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21 Jun 2017

How A Mobile App Can Help Your Yoga Studio

We all want to lead a healthy living, where we want peace, happiness, positivity, and health to blanket us, but do you think is it little too much to ask for in today’s time, where everything is driving along with the wheels of charade and we hardly get a moment where these blessings clearly capture our attention. No am not blaming our lifestyle solely since we are the hands behind the creation of that lifestyle and the credit goes to our never-ending demands. But this situation leads to numerous deadly diseases, which are incurable, so in order to beat our lifestyle cons, there is a way which is YOGA.

My recent visit, or call it an unplanned visit to Varanasi, a city with a perfect blend of spirituality and tourism, opened the gates of spirituality and YOGA on me. It is not that I have been fully ignorant of the YOGA benefits, but something pulled me behind always to kick-start it. In Varanasi, I explored a new and interesting phase of Yoga through my colleague’s mother, who is a professional yoga teacher, and just a few hours spent in her company paved a new way to positivity for me. Her session was tremendously calming and effective for me, but not many people are aware of her center, although she has a good number of students in her class, but on being asked why she does not take her venture to a next level, I got a very precised answer, HOW…her words pinched me somewhere and forced me to bring up a unique app idea for Yoga, so people who are willing, but unable to can get benefits from Yoga Asanas.

Why A Yoga Mobile App

Yoga, after listening to this term, the pious doses of spirituality and healthy living, cross my thought process and I feel blessed internally, it is worthless to mention the number of benefits come along with it, because it is a worldwide known fact that yoga is a pool of positivity, happiness and healthy living being and people are adopting it freely. There are various Yoga centers across the lane, but yet there are certain people, who are unable to reach yoga centers every day at a particular time, due to their prior commitments or unpredictable commitments, so for such users, a mobile app for Yoga, change the game. How? Read further and find yourself….

How Yoga Mobile App Can Benefit

If your aim is not just simply running a yoga class, but want your students must live Yoga off the mat and want your Yoga session to go wider and turn into a community, then you just need a Yoga mobile app for your studio. Following are some of the benefits associated with Yoga Mobile app….please take a look…

  • Location Based Service

This feature helps you get nearby users, who are interested in opting for Yoga. You can send a message on their phone about any particular offer/ discount, which would help them to choose your services easily. People who are looking for a Yoga class in the area can see exactly what you are offering and when your classes’ timings and specialty is all about. It is an effective way of staying connected with your current students and bringing new people into the studio.

  • Win Over Your Competitors

Yoga is highly popular amongst the people, which leave a wrong impression on the yoga business owners, that a mobile app cannot do many benefits, but here they are wrong, since in the era, where every service around us has gone compact enough to fit on our mobile screens in the form of mobile apps, not getting a mobile app for your potential user base is a crime, so if you get a mobile app for your Yoga business, then it helps you to win over the existing competition for your Yoga business.

  • Keep A Track

You can track student’s attendance and retention with a simple touch on your Smartphone. This will not only help you to keep accurate calculation of the student’s attendance, but it will also help you increase your business revenue.

  • Your Reach Gets Wider

Due to the numerous engagements at work and personal life, many times a potential user gets unable to reach you, but with a mobile app platform, your users can reach at any time regardless of time barrier and can access your business facilities with no hurdles. Users can book their class time-slot, can cancel a session or request for a special request with a mere touch on their Smartphone.

  • Virtual Classrooms

If your students cannot attend class, you can use the recording feature in the app, and then share it through mobile app platform, so students can virtually attend the class at their convenience. This feature comes handy for treating some ailing person as well, who is unable to make it your studio or center.

  • Easy Payment Option

Your clients don’t need to follow a tedious payment option at your Yoga studio/ center’s front desk; they can easily make the payment through the payment gateway option available on the mobile app, with their preferred payment option.

  • Brand Recognition

The competition is tough and is going to be tougher in the coming years, so a mobile app will help your Yoga studio/center to get noticed by your potential user base.

Best Features For A Yoga Mobile App

  • With a mobile app, you can create the tailored yoga poses for your user, which would let the desk-workers to stretch on the job.
  • Users can get the benefit of Office Yoga to take care of their health while filling the gaps between classes.
  • You can create an in-pocket studio, complete with more than 25 mix-and-match mini yoga classes.
  • Users can explore the yogic breathing techniques (pranayama)
  • Users can book a class right from their phones and avoid the unnecessary hassle of wait lists and missed classes.
  • Users can get a recommend specific diet and lifestyle changes
  • The app allows the users to set a reminder for their next practice session
  • This app will be great for regular use and will offer a wide range of yoga sessions and sequences.
  • With this app, users can build their own yoga sequences, save them as classes, and schedule their practices using the built-in calendar.

If you have got a Yoga studio/ center and planning to make it go bigger, then you must come to Techugo- a top mobile app development company, we have helped various brands and small businesses to get their niche through our developed mobile apps and sooner we are going to launch a successful mobile app for YOGA for one of our overseas clients. So don’t wait anymore and get in touch with Techugo team, our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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