21 Apr 2016
Updated on January 3rd, 2023

My Slow And Everlasting Romance With Logo


Ankit Singh

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Aristotle said, ‘the soul cannot think without an image’. Perhaps, this is the reason why LOGO, was invented, since logo is a simple and functional image to help people find and identify their business, so it complements the saying of Aristotle.

LOGO, how funny the word sounds, but ultimately this 4 letter word has become an integral part of my identity and today, it has a clear indication of my company’s brand.  A long way back, I had been informed by my elder brother also that a logo is all about how people perceive you, and it helps to express how you’re different from your rivals. But, But, But ….. it never fancied me and I turned my deaf ears to it. For me, Logos meant to exaggerate brands, which disappointed me fully. But why am I writing today about LOGO then, people who know me for  a long time they can understand that this is not Ankit of past history, but some new soul has entered into his body.

Lemme give you a quick recap of my past; let’s begin the journey, there had been a time in my life when I found “LOGO” to be paradoxical enough to my individuality, for me they screamed the brand, and I couldn’t relate to FLAUNT race anyhow, I chipped off the flaunting brand’s tags from my clothes and shoes, so nobody would guess which brand I donned. My thinking had always been different from the others, I bought ALDO shoes not for the sake of the brand but for the sake of comfort and style. I always declared, while schmoozing with my friends, for me comfort mattered not the logo…. Really? Hold on, one fine day, while repeating the same typical statement with my brood of friends, I realized, and I introspected my goofed up thoughts process at night. I laid down and recapitulated the if’s and but’s related to brands and I grasped that I had lived with a misconception “Logo doesn’t matter to me”, but actually they did to me, though indirectly, but they did to me. To explain it further, I always bought ALDO or Kiton Shirts, but why, because I was looking for comfort and style, which was provided by a particular brand and to make it distinct and easy-to-be recognized by buyers, they have a particular LOGO..Oops!! I mentioned logo, yes Logo, and since that day it no more sounds clichéd to me…

For me LOGO, was never a love at first sight, but it shook, my already shaken thought process further, when I became a part of a new start-up “Techugo”, initiated by my brother- Abhinav Singh. The team associated with, had already taken a call on the name “Techugo”, but a Logo was still a clueless affair, people gave their suggestions, but in vain, as nothing reflected the theme, this was the phase, when I, been known as a Branded Guy, was summoned, for my advice, I searched and brainstormed myself for complete 20 hrs without blinking my eyes, and couldn’t get anything which could savor my taste buds. By the next morning I was perplexed and discussed with our designer Shashank, who comprehended my concern and developed an impeccable concept, and by the end of the day, we received our unique Logo, which brought the rhythm in everybody’s heart, credit ball goes to Shashank’s court.

Needless to say, our logo immediately connected the client’s minds to our business, without the need to see its name. Such instant recognition brought the holy grail to our mobile app development business with 100% repeat business, no doubt it’s not just the Logo, which has accomplished the job, it would have been nothing without the quality showcased by the Techugo team, the efforts placed by the team in every project, turned the Logo from a plain Jane into a DIVA.

Also, I learned my lesson; a good logo is a good trademark which helps any business to gain meaning and power in NO time.. so keep on increasing your favorite logo list, and don’t forget to keep Techugo at the top of it..



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