2 Oct 2020
Updated on October 12th, 2020

Mobile app design significance; a FAD or NECESSITY?


Ankit Singh

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Mobile app design

Mobile app design can make or break your app!

Do you find this statement heart-wrenching?

Well! This is a fact but. Let’s get straight to the business; your app’s design dictates how your users interact with your app, and consequently, it leads to conversion or sales.

This post will work as your guide to help you sell through your app design, and how to pull-off users towards your app, with simple practices followed.

Let’s hop onto this interactive journey…

Mobile App Design- a quick overview!

There has been enough confusion around app design, as it is considered to be a vast subject, that is hard to achieve…right?

Nope, absolutely wrong! It is very easy to achieve app design, as it is everything about your app, which your users see, touch, and interact with. There is no rocket science behind its success, as you only need to begin with some essential factors only.

How mobile app design drives the app’s success?

Mobile app design holds the power to drive user-interests towards the app. But a Multi-Million-dollar question always comes up, that how far is it real that app design is the soul of an app’s success. Let’s pull off the reasons to understand it more… 

Your app drives traffic

It is known to all that, the way users feel about the app, it plays a direct role in the way they use it and whether or not they share it. You should know that your app’s value and success are directly tied to the size and activity level of its user base.

Users consider the design first

A mobile app is indeed not just about coding only, but multiple aspects run behind it and make it grow successful. In this race, the worth of mobile app design cannot be ignored, as it leaves a dramatic effect on the app’s user experience. Further, the way your app looks and moves plays a critical role in the way a user feels when interfacing with it. Going straight to app features is not a feasible task, and you need the help of app design at large.

You need an interactive interface that can talk with your users and give them a reason to proceed further. 

App design boosts personalization

A mobile app is an efficient way, helping your users to get a personalized feel from your services. It is a digital channel for your business to build a personal touch with your user base and stay engaged.

Gives your app intuitive functionality

Well, this is one of the most mandatory reasons to invest in a quality mobile app design; you provide an intuitive user interface to your users. It means users don’t need to feel confused or puzzled due to unnecessary buttons or design interface but are clear of their actions to be taken to navigate through the right process.

How to WOW your users with app design?

A mobile app is not just a platform, helping your users to reach out to your services, but it also bridges the gap between your services and consumers. Apart from app functionality and features, the design of your app should have that OOMPH factor to make your users stay glued to it. 

Studying your users is a good point

A mobile app in total is all about your users’ preferences and expectations, and here your app design is no exception to it. Therefore, you need to study your users from the core. Understand what they, what are their preferences, why they need an app, and most importantly how your app can solve the purpose.

Design elements should be repeated

Your app design elements can create an intuitive feel throughout your app, hence you need to carry out the similar cues across the app, so your users are not left confused. Keeping something on the home screen, and keeping something else within the app, doesn’t give any benefit, but irk your users with the utmost confusion.

Graphics play an important role

The app animation is a great way to engage your users, and it gives them an immersive experience to stay glued to your app. Maybe a colorful graphic or animation on your home screen, that fulfills the micro-interaction demand, can leave them impressed.

Pro tips- from the experts’ bucket

Colors work on your users’ psychology

Designers prefer using different colors, shades, and themes, in simpler words they play with colors. But here you need to understand some colors are dedicated to drive user engagement and fulfill the CTA requirements. It can be blue, orange, or green to drive users in the right direction. Remember your choice made at the color selection makes your app grown to be a popular product.

One size doesn’t fit all

If there is one specific design feature that helps a particular app, doesn’t mean that it would work for your app as well, even if you both have a similar set of audience. Yeah, you heard me all correct. You need to create a unique design strategy for your users to stay engaged.

The Bottom Line

You’re all set to embark on a unique app development journey with a great app design to your credit. Now you only require the assistance of a lading app builder to WOW your users with stunning visuals.

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