30 Mar 2017
Updated on September 8th, 2022

Mobile App Trends -Not To Miss This Season


Ankit Singh

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Mobile App Trends

Every mobile app has unique features, depending on the requirements of its targeted users and potential customers. The mobile app market is highly dominated by many new tech trends, which are emerging in the market every passing minute and it is not uncommon for the people expecting more and more in order to satiate their desire for more comfort and more convenience. We are surrounded by the technology and it is not feasible to escape the intervention of technology from our lives. Although there are quite many tempting tech devices already ruling in the market, yet there is always a scope for more to keep the tech trends vibe alive and warm always. Today we have picked some of the hottest tech trends which are booming to become a sensational hit in the near future. Here is the discussion to give you a bright picture of upcoming tech trends in the market.

IoT and Mobile-connected Smart Objects

How much tech-infused it sounds, when you get your AC start on its own, your fridge informs you about the needed sections of grocery and many other things, which are only possible through the IoT technology on a larger scale. As per the report suggests, by the year 2020, approximately 26 billion users would be connected to IoT through different devices such as LED light bulbs, toys, domestic appliances, sports equipment, medical devices and controllable power sockets, etc. The IoT objects communicate through a mobile app on a Smartphone or any other device in your hand and convert them into remote controls, which display, analyze, and handle the objects. Google has already started two major projects Nest and Brillo to power the Internet of Things, although each of them is designed to perform its  specified job; Nest- has specified program to develop home automation products- smoke alarm, camera, and thermostat and Brillo- works as an IoT operating system and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and other Android  products. On the other hand Apple has also launched ‘Homekit’ products: light dimmers, air monitors, a thermostat, and an entire smart home hub, which can be controlled through apps and Siri, letting the homes to be controlled by a voice command, enabling the user to control the wireless and electronic control of their household appliances. Also, Amazon has launched Amazon Echo- a voice command device to answer questions, play music and control smart devices. The IoT trend would go bigger and enormously huge with the passing time and will offer a great range of comfort to the users.


Nothing much is more relaxing and becomes a trait of the personality than wearing your favorite piece of technology in your hand. Wearable technology has already entered the market zone through the Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens, which are indeed a transition of technology from good to better. Wearable technology is not only good for the users, but it gives an edge to the vendors, app developers, and accessory makers, to carve out their creativity, so the user can adopt it as a chic piece of style on their body. The wearable technology is likely to take an impressive turn with the wearable gadgets such as on-body healthcare sensors, smart jewelry, smart watches, display devices (like Google Glass) and a variety of sensors embedded in clothes and shoes. The technique used in these gadgets would enable the devices to communicate with mobile applications to deliver information in an innovative way. The fields which are going to take advantage of it are: sport, fitness, fashion, hobbies and healthcare and this list are ever increasing in number. The wearable technology sparks the latest tech trends and speaks the language of the next generation, making it more worthy to be utilized by the user of every age.


You book a cab, shop, pay bills and do many other mobile purchases regularly, this tech trend is known as M-Commerce and as per the tech analysis, this number will outgrow to quadruple in the coming years. The recent demonetization in India has also led the users to use the M-Commerce more wildly and the tech facilities offered by Apple Pay and Google Wallet will facilitate the online purchasing option further for the users. The app developers around the world have been flooded with the requests to build a mobile application for the different sections of businesses with online money transactions without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash.

Beacon with integrated GPS technology

Technology is loved from every angle, but its offline limitations somehow irks most of us. With this technology tech experts aim to blur the difference between online and offline. We all know that YouTube videos now can be downloaded to be watched offline, and this feature was highly appreciated by the users. In the same way, iBeacon technology works, enabling the users to enjoy the GPS facility. Devices using iOS already had this technology and now android is also entering into this territory.

Sensing- Motion and Location

When you travel by an app-based taxi service, your location sensor, guides you clearly which way to pick to reach your destination faster. Now, most of the mobile phones have location sensor capabilities, which offer the multiple positioning methods and providing the accurate location data on your Smartphone screen. This service not only saves time but offer relevant information and services. On the other hand, the motion sensing feature is used in various mobile apps to detect the security, anti-theft, power-saving features. The location sensing is useful in games, Geoapps, vehicle navigation, fitness app and this technology would take a turn in the future creating a much-personalized experience for the users not only at the outdoor but indoor would not remain untouched.

Impeccable UI and UX

No matter how good your mobile app is, but if it fails to offer an intuitive display of data and content through a mobile user interface, then your mobile app can never survive the business of app world. It is a well-known fact that popular mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest and many other successful mobile apps depict only the intuitive designs and interactive interfaces. App developers need to bridge up the latest tech trends with interactive content layers, the circular design pattern to engage their users.


On hearing this term deems very corporate, considering it to be an Assistant project Manger, but actually, in the mobile app term, this is known as Application performance management. It is basically a collection of mobile metrics and monitoring tools to improve the testing and quality assurance. It offers a direct insight into the app behavior and delivers the statistics about which devices and OSs are adopted, and monitors user behavior. It helps to understand that which particular app features are being successfully used.

The existence and usage of mobile apps can never be explained in few words spread on paper, rather it requires a lot of research, explanation and more over the upcoming tech trends in the mobile app technology help to dig in and get the most suitable details for the readers to adopt the best possible mobile app trends and remain upgraded. Although mobile apps have already covered a bigger chunk of industries, yet there are many businesses who have not adopted the mobile apps for their product/services. If you are also one of those, then sooner you adopt the mobile app for your business, it would give a boost to your business profits.

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