21 May 2021
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

Mobile App Design Trends That Will Dominate The Next Decade

mobile app design

How obsessed are you with shapes and designs?

Do you think that the design of your mobile app can drive more downloads?

Are you in sync with the design trends that will dominate the upcoming years?

Let’s find out!    

For brands, design plays a huge role in success as it allows them to differentiate themselves from the crowd. It is not just the key to influence someone, but it also enhances the quality of the impact. For example, when you think about the world’s most renowned mobile applications, you can automatically imagine their color schemes, logos, and fonts. Such is the impact of rich design.

Now, if you think that these applications were just lucky to stumble upon their ideal designs, then you are living in a bubble. A lot of expert analysis, psychological study, research, dedication, and hard work go into creating a winning design.

For conveying the quality of your mobile app through the design, it is crucial to incorporate the most suited trends that your target audience is looking for. Through your designs, you need to have a beautifully balanced package of crispness, simplicity, and a quality package of integrated features. For this, you need to become familiar with the upcoming trends in this specific field.

So if you are eager to learn more about the design trends that will dominate the next decade, look no further than the ones listed below!

1. Create With AR

Create With AR

AR technology permits us to point the camera in a particular direction and view the space filled with the desired items. It can be groceries, clothes, shoes, and whatnot. Augment reality is an upcoming technology that would soon be used by brands to deliver an excellent experience to the users. Since this tech has gargantuan potential in the e-commerce sector, it is necessary that the development team include the same into their designs.

2. Go Easy On The Eyes

Go Easy On The Eyes


Because of the COVID-19, almost all the processes are on the journey to jump on the digital bandwagon. The screen time of an average user has increased and will continue to increase with time. Therefore, the designs need to be easy to process.

It is mandatory to reduce the strain on users’ eyes through the designs so that it doesn’t compromise on the usage. For this, it is a must to avoid high contrast color combinations, overloading options, stacking up menus, etc.

3. Integration Of Haptic Feedback

Integration Of Haptic Feedback

We have haptic feedback motor installed in our smartphones that are used to produce slight vibration when we put it on silent. This can successfully be used to enhance the user experience of the app. With haptic feedback, you can create complex vibrations which will allow your app to be in sync with the phone. For example, when the online order arrives, the app generates a vibration to alert the user.

4. Abstract Designs

Abstract Designs

This trend is popular with startups who don’t have the budget to spend on photos and videos. Abstract art and geometry allow brands to spend more on features and less on the beautification of their application. This trend has been able to successfully create a middle way to develop impactful designs without a huge investment.

5. Neumorphism


With this trend, you can make buttons emerge out of the screen. Optical illusion would allow you to create a playful and unique viewing design. It uses high contrast and shadows to convert flat icons and buttons into three dimensional. It adds a realistic touch and helps apps to stand out in the crowd.

Food For Thought!

These are the most popular existing and upcoming design trends that you can incorporate in your existing or upcoming business mobile app. But if you feel that incorporation of these trends is enough for your business, then you are mistaken. Good designs don’t emerge by chance. Mobile app development companies invest hours and hours of intensive research and cautious planning.

Trying out different variations, patterns, and logos isn’t enough. It is necessary that designers working on your project are familiar with the brand, your foundation, potential customer base, and much more. That is why we always recommend you choose an experienced team. They would be able to dig right into your brand and personas to create the most fantastic options for you.

Prioritizing the looks is also not the most favorable option during the designing phase. Mostly the designing choices are based on aesthetics. Yes, it is about how it works. If your app is incredibly looking but doesn’t allow your users to navigate, then what good is it? Navigation and interaction are equally important parts of your designing process.

There are numerous other factors, brands must consider before and during the initiation of the designing phase. As any sort of negligence can result in failure. We strictly believe that precaution is always better than cure.

Contact our experts if you are caught up in the complications involving your app’s design. We would happily detangle all the intricacies. You can also reach out to our app strategists for a deeper insight into the mobile app development industry and involved revenue-generation process.

But until then, stay connected for more buzz from the tech would!

Happy reading!

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