20 Apr 2020
Updated on April 5th, 2023

Myths That Can Kill Your Fitness Mobile App


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When a fitness mobile app is developed, there are many new concepts and technologies, which also take birth along with it.We very well know that the mobile app market is ever-flourishing, and the Pandemic has triggered that necessity to another level. Every fitness app startup prefers to practice proven strategies to help their app survive all the obstacles.

But along with the proven app development strategies, there are certain myths as well, which originate and stay longer in themarket, unless, some theory comes in to prove them wrong.

No doubt there are multiple myths related to fitness apps, however with this post, we’ve tried highlighting some of the most common ones in the market. Let’s read on about a few of these …

Myth #1 – Users can find the app on the store without marketing

This is one of the most common myths in the market. Many business owners live with this preconceived notion that their app is different from others. And it can do wonders once it is launched…so it does not require any marketing efforts…J

It is ok that you are quite confident about your app concept and its development. But that does not mean that your app would be downloaded directly by the users.

Wake up! Your app needs marketing!

YES, you need to indulge in vigorous marketing strategies for promoting your mobile app. And this implies on every app, even if it is serving a top-notch brand as well. Thought through and targeted GoToMarket strategy helps your app to convey its value proposition effectively and reaches its extended audience and beyond. Innovative ways to engage also increase the chances of your app going viral as they have a better chance of striking a chord with its intended users.

Myth #2- Mobile apps are only for youngsters

This is one of the craziest myths I’ve ever heard!!!

One of the most critical decisions in designing the app’s user experience is knowing who is your user. Nevertheless, an efficient app design ensures that it is easy to use and navigate for all age groups alike. A lot of this can be enabled by how effectively one designs the user preferences and the accessibility design elements within your app.

Minor features like dark mode, font size adjustments, configurable home screen go a long way in increasing customer delight, and making your app acceptable to a wider audience set.

Myth # 3- More feature always works

If only mobile apps were cocktails……!!! Well, this myth is little awkward since this is not just a myth but is a demand from every business owner. Yeah, you heard me correct; every app owner wants to add every relevant feature in their apps.

I am not saying that it is completely wrong, but it’s always better to gradually introduce features in phases so that you give ample time to your users to get accustomed to the functionalities.

Your users are using your app for the very first-time, if you bombard them with a list of features and functionalities then do you know what will happen?

They would simply get confused with the essential value proposition of the app. And chances are that they would not use the mobile app for its prime functionality.

Also, by adding many functionalities you invest more time in development which spikes the overall cost as well.

The best approach isto launch with essential functionalities that define the purpose of the app. This would help your users to understand your app and its functionalities more clearly. After understanding the user behaviors and collecting feedback on what works and what all can be built, prioritize subsequent features in future releases. This also gives your users confidence and belief in the product.

Myth #4- A mobile app is the outcome of the developers’ vision

A true-blue myth it is, which must be killed at the earliest possible. Not a single mobile app can grow successful unless it accentuates the vision of USERS, not the developers.

As a developer, you might think that this app must have this and that, but you should not imply unless you know what your users WANT.Study and understand what your users want, and as a result, keep your app a perfect answer for their needs.

Myth #5- Keeping app simple is the key

Well, this is not just a myth but a moot point as well. Many of us live with a strong conviction, that an app must not be too flashy with features and technology.

It is somehow correct, but when it comes to addressing the needs of the fitness mobile app, this rule can be broken. The trending set of technologies involved within the fitness portal only helps the users to stay engaged closely.

Henceforth, you can give a shot to the latest technologies, and help your users to admire your app. This will trigger their interest with every bit of the app’s functionality and feature.

Final thought

A myth is nothing less than a virus for your app, that keeps on mutating with time, and grows stronger. Hence, address it much before it changes its shape and size, and turns into something more disastrous. Here the assistance of a leading fitness app development company like Techugo can be your savior.

Share your fitness app concept with us today and help it grow out of bounds.

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