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Hooked Model

Much before we proceed further, we must know that mobile app usage is largely based upon habit formation, which has got nothing to do with the goals. The power of cue-based habits could be physical, natural, social, technological, or any other.

Have you wondered why certain apps are liked by us, and others are not?

When you decide to build a mobile app, you see our hopes high, and dream of driving millions of downloads and getting featured as one of the most promising apps. But eventually, to beat the standing of millions of other apps, that are standing there, requires something extra and additional, which is much beyond the mobile app design.

So here we are to help you add the flavor of UNIQUENESS within your app, and that is the Habit-driven hooked model.

Yeah, you heard me all correct, the science and psychology that run behind crafting an app that grabs everyone’s attention has a lot more to do with this model.

Curious what is this all about???

Let’s read this post to glean insights about this model.

Habit-driven hooked model; what is it?

Hooked Model

Let’s accept the fact that we all are scared of the FOMO factor when it comes to deciding and proceed with something that can build or break the image of our business. A mobile app is a great identity for your business and gives it an edge over the competitor on the online platform. But your app needs to have those elements that can hook the users for the longest possible.

To make your app an irresistible piece, you need to take a note of TRIGGER.

Yes, Trigger is a required factor to make users go drool over your app. However, there are two types of triggers; External and Internal. Below we have brought you the detailed information. Please keep scrolling further…

  • External Trigger – As the name suggests, these triggers are totally based on outside info. This type of information can be a notification, ad image, a rating or review, emails, theme, color, recommendation, or app button among many others. These aspects work on your users’ psychology and encourage them to utilize any of the app’s functionality.
  • Internal Trigger – TBH, these triggers are the core factor to build an app and decide the real reason behind building a mobile app. For instance, an app like Instagram is not just a social media platform, but it’s feeds are a great resource to beat the boredom.

These triggers are the faces of one coin only and tempt the users to stay engaged and engrossed in the app.

Next step???

Hmm, you cannot give a miss to the next step to make the most out of this model, and that is 


Once you have created the trigger in and around your mobile app, the next thing that comes is to take the intended action.

Action depends on motivation and ability. It motivates a user to take any action that complements their ability. Let us cite an example to understand it clearly:

Being a user you start a collaboration app to perform a certain activity, but due to a low internet connection, the app fails to load or takes longer than usual to show the data. This situation depicts that motivation to use the app is high, but the ability to make it work is low. You can understand it with an opposite scenario as well, where you want to share a snap with your friend and in a jiffy of a moment it is sent and shared with your loved ones. This is the case of high motivation and high ability to perform it.

Once you have understood the fusion of motivation and ability, the next step you need to do is to ensure that the app holds maximum hooks to keep the user connected. You can utilize creativity to be a part of your app and bridge the gap between motivation and ability with some micro-interactions. For instance: when users find it difficult to achieve the task due to poor net or any other issue, give them sufficient reasons to stay hooked. And Snapchat here is the best example to be discussed when users find it hard to share snaps with their loved ones due to any technical flaw or internet glitch, it gives users a series of never-ending filters to try their hands and stay engaged.

Reward; don’t mess with it

Rewarding users on completing any action is a simple way to inform them that you appreciate them and give them their deserving attention. A simple like or an emoji received on your FB post encourages you to do better in the future, and this is one of the simplest forms of rewarding your users.

You can reward users in multiple ways, such as:

  • Giving them a cashback voucher
  • Sharing their memories feed
  • Serving them with a more engaging form of content, based on their last search

Investment; a result of engagement 

Do you know what users prefer to do when they are hooked to your app? They start investing in it, they start investing their time and money on using your app, while helping you achieve supreme customer satisfaction.

Instagram- a quick synopsis of the case study

Instagram being an internet-based, photo-sharing app for web and mobile, is one of the most popular social media apps. It was founded in Oct 2010, and within 10 years, today it has 1 billion + Total Number of Monthly Active Instagram Users. And this was just one stat, while many others speak of the tremendous success this very platform has received over the years.

But above all, do you know why this app could go VIRAL?

Yes, the credit falls into the lap of the Hook model.

Hook Model for Instagram

Instagram Hooked Model

  • Internal Triggers – It serves as a platform for the users to capture their moments and share them with their contacts and friends.
  • External Triggers – FB and Twitter cross-posts work as the external trigger letting users come across Instagram.
  • Action – Instagram lets users tap and upload a photo.
  • Reward – Insta allows users to take the image and share it with others.
  • Investment – It does not just allow individuals to capture those beautiful moments and create ever-lasting memories. But also enables businesses to promote and sell their services. Worth to mention, the total estimated number of businesses functioning only through Instagram are 25+ Million.


The hook model is one of the most engaging and worth practicing strategy, picked by the mobile app development company. It worlds closely on human psychology and helps in crafting an addictive piece.

If you are really looking forward to creating an app that would leave your targeted audience gaping with popped out eyes then you must get in touch with our team of experts.

As we’re quite proficient in building an app that becomes a HABIT for your users.

Give us a call and secure your FREE 30 min app consultation today!

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