since it didn’t bring any luck! However, the grandfather backed the duo, and the brothers had an exceptional opening!

Over the years, the Agarwal brothers invested hefty amounts, but only crisis followed one after the other.

The magic happened only when the two of them decided to target the north-east of Lucknow. Fresh milk packs were introduced, and gradually other products were added, including curd.

Soon after, an app for home delivery of milk and other products was rolled out that added convenience to the customers’ lives and helped them acquire a solid consumer base. And we are delighted to share that we partnered with a massive brand that kept going without looking back, and today:

– Gyan Stores are owned and operated by franchises across 14 locations in Lucknow, UP.

– More than 50,000 liters of milk is delivered daily.

– Computes about 1 lakh transactions every day.

Gyan Fresh

How Did Gyan Become a Trusted Milk and Dairy Products Brand? 

One of the primary reasons behind Gyan’s tremendous success is its milk delivery platform ‘GyanFresh,’ which has now become a well-recognized name in the dairy business.

Notably, Gyan, an online milk delivery app, processes, markets, and sells a full-fledged line of dairy items, such as milk, lassi, curd, ghee, butter, and more.

Some of the vital highlights of Gyan Dairy are:

– It has connections with over 3000+ villages, providing livelihood to over 1 Lakh+ farmers.

– It stands strong with the help of 200+ distributors and 30K+ retailers.

– The company emphasizes environmentally friendly strategies by following sustainable practices.

– Gyan is an active participator in CSR.

– The company has also leveraged E-carts to cater to places that are inaccessible by transportation.

Key Features That Worked as ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ for GyanFresh

What brings a solid consumer base to an app? Evidently, it’s mechanism, design, and features. And Gyan mobile app excels in all three!

Undoubtedly, GyanFresh offered a wide and flawless range of features that roped in more customers than ever. Take a look!

For Customer Apps or Website

– Easy sign-up and sign in with mobile number verification

– Product images and description

– Easy addition of products to the cart

– User-friendly payment mechanism within the app

– Push notifications for offers, deals, discounts, etc.

– Easy processing of multiple orders

– Multiple order subscriptions can be proceeded with the quantity per day, subscription time, etc.

– Vacation mode for skipping delivery days

– Edit profile option

– Order tracking status

– Order details

– Order history

– Order cancellation

– Application of coupon codes

– In-built wallet

– Gamification

– Users can avail Gyan stars on purchases for discounts in future

–  Refer and earn codes

– App sharing feature with friends and family

– Access to the privacy policy, contact us, terms & conditions page

– Users can change passwords with OTP verification

– Ratings and reviews

– Order invoice

– Refer a friend

For Delivery Executive Panel

– Login with mobile number for delivery executive

– Scheduled deliveries list

– Order status alteration option for the executives

– Order cancellation due to issues like wrong address, payment problems, etc.

– Customer contact option for executives

– Latest notifications

– Delivery executives can manage the order completion status, total sales, and other stats

For Admin Panel

– Login to the admin dashboard

– Easily available information like categories, subcategories, delivery agent, total collection, coupons, number of users, total products, pending orders, cancelled orders, subscriptions, and much more

– Admin can alter delivery charges with minimum cart value if need be

– Admin can create clickable home app banners

– Admin can add unlimited products with images, titles, prices, product status, description, etc.

– Access to the dashboard with reports and KPIs

– Admin can check pending order list, cancellation list, order completion list, subscription pending list, and more

– Access to customer information and details

– Admin can forward push notifications

– Management of customer wallet

– Admin can monitor wallet log

– Admin can manage or alter the payment method

– Admin can manage the loyalty points

– Admin can manage privacy policy, contact us, terms & conditions

– Access to the entire order management system

– Management of customer base

– Management of delivery agents and supervisors

– Admin can introduce a subadmin

– Access to activity logs of admin and subadmin

– Creation of customer groups

Advanced Features Offered by GyanFresh

Take a sneak peek:

– Push Notifications

Mobile apps must integrate the push notifications feature as these will work as significant alerts related to order request, order verification, etc., for the customers. Additionally, retailers can take benefit of this feature by sending intriguing messages, like coupon codes, discounts, etc. Adding push notifications to your next milk delivery app development project is something you can’t ignore.

– PIP Mode Delivery Tracking

It is one of the best features of micro-delivery service apps.


It works when the customer’s order is out for delivery, a floating window within the mobile app for milk delivery presents the real-time location and the delivery status.

– Schedule Delivery

Do you want to incorporate a feature that makes milk delivery quick and easy for your customers even when they forget about the same?

The ‘schedule delivery’ feature has come to the rescue in the mobile app for milk delivery!

App users can now schedule their delivery according to their availability and convenience.

– Real-Time Tracking

The tracking feature allows end users to locate their delivery agent with the help of an integrated map within the mobile app. Not only this, but the window also displays their estimated arrival time. Adding such a feature helps you to wrap your milk delivery app development project up with top-notch features.

Tech Stack Used by GyanFresh

Mobile SDK : Android, IOS

Application Language : Kotlin, Swift

Backend : Node.js

Database : Mongo

Frontend : Angular with HTML5

Server : Apache

Cloud Services : AWS

Cloud Database : Mongo Atlas

Data Storage : S3 Bucket

Data Caching : Redis

SMS Gateway : Twilio, TextLocal

Payment Gateways : Paytm , Razor Pay, Juspay

Push Notifications : Firebase, Appsflyer, CleverTap

Analytics : Firebase, Appsflyer, CleverTap

Challenges Techugo Encountered While the Development of GyanFresh

1. Migration of Users from the SaaS Platform to the New Database.

Initially, this product used a milk delivery SAAS platform to try out the online market and digitalize the existing structure. Over time, they have grown to almost 10K active users over the platform. But the challenge was to scale further and have more app control. So when they decided to build their milk delivery platform, our initial challenge was to import the customer base with all their details into the new database.

Solution: We suggested going for the bulk import for all the customers. We created the script to upload all the customers at once to the new database.

2. Managing Operations of different cities

As we were growing fast in the online business, another challenge was ensuring that our operations in all cities worked the same and perfectly fine.

Solution: Managing this impacted the cost a bit as it required a dedicated team of developers, which were available round the clock to monitor the operations. At the same time, we also increased the budget of our infrastructure cost. This includes moving to the Cloud-based Database, Automatic Server configuration.

3. Moving towards Distributed Architecture & Microservices

Moving further, we realized that the current architecture wouldn’t suffice the growth plans. So we decided to migrate to microservices.

Solution: Moving to microservices wasn’t easy! Therefore, we did this migration in stages. Our first step was to get the distributed architecture in place, where every city has its own server for better performance. Then we divided the complete functionality into independent units like, products, orders, transactions, coupons, etc.

Each unit is now a microservice on its own.

Cost of Building an App Like GyanFresh

Be it the cost to develop a food delivery app or an app like Gyan, every entrepreneur wants to seek answers to questions like these.

It is essential to mention that there’s no definite answer to the question of what is dairy app development cost; however, the cost can be defined on the basis of numerous factors.

Factors like? Here’s a list to make it easier for you to understand and estimate the cost of milk delivery app development like GyanFresh:

– Choice of the platform: Android, iOS, or other

– Number of features integrated

UI/UX design

– Tech stack used

– Developer’s cost

– Complexity of the project

– The type of mobile app: Native or Hybrid

– And more

Summing Up!

Agarwal brothers have three priority areas for strengthening their business, that is:

– Expansion of geography

– Expansion of product range

– Addition of new business vertical

And we being the technical alliance of the rapidly growing dairy business are upbeat due to being a part of their journey to success.

Techugo and GyanFresh have been a robust team for five years now, and this partnership will go a long way because of the potential we hold!

So, what is your idea about working with a leading mobile app development company to build an efficient digital solution for your business?

We can’t wait to create something unique for you! So, let’s get started?

Schedule your first consultation today!


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