24 Sep 2018
Updated on July 22nd, 2019

Why You Should Not Miss Out On React Native For Your App Development


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You want a mobile app for your business to beat the odds of competition and to meet the expected standards of the users, and this does really help your business to boost further.

Sadly the amount of technology present in the creative stream of today’s time, it really bugs don you further, and you grow confused as which technology to pick in order to make the most out of your mobile app.

The pain in the story does not end here, but it grows further when you decide to hit the door of the app development company, who decides to give you something which falls under their expertise umbrella, and this not always guarantee that it would benefit your mobile app.

Oh GOSH!!! Have I made you confused further and are scared enough to proceed further with the app development process?

I didn’t mean to scare you, but you need to understand that this statement has been derived something from the real-time episode of your life, which may happen when you step on the development journey, hence it is always advisable to eliminate such chaos and get something which is much required and needed to fulfill the needs of your business.

What’s The Solution???

However, I must say that every business and the industry have their own specific set of  demands, the user behavior varies as well, and if you really want to keep your users delighted with your services and the product then you must know that what exactly your users are looking for, but here this is not what I am here to talk about, rather, my aim is completely different, as I am talking about the selection of the technology, which works as the platform and the most significant aspect for a seamless development process…that is none other than React Native.

Are you surprised why I have named React Native, then, believe me, reading ahead this post would help you in abundance to understand why React Native technology can be of several benefits for your app development process…so let’s begin our voyage…

React Native is a JavaScript framework, letting the developers write the real, natively adapted mobile applications for iOS and Android type in Google search bar for this technology, but for a layman, this very information sounds little haywire, as honestly, this technical vernacular, only gets a bounce off the head.

Hence, I must tell you what exactly it is and how does it help?

Eventually REACT Native is the technology platform, which crafts a real and fast performance mobile app with the help of JavaScript only, and there is much more to savor further, as this very technology is supported for both Android and iOS platforms.

Yes you heard me all correct, your app developer just need to write the code once, and your REACT Native app would be available for both iOS and Android users in no time and it would not just save your time but the cost as well.

So let’s find out what more is served on the platter of react native technology to help you build a strong app solution?…

First and the foremost, React Native is the outcome product of Facebook, which has built it a strong community around it.

It Is Time-Saving

You would be shocked to know that most of the time the delay in development takes place because a single app requires two different set of teams who can handle the different code base to make your app accessible on iOS and Android both.

This slows down the process of building the mobile app as developers need to juggle with two codes at the same time, but this very issue is addressed by the React Native which allows the software developers to use one language to code for both the platforms.

Code Quality Turns Bugs-Free

The bugs are majorly caused within a mobile app due to the number of codes written, and which hampers the users’ experience, this is the solution you must not look for, as the bugs only bring your users to dislike your app and grow nearer to your competitors.

With the React Native technology, this very issue gets the solution, as very less number of codes is utilized within the mobile app, which leaves ZERO space for the errors.

Utilization of JavaScript

React Native builds mobile apps using Javascript, which is an easier aspect to pick for the front-end engineers and makes it much convenient for the back-end engineers to pick up.

Needless to say, but this aspect opens the floodgate of opportunities for more front-end engineers to let their skills and talents get enhanced further.

It also eliminates the unnecessary ruckus of learning Android specific Java or iOS Swift for the developers, the only information of Java would serve the purpose.

Apart from these technical advancements, React Native is also a major reason for some more advantages to be experienced in the development process, such as:

  • It is an open source technology, which makes it as a FREE resource for all the developers, letting them utilize the frameworks and its libraries at absolutely no cost.
  • React Native is offering the over-the-air updates, letting the developers avoid the cumbersome app stores approval process, for any type of minor changes made. The developers can send an updated version out, when the users download it, the app gets upgraded on itself, consequently which leads to the time-saving and offering you the control over the app updates release.
  • It would not be wrong to say that React Native is the synonym for the faster speed and the performance, which lets your targeted audience to experience a glitch-free exposure of the app technology.


Undeniably, this very technology lets your mobile app to attain the excellence of performance and opens a series of opportunities for your mobile app, and this experience can garner the more praises, once you decide to proceed with your app development process with a leading top mobile app development company in india.



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