7 Jun 2022
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Missed Apple WWDC 2022? Catch the Highlights Here!

Apple WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is undoubtedly the company’s biggest keynote event of the year! 

Like tech geeks all around the world, I, too, look forward to Apple’s WWDC every year to bring you the crisp highlights from the event. And this year was no different! 

With many exciting new updates, here’s an on-point list of Apple’s announcements that actually matter. 

Dive in…

Apple Announces iOS 16

The giant has announced a new software called iOS 16. The update brings a revamped and customizable lock screen interface that lets users to-

  • Add custom wallpapers
  • Change the date & time font
  • Add new widgets for calendar events, weather, activity rings & more

The company is also pushing updates to its Focus feature and notifications.  

iOS 16 Brings Live Activities

iOS 16 Live Activities update allows the users to manage and pin notifications on the lock screen. In addition to this, hideable notifications are also being introduced at the bottom of the lock screen. 

Apple Users Can Now Unsend & Edit The Messages

The software update will allow the Message App users to edit any of their messages. But that is not all! They would also be able to mark them unread or undo the messages sent by mistake. 

With iOS 16 Apple Pay Gets Pay Later Feature

The company is finally jumping on the bandwagon of the “buy now, pay later” trend. With the new Pay Later feature coming live with Apple Pay iOS 16 update, users would be able to buy and pay in a series of installments. 

Safety Check Feature For Abuse Survivors 

In order to protect individuals in abusive relationships, Apple has introduced the Safety Check Feature. It permits the survivors to view and manage the accessibility of their accounts, passwords, application, and more. 

CarPlay Update Brings Apple’s Widget To Car Instrument Cluster

The company announced the CarPlay update that would enable deeper integration with the vehicle. It can easily replace the car’s instrument cluster with Apple’s own & would display- 

  • Speed
  • Trip details
  • Fuel
  • Battery levels

And more!

New Health Tracking Features In WatchOS 9

With its update in WatchOS 9, Apple has added multiple and brand new health-tracking features like- 

  • New running metrics
  • Atrial fibrillation tracking
  • Medication reminders

With 4 new watch faces, it’s definitely an advancement to look forward to! 

Fitness App For All iPhone Users

Apple has finally decided to roll out its Fitness App for all iPhone users. Now one doesn’t need to own an Apple watch to access the fitness app.

A New Look For Apple’s Home App 

Apple has introduced the updates in its Home App for higher efficiency allowing users to manage multiple devices around the smart home. The update introduced new categories, including- 

  • Climate
  • Lights
  • Security

The Next Gen M2 Chip

After months of anticipation, the next generation of Apple Silicon is finally here. The company claims that the Next Gen M2 Chip delivers an 18% performance upgrade compared to the M1 chip. 

New MacBook Air To Feature M2 Chip

The new MacBook Air is less than half an inch thick and is available in four different colors. It is also the first Apple device to feature its M2 chip. The gadget also comes with- 

  • A 13.6-inch display
  • Thinner bezel
  • Tiny charger with two USB-C ports

MacBook Pro Also Comes With M2 Chip

The 13-inch MacBook Pro also trades in the old M1 chip for an upgraded M2 one. Along with the Touch Bar, the gadget comes with up to- 

  • 24GB of RAM
  • 2TB of storage
  • 20 hours of battery life 

macOS 13 Ventura Updates Multitasking Tool

Apple users can expect an upgraded multitasking tool called Stage Manager with the newly announced macOS Ventura. In addition, the company also announced the upcoming updates in Spotlight and Apple’s Mail app. 

macOS 13 Ventura is also adding support for Apple Passkeys in Safari. This new feature allows users to replace passwords and sign in to different websites with their Mac or iPhone. 

Users Will Be Able To Use Their iPhone As Webcam

Mac users would be able to break free from its webcam. At WWDC, the company announced that macOS would allow users to use their iPhone as a webcam. All they need is a clip that will be introduced later this year.   

iPadOS 16 Brings New Collaboration Feature

iPadOS 16 introduces a new collaboration feature that enables users to work with others within the office apps. The update is set to streamline collaboration activities with a handy new whiteboard tool. 

The company also announced the updated multitasking features with Stage Manager. It lets users resize & overlap windows on the iPad. 

And that’s a wrap!

While our developers dig deeper to present you with the best iOS applications; as an entrepreneur you need to explore the possibilities presented at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. 

If you need more insights on the technology used, feel free to connect with our iOS app development team

But until then, stay tuned to this space for the latest tech buzz!

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