26 Feb 2018
Updated on April 5th, 2023

Must-Have Features For The Health And Fitness Mobile App


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Leading a stressful life on the professional and personal fronts is challenging and consumes a huge deal of time, and as result most of us are left with zero possibility to spare some time out for ourselves and gradually this situation is worsening to take a toll on our Mobile App… This is a sad but a factual situation of our lives which is engulfing our health slowly…

But there is a brighter side to this story, which is gladly brought by the app technology only…we all know the popularity mobile apps have garnered over the years and it is in the process of progressing further without much ado.

As mobile app technology has captivated most of the industries then health and fitness inclusion in this league, is also not an exception but crafting a mobile app for the health and fitness requires a huge deal of exercise and exposure integrated together, so it can make a successful fitness mobile app.

I know it has been revolving for quite some time in your mind, that how fitness mobile app can be proven worthy for you, then at first I would like to answer your query that why you actually need a fitness mobile app…

Why You Actually Need A Fitness Mobile App?

Workout to stay healthy is one of the prime aims of everyone’s life, since the claw of deadly disease is growing tighter and stronger around us, that we need a invincible health envelop around us which can blanket our body so we can stay protected and safe.

But our ever-demanding work schedule suppresses our daily motivation to stay up and do some beneficiary acts for our body, in such scenario something which can guide us at our fingertips, is something much required…and mobile app is the best option to make it happen.

There are various types of health and fitness mobile apps, which help the users to utilize the benefits of fitness and health by preferring an option as per their specific set of needs. Some of the health and fitness mobile app types are:

  • Workout and Exercise Apps– Workout apps focus on workouts, and explains users what exercises to do and explain exactly how to do them.
  • Personal Trainer Apps– This app offers an exercise system, where user can tailor the complexity and the set of exercises they prefer.
  • Logbook Apps– These apps are just to-do list type, which just store information about workouts.
  • Nutrition Apps– With these apps users can control their weight by counting calories consumed and burned, controlling water balance, and encouraging healthy eating habits.
  • Activity Tracking Apps– As the name suggests these apps are suitable for people who don’t go to the gym but are willing to lose weight, so these apps help in count the number of steps and count calories.

Now as you know the concept of fitness mobile apps, the next big thing comes is to discuss the features of health and fitness mobile app, so let’s explore further…

Feature #1

Login Accounts

This is one of the most expected and obvious features of fitness mobile app. Indeed by the integration of login feature in your fitness mobile app, you create a personalization factor with your users, but something more which is the important benefit of this particular feature, is the retention of data, once users would change the device.

The login account must be of few steps, and must not ask for irrelevant information from the users; it must be simple and short. Another aspect of your login account must state that user can log in through any social media login, and it must not be rigid enough to get the login through the login only, but your app must give the option from social media as well.

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Feature #2

Personal Info

The health and fitness mobile app fits the bill of requirement, only when it allows the users to integrate the option of adding personal information since the diet or workout programs work in accordance with the users’ age, weight, height, and other physical parameters.

A health and fitness mobile app, which considers these points is always appreciated by the users.

Feature #3

Notifications To Motivate

Although, notifications are an integral part of the mobile apps, but in health and fitness, these notifications help users to stay motivated to perform their set goal.

Notifications such as: ‘Healthy and tasty recipe to burn those extra inches, is just uploaded or you are only 2 miles away from your goal this week’…to make it a worthy experience you can add the adjusting feature in the notification, so users don’t get irked.

Feature #4

Target Setting

If your user is unable to set targets in the fitness application, then the app is of no use. You must ensure that your health and fitness mobile app is allowing the users to have targets for workouts, targets for the number of steps or hours of sleep or the targets for calorie limits or pounds lost.

This would help the users to clearly see where they are heading towards.

Feature #5


Your app must carve out the engaging factor in deep within the app, so the users can stay hooked to the app, this can be done by allowing the users to pick and customize their settings as per their need and requirements.

When you decide to proceed with a top mobile app development company in India, then ultimately you secure your mobile app to be in the success mode, thus is highly recommended to pick a right app development partner for your health and fitness mobile app, so your app can gain its deserving recognition in the app market effortlessly.

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